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Rob Heller

Rob Heller

Web Developer, Code Ninja, Consultant, iOS App Creator, eCommerce Expert, Entrepreneur, Gamer

Arizona (-07:00)
Hi! I'm Rob Heller and I love technology. I have 10+ years of combined experience in iPhone and Web/Mobile Development, and a life-long passion for gaming. I design, create, and develop custom iOS applications for clients as well as my personal business. I use a mix of Objective-C / HTML / Javascript / PHP / MySQL in most projects. Get more information at www.robbieheller.com

If you want your website online for others to see and access you will need to get a server to put the files on and a domain name (http://yoursite.com) for users to access. We will set up both these things and download the tools needed to connect and upload your files to your new server. Message me anytime!

Let's install wordpress together! Once it's finished I can show teach you the basics on using wordpress to create a blog!

Hello! I can get you started building your first website. We will start by downloading the required tools and settings up the starters files and folders. We can add basic HTML if you'd like too! Message me anytime!

Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 10 years experience
HTML/CSS the backbone of every website. It's simple and easy while not technically a programming language a great way to get your feet wet.
Php expert help PHP - 7 years experience
I use PHP/MYSQL for just about every project. Besides providing dynamic content this is the database for everything, whether it's a website or an iPhone application it's got some awesome php code in the background. With PHP we can create simple user registration or complex algorithm, whatever we need!
Ios expert help iOS - 5 years experience
I have over 80 apps in the app store. From games and booths to resale and business apps. With a strong background in Objective-C we can create anything!
Jquery expert help jQuery - 7 years experience
I love Javascript - a basic language that can be used for the most advanced things. I use jquery in all my web development and ajax for a seemless user experience. From simple cool UI effects to complex games javascript can do it!
Wordpress WordPress - 3 years experience
I don't prefer to use wordpress but in some cases it is a great alternative to a custom build site. I can install, setup, and customize most wordpress sites.
Seo expert help SEO - 7 years experience
Want to get visitors to your site and show up first on google? You'll need SEO, with a wide range of tactics theres always a way to improve your ranking.
No icon Consulting - 5 years experience
I created custom solutions for clients, there is always a way to improve your current business. A simple update or change can make a big difference in lead generation or customer retention.
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Yes he's that good
Andy Feb 05, 2016

Super nice guy! Helped me out in minutes! THnak you so much :)
daniel Feb 05, 2016

Truly Amazing!!!! Best developer I've ever worked with (besides myself). Again!
Andy Feb 04, 2016

Truly Amazing!!!! Best developer I've ever worked with (besides myself)
Andy Jan 28, 2016

Truly Awesome. But I want to take all of his time so don't hire him until I am done with him (which may be never).
Andy Jan 22, 2016

Rob was persistent and solved my issue - which was a strange one, for sure! Working with him was a pleasure, he was reasonable and attentive – as well as knowledgeable. Thank you, Rob! Much appreciated!
Pamela Alford Jan 15, 2016

Rob worked with me on a strange issue - not yet resolved but a unique situation for which his input was valuable :)
Pamela Alford Jan 14, 2016