Abolaji Femi, Retrofit freelance coderHire Now
Abolaji Femi5.0
Freelance Retrofit developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Software Enthusiast

Hi! I'm a Software Engineer with over 5 years of experience building the web. I create experiences for web and mobile platforms, write RESTful apis and work with databases. Hit me up if I fit into your project.
Pedro Veloso, Retrofit freelance coderHire Now
Pedro Veloso5.0
Freelance Retrofit developer in Jersey City, United States

Senior Android Developer

I've 7 years of programming experience with Android and a good overall understanding of other programming languages and technologies. I've a curious mind and I'm an avid learner, qualities which I believe led me to work on various technical challenges since a young age. Since then I've worked on all sorts of cool things ranging from phone's firmware, games, printing software and a myriad of different purpose applications mostly on the mobile landscape. Besides my dedication to my professional life, I also have a strong sense of social duty and personal growth. I enjoy traveling, philosophy, psychology and music just to name a few. I've worked for clients such as Pepsi-Co, book magazines, radio stations, travel agencies, the golf industry amongst others. I've also collaborated and contr...
Mohammed Aouf ZOUAG, Retrofit consultant and programmerHire Now
Mohammed Aouf ZOUAG5.0
Freelance Retrofit developer in Fes, Morocco

Mobile developer (intern) at SQLI

A software engineer and a big fan of Java & Android.
Sebastian Chlan, Retrofit software engineerHire Now
Sebastian Chlan
Freelance Retrofit developer in Dublin, Ireland

Android developer

Started learning to program with 14, never stopped since. Building Android SDKs during the day, exploring Elixir, Scala and React at night.
Obioma Ofoamalu, Retrofit software engineerHire Now
Obioma Ofoamalu
Freelance Retrofit developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Aspiring Software Architect, Problem solver, Android developer who loves taking on challenging tasks.

I spend my time providing technical solutions and advice within my team whilst building innovative android apps. I write and organize content/materials to help tech newbies get started with app development explaining key concepts and terminologies. I also contribute to open source projects occasionally. If you'd like to schedule a time to chat on Codementor, you can book me here:
Timothy Frisch, senior Retrofit developerHire Now
Timothy Frisch5.0
Freelance Retrofit developer in Minneapolis, United States

Software Engineer in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Greetings, I do extensive work in the field of software engineering, with a focus in mathematics and mobile development. Any questions feel free to contact me here or via an email at tjfrisch@gmail.com
Adetuyi Tolu Emmanuel, Retrofit coder and developerHire Now
Adetuyi Tolu Emmanuel5.0
Freelance Retrofit developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Passionate solution driven software developer and Google Certified Associate Android Developer {Teacher, Mentor, Trainer}

Young passionate software developer, techy, solution driven enterpreneur.
Pulkit Goyal, Retrofit freelance coderHire Now
Pulkit Goyal4.9
Freelance Retrofit developer in Indore, India

Mobile developer (iOS, Android)

Mobile Developer. I build mobile and web applications. Published several apps on AppStore. Visit portfolio (http://pulkitgoyal.in/portfolio) to see some of my work.
Dmitriy Ryazantsev, Retrofit software engineer and devHire Now
Dmitriy Ryazantsev
Freelance Retrofit developer in Moscow, Russia

Passionate android developer

I know how to combine best practices of design, architecture and well structured code inside an android application and then how to measure it's efficiency. I've created my own apps from idea to market ready (one of the app has 250k+ installs). I've took a part in Yandex Browser development that now has 10 millions+ installs. I'm keeping track of latest news, released and best practices in android development and use them to create top quality applications.
Prasham Trivedi, Retrofit software engineerHire Now
Prasham Trivedi
Freelance Retrofit developer in Ahmedabad, India

Senior Android Developer

I am experienced Android developer and a team lead. I love to work with new technologies and like to mentor people about them as I learn. I am big believer in learning fast and iterating properly. I am also a believer of clean code. I have rapidly delivered products which have very unique use-case and used by many people. I am also a true believer of proper UX.
Kishor Pawar, Retrofit freelance coderHire Now
Kishor Pawar5.0
Freelance Retrofit developer in Mumbai, India

Software Engineer

1. I believe in small and realistic goals. 2. I believe in sharing knowledge 3. A social Butterfly 4. Jack of all
Savage, Retrofit programmer for hireHire Now
Freelance Retrofit developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Mobile Developer with Experience in Java for Android and swift for iOS

Hey all - I've been developing android application for 3 years and love teaching, I'm happy to advise also on the best courses to take, how to establish your career, whether it is your first time, you're looking to pick up a new skill, or keep up on the latest technologies, what technologies to learn next, and how to get your first application or company started.
Daniel Okocha, top Retrofit developerHire Now
Daniel Okocha
Freelance Retrofit developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Software developer with passion for identifying and solving problems

I am a developer that often spends more time writing code for android development. When Not writing code for android I can be found helping others around in my local community
Sagar ., Retrofit developer for hireHire Now
Sagar .5.0
Freelance Retrofit developer in Bengaluru, India

Apache Taverna Committer at The Apache Software Foundation

I am an open source evangelist and a passionate product enthusiast and believe in writing generic code, It's fun writing generic code once and then using functionality without doing anything. I have good experience in writing an android application in MVP architecture and believe in writing clean code. I Interned in Summer, 2016 under Apache Taverna (incubating) and open source contributor at Mifos Initiative. Now, I am committer in Apache Taverna (incubating).
Felipe Torres, top Retrofit developerHire Now
Felipe Torres5.0
Freelance Retrofit developer in Franco da Rocha, Brazil

Mobile developer (Android/iOS), instructor and Open Source commiter.

Android and iOS developer with 6+ years of experience and Android Open Source project commiter. Independent Android game developer using pure android and specific platforms like Unity 3d. Mobile instructor for 5+ years.

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