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Do you have a Web Design or an HTML + CSS assignment? I can help with that :). I teach the way I would've liked to be taught when I was starting in this business: with simple to understand language and terminology, clear examples and good, honest patience. Every time you have a lesson with me, you WILL level up. I guarantee it 110% 🎓. Just as I love Web Design, HTML and CSS, I love teaching and mentoring. I always make sure every person I help takes away new, solid knowledge to use right away. And remember: "There are no dumb questions, it's just dumb not to ask." — Yours truly 👍 I use CodePen (https://codepen.io) for practically all my sessions. -- Knowledgeable in Responsive Design (RWD), Visual Design, Interaction Design, UI/UX Design, Mobile Design and Data Driven Design. HTML, CSS/Sass, Email Design & Implementation, jQuery, Browser troubleshooting, Wireframing & Mobile Prototyping, etc. Visit: • Portfolio: http://ricardozea.design • Dribbble: https://dribbble.com/ricardozea • CodePen: https://codepen.io/ricardozea • Codementor: https://www.codementor.io/ricardozea • I do both Web Design and Front-end Design: http://idoboth.com • Medium.com: https://medium.com/@ricardozea • Gists on GitHub: https://gist.github.com/ricardozea • Stack Overflow: http://stackoverflow.com/users/321555/ricardo • Coderbits: http://coderbits.com/ricardozea Extras: • Author of the book "Mastering Responsive Web Design": http://masteringrwd.com • Co-author of the book "Web Developers Reference Guide": http://tiny.cc/web-devs-reference-guide • Smashing Magazine Author: https://www.smashingmagazine.com/author/ricardozea/ • Lead organizer of the CodePen Dayton meetup: http://codependayton.org • Creator of the Level Up! Newsletter: http://levelupnewsletter.info • Twitter: http://twitter.com/ricardozea • About.me: http://about.me/ricardozea Skills: UI/UX/Visual Design ------------------------------------- • Wireframing • Prototyping • Visual Design • Interaction Design • Usability • Accessibility • Branding • Color • Typography • Design principles: Hierarchy, Grid, Balance, Symmetry, Rhythm, Space, Gestalt, Pattern, Modularity, etc. • A/B & Multivariate Testing Web/Front-End Design ------------------------------------- • HTML • CSS/Sass • jQuery • CSS Grids (In the process of dropping CSS grids and moving to Flexbox.) • Responsive & Adaptive Designs • Email Implementation, Design & Testing • Solid Browser Testing • WordPress • Accessibility • Usability • ePUB Books "I don't think there are dumb questions. I just think it's dumb not to ask"​.
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4 Web design
3 Ux design
No icon Web design - 15 years experience
• Have an HTML+CSS assignment? • Need to implement a design for a project or assignment? • Need to troubleshoot the HTML/CSS of a build you did? I can help with all these :). I will help you finish your assignment while teaching you the HTML+CSS things you need to know. -- This is what I am, this is what I do: Web Design. I will put 110% of my effort into making your design look solid, accessible, memorable, compatible and compliant with best practices.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 15 years experience
I can help with any HTML+CSS assignment. -- I've been working with HTML/CSS since I started in Web Design 15+ years ago so I'm very familiar with both technologies. No HTML/CSS challenge is too small for me.
No icon Scss sass - 4 years experience
Since I learned how to use Sass I acquired new super-powers. I can help you with almost anything regarding Sass, even porting your CSS files to Sass if needed. I was the technical reviewer of a Sass book: Sass Essentials - https://www.packtpub.com/web-development/sass-essentials I also gave a few talks about it, here are the slides: - Web Designers vs. The Command Line https://slides.com/ricardozea/web-designers-vs-the-command-line - Sass Mixins [Lightning Talk] https://slides.com/ricardozea/sass-mixins-lightning-talk - Media Queries Mayhem: Sass, I'm Looking at You! https://slides.com/ricardozea/media-queries-mayhem
No icon Css grids - 10 years experience
I have use a CSS grid for every single project since I learned how to use them many years ago. Using a grid for your layouts is as mandatory as using a Modular Scale for typography. I even created my own CSS Grid which is more robust and extensible than any other CSS grid I've worked with before. You can see it here: http://codepen.io/ricardozea/pen/NNxMod
No icon Flexbox - 2 years experience
Flexbox is a god-send. Aligning vertically and horizontally is no longer a chore. If you don't need to support legacy browsers like IE9 and below, creating your layouts in Flexbox is a no brainer. I created my own site with 100% Flexbox, no float-based CSS grids of any kind: http://ricardozea.design
No icon Responsive design - 5 years experience
You can 110% rely on my Responsive Web Design expertise. I am very familiar with this subject in many aspects. I actually wrote a book about it with Packt Publishing: Mastering Responsive Web Design - http://masteringrwd.com
No icon Adaptive design - 5 years experience
There are two concepts of Adaptive Web Design (AWD): The one proposed by Aaron Gustafson that focuses on progressive enhancement and comes from the server. The other concept is an "extension" of Responsive Web Design where the width of the main container of a website "snaps" to a specific width depending on the width of the viewport. I embrace both and I can show you YOU can too.
No icon Ux design - 15 years experience
As an experienced Web Designer, I've been doing UX Design since I started in this business. I can help you accomplish good UX in your designs, builds, templates and anything in between.
No icon Ui design - 15 years experience
UI Design is very close to Web Design and Layout thus understanding specific concepts became very easy for me.
No icon Typography - 15 years experience
With a good typography you might even get away from not using a single image in your designs.
No icon Modular scale - 2 years experience
A Modular Scale is a defined system of sizes and dimensions especially for typography. I always use a Modular Scale in every single one of my projects. I can help you integrate a Modular Scale in your pages and typography system. Using a Modular Scale takes the font sizing guesswork out of the equation. Visit the main site for Modular Scale here: http://www.modularscale.com/
No icon Email design - 4 years experience
Building emails is too much work, and testing is paramount. I've built many emails in my career, I even have my own newsletter for which I created my own design and template. The newsletter is "Level Up! Newsletter" for Web Designers and Developers: http://levelupnewsletter.info
No icon Wireframing - 15 years experience
I've been doing wireframes since I became a Web Designer. I can help you create and critique your wireframes in order to get them in good shape for the design phase. Here's a note a made in this great article: Getting Started with Wireframes https://medium.com/@ricardozea/i-ll-share-this-with-everyone-as-well-eeb237dd4e04#.p0t25lkt6
No icon Prototyping - 15 years experience
I've always implemented my own designs with production-ready HTML, CSS and jQuery. I've also used InVision, Flinto, MarvelApp, and other tools to create mobile prototypes. I can help you create almost any kind of prototype for any project.
No icon Accessibility - 4 years experience
Accessibility is a broad subject, but using basic accessibility features like ARIA roles can go a long way. I can help you make your pages accessible with little effort.
No icon Usability - 15 years experience
While doing Web Design I was also dealing with usability concepts in order to make my interfaces easier to use and understand.
No icon Browser testing - 15 years experience
I've done all sorts of browser testing for years. Today I use VirtualBox with Modern.IE virtual machines to test. I can help you test in any version of IE you need. I sure hope you don't have to deal with IE9 and below :), but if you do, I can help.
No icon Branding - 15 years experience
I've done countless logos, stationeries, print designs in different media even before I became a Web Designer. I can help you assess your brand and provide advise on where to improve it if necessary. Or create it from scratch.
No icon Logos - 15 years experience
I've done countless logos, stationeries, print designs in different media even before I became a Web Designer. I can create a logo for your company regardless of the industry. You can see some of my logos in my Dribbble profile: http://dribbble.com/ricardozea
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Awesome mentor!
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Todays sessions was awesome, learnt some new things. We worked on responsive web development.
damilola Jan 16, 2017

Todays class we worked on making a layout reponsive
damilola Jan 09, 2017

Today we made a basic layout fluid, making use of the Responsive Magic Formula.
damilola Jan 04, 2017

Today myself and Ricardo worked on designing a simple layout making use of flex box. Ricardo is a good mentor and also double as a life coach.
damilola Jan 03, 2017

To day we talked about designing a page from scratch, the things to take know of even before styling and this handson session really brought too light a lot of things.
damilola Dec 20, 2016

Great! very helpful!
vicky Dec 14, 2016

Last week Ricardo gave me a Challenge to work on, which i did, today he showed me a better way of doing it and took his time to explain to me.
damilola Dec 13, 2016

Today we work on building Hamburger icon of different types, i also got a challenge to work on today so i would be able to test what i have learnt to far.
damilola Dec 07, 2016

Seriously saved my life, and my grade! Not only was he helpful, but also very informative. Learned a lot from him. I would go back to him in a heart beat!
sara sundberg Dec 07, 2016

We did some hands on lesson for the Modular Scale, i got to create my own modular scale at modularscale.com. We also discussed about Pixel to Rem Mixins in sass, this is a way to think in pixel and write your code rems. We also touched on the base 10 model. Very impressive.
damilola Dec 06, 2016

Today we discussed about WAI-ARIA Landmark Roles, discussed about how use this HTML5 attribute are for different users of the internet. Also we talked about Typography and used the Modular Scale (Modularscale.com) to generate harmonious font-sizes for typography.
damilola Dec 05, 2016

He gives alot of advices and tips.
damilola Nov 30, 2016

He gives alot of advices and tips.
damilola Nov 29, 2016

Very Insightful session, Ricardo takes his time to break topics down, making you understand better.
damilola Nov 29, 2016

He took his time to build out a curriculum for us to work with. Now we can have even more better, well planed and well co-ordinated sessions.
damilola Nov 26, 2016

He is ready to break down things to the bits, so you can understand better. Am really happy to have him as my mentor
damilola Nov 26, 2016

I am a backend dev and Ricardo help me to understand responsive web design in a simple and clear manner. I wanted to mimic an existing layout of an hero image with a Call to Action button. Ricardo build it step by step in codepen. It help me understand the structure, styling and the thinking process for building a responsive web layout. He explain concepts like border box well. Frequently pause to check whether I am following and if I have questions.
Eng Guan Yeo Nov 16, 2016

Ricardo is very helpful!! He walked me through the process for how to build a responsive homepage with a large background image and a nav menu with dropdowns on large screens and accordions on small screens. We covered some html, css, and js! He even took time to figure out how to build something custom for me and then showed me how to do it.
Alison Nov 09, 2016

Very helpful and patient!! Thanks, Ricardo!!
Alison Nov 02, 2016

zoobyshoe Oct 18, 2016

Shares his vast experience and skill professionally and eloquently. Highly recommended.
zoobyshoe Oct 04, 2016

Consistently excellent.
zoobyshoe Sep 30, 2016

Ricardo gave me great knowledge with mindset going into an interview for a design position!
Shyam Deolalikar Sep 30, 2016

Ricardo helped me learn the basics of email design and was very patient with me for the entire process. He taught me some very important habits to improve my work process, as well as imparted important technical knowledge which solidified understanding.
Shyam Deolalikar Sep 22, 2016

The go to guy for front end, HTML, CSS & Design!
BachOfCadence Sep 06, 2016

For front end design, planning and implementation - this is my chose mentor every time! Author and co-author, just totally all round impressive! Deep knowledge!
BachOfCadence Sep 06, 2016

Gained invaluable information on Front end HTML, CSS, UI, UX and web design. Personally, out of about fifty people I've spoken to on these issues - none can provide the knowledge that Ricardo has. I will support, use and recommend this mentor for a very long time.
BachOfCadence Aug 19, 2016

An absolute wizard on the front end!
BachOfCadence Aug 15, 2016

Absolutely brilliant at CSS and HTML + Web Design! Can't wait for the next session
BachOfCadence Aug 11, 2016

I always enjoy my sessions with Ricardo! He packs so much info into each meeting! Thanks for your help!!
Sara Walker Jul 18, 2016

Another super session. Had some difficult wireframes to convert to web design but all done with such ease and careful, thoughtful planning. Thanks again.
zoobyshoe Jul 18, 2016

super, patient professional - stays calm and gets the job done.
zoobyshoe Jul 05, 2016

Ricardo is the best! He will help with whatever you need. He is very fast at debugging any problems I may have, and explain what, why, how, etc very clearly. Thanks for all the help!
Sara Walker Jun 22, 2016

superb guy- measured and thoughtful. Provides compelling reasons why a certain approach is recommended. You can tell its based on both solid experience as well as rooted in awareness of the latest trends, then delivered distilled so the advice is exactly what is required. Highly recommended.
zoobyshoe Jun 20, 2016

What a lifesaver!! Ricardo is very patient, and very willing to share his knowledge. I specifically requested help on using a fluid grid layout in Dreamweaver to build a responsive website. I look forward to working with him further because of his willingness to work with me on whatever subjects I wanted to concentrate on, and because he is very good at explaining things in a way that is easy to understand.
Sara Walker Jun 09, 2016

it was awesome first experience , i enjoyed having an expert mentor as Ricardo helping me one on one with the issues i faced converting my website into responsive one , and really appreciate all the tips he gave me about website performance and how to manage my site's folders and media queries , i learned many new stuff and won't hesitate to re-take new seasons with Ricardo , i believe so much it was worth the time , thanks man :)
Mohab Jun 07, 2016

sound guy, understated. Very talented individual.
zoobyshoe Jun 06, 2016

Ricardo is super great to work with, super nice, a great explainer and amiable.
sara ines calderon Jun 06, 2016

Ricardo was super helpful, systematic, educating and knowledgeable.
sara ines calderon Jun 01, 2016

Polite, fast to respond and was able to pin point the issue quickly. Happy to work with him again.
Nagib May 25, 2016

Excellent mentor - refreshing to find a mentor with such expert css and responsive design skills and able to convey knowledge in an easy and friendly way. Very sharp too - picks up on everything - and puts it right instantly.
zoobyshoe May 16, 2016

Wow is the only word for Ricardo. If you are looking for somebody who knows exactly what they're talking about, friendly, no messing about and straight to the job, then Ricardo is the guy you need. Can't recommend him enough, I had a responsive web design problem and it was solved even better than I could have imagined. Thanks Ricardo
Shane May 13, 2016

knowledgeable and professional, solved my issue swiftly.
zoobyshoe May 06, 2016

Ricardo was great in helping me fix my website. Thanks a bunch!
Daniel May 06, 2016