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Reid Belton

Reid Belton

iOS Developer specializing in complex, data-driven apps

Pacific Time (US & Canada) (-08:00)
I've worked as a full-time iOS developer for the past four years. I'm currently with a company called PatientSafe Solutions, which provides healthcare professionals a mobile-based platform for communications and task management. I am also a forum subject matter expert on the excellent RayWenderlich.com. I have deep knowledge of Core Data, Core Location, MapKit, GCD, EAAccessory, UIKit, and many other API's. I'm well-versed in both the built-in networking API's and libraries like AFNetworking. I'm equally competent in both Swift and Obj-C. I also have a passion for best-practices and writing clean, modular, well-tested code. I love helping people learn and guiding them through sticking points--I look forward to hearing from you!
Ios expert help iOS - 4 years experience
I currently work full-time for PatientSafe Solutions, which produces communication and task-management apps for healthcare professionals. In previous roles I've built R&D apps for proprietary utility inspection hardware, a full-featured web browser, a chat app, and numerous personal projects. Most of my programming career has been spent developing for iOS. I am well-versed in Swift, Objective-C and all of the commonly-used Cocoa Touch API's, as well as some (EAAccessory, Core Motion, et al) that are more niche.
Git expert help Git - 3 years experience
I've used git ever since I began programming, and have made a point to learn the finer details. I prefer the fine-grained control of using it via the command line, but am also comfortable with Xcode integration and the SourceTree standalone app.
Sql expert help SQL - 3 years experience
I've taken some formal database classes and learned more than I'm ever likely to need about DB design, theory, and SQL. I mostly use Core Data these days, but am still very much comfortable writing SQL statements and designing data-driven apps using SQLite.
No icon Objective-C - 4 years experience
Obj-C remains my primary language for day-to-day work, though I am transitioning to Swift for new projects. I consider myself an expert on the language, best practices, dark corners, etc.
No icon Cocoa touch - 3 years experience
I am very well-versed in all of the common cocoa touch API's (UIKit, Core Animation, Core Data, Core Graphics) as well as some less-used such as External Accessory. I have specialized in Apple platforms for nearly my entire career and make a point of staying abreast of all the latest developments and best practices.
Swift expert help Swift - less than 1 year experience
I devoured the iOS e-book the same week it was released, and currently have some personal projects going in Swift. I am also a member of the update team for a leading iOS learning site, writing Swift tutorials.
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Mentors like a boss!
Anthony Winslow Jun 09, 2016

Reid is awesome to work with! Very thankful for him.
Anthony Winslow May 11, 2016

Helped with some tough objective-C to swift code refactoring. Amazing as usual!
Benny Apr 28, 2016

very thankful for Reid! Great mentor to continue to work with. Very patient and meets me where I am.
Anthony Winslow Apr 27, 2016

Awesome mentor! Helped me out with some Objective-C syntax
Benny Apr 20, 2016

Reid is awesome!
Anthony Winslow Apr 05, 2016

very helpful again! Glad to do code mentor monthly with him.
Anthony Winslow Mar 26, 2016

Reid was super helpful and patient. Much appreciated! I will continue to choose him.
Anthony Winslow Mar 22, 2016

Very patient, helpful. We weren't able to fix everything but he gave me great insight. Recommended!
kris Nov 06, 2015

Simply outstanding!
Robert Lee Jul 24, 2015

Awesome as always!! Will use again!! Very helpful!
Jason Smaltz Jan 29, 2015

Awesome as always!!! Will work with mentor again!! Very helpful!
Jason Smaltz Jan 21, 2015

Once again! Mentor is a Lifesaver! Will use again in the future!
Jason Smaltz Jan 14, 2015

Awesome Mentor!!! Very Helpful! Will use again!
Jason Smaltz Jan 09, 2015

Had a really productive session
Steven Hertz Dec 03, 2014

Reid was great. I have a basic understanding of Swift syntax and he was able to help me dive a bit deeper and perform some RESTful actions against an API. We'll definitely have more sessions.
Chris Sciolla Nov 05, 2014

AWESOME!!! Very knowledgable! Will use every time I run into a problem!
Jason Smaltz Oct 23, 2014

Awesome!!! Very Helpful! Helped me learn a lot! Will use mentor again!
Jason Smaltz Oct 16, 2014

Excellent Mentor! Very patient with me! Will work with again!!
Jason Smaltz Oct 01, 2014

Very helpful.
Phill Apley Sep 28, 2014

Reid did a great job! He wasn't able to help with our problem, but was still helpful.
Morgan Sep 27, 2014

Super helpful. Even with me being a beginner.
Jason Smaltz Sep 24, 2014

I highly recommend Reid for all your iOS needs. Great developer and an incredible mentor as well.
Adam Cooper Sep 23, 2014

Awesome mentor! Walked me through my problem step by step. Very patient and helpful. WIll use every time I need help.
Jason Smaltz Sep 18, 2014

quick answers to complicated questions.. awesome job!!
Manny Sep 17, 2014

Great mentor. Very insightful, intelligent, and persistent at finding the bugs in my code.I will definitely be contacting him again soon, so I suggest you schedule an appointment with him for all your iOS needs. Thanks again for a fantastic session!
Adam Cooper Sep 16, 2014

Good session, knowledgeable mentor.
Christopher Lemonnier Sep 13, 2014

Phill Apley Sep 07, 2014

Very knowledgable about objective-c development; especially views and view controllers.
Phill Apley Sep 07, 2014

Did get some useful information and got more confidence in my code (I'm ios beginner)
Ivan Demkovitch Sep 07, 2014

Reid was great. He had lots of good suggestions and wasn't judgemental about my atrocious code!
Brian Aug 28, 2014