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Freelance Reportlab and report generation developer in Chennai, India

15+ years experience as employee/consultant for US/Indian firms; Python, C, Linux, SQL, Web, REST, open source. Made a PDF creation toolkit for Python; Fellow at Python Software Foundation; tech article writer.

I have fair to good experience with the following report-generation programming tasks: - business report generation for various kinds of business reports - tabular, control-break, invoices / purchase order / sales orders / inventory, etc., by various (nested or hierarchical) sort criteria, and parameterized by date, region, to-from ranges or other filters - munging / processing / manipulating tabular data such as CSV (Comma Separated Values - common on all OS platforms), TSV (Tab Separated Values - common on Unix platforms), flat text files such as fixed-length records and variable-length records, etc., and generating reports from that tabular data - PDF generation either using straight ReportLab and my own PDF toolkit, xtopdf, both of which are in and for Python. (xtopdf is based on ...

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