Bobby Boyd, Refluxjs freelance developerView Profile
Bobby Boyd5.0
Freelance Refluxjs developer in Bentonville, United States

Seasoned full-stack veteran. Ex-Groupon. Rails, Big Data, Functional Programming.

Previously at Groupon, automating the financial systems with Rails, Clojure, Storm, Hadoop, MongoDB. 6+ years Ruby on Rails, 2+ years Clojure, data systems, hadoop, storm, gamedev, Unity 3D, virtual reality.
Micah Condon, Refluxjs freelance coderView Profile
Micah Condon
Freelance Refluxjs developer in Littleton, United States

Senior JavaScript application developer, 15+ years experience

I have been building JavaScript applications, small and large, for over 15 years, using a variety of libraries, frameworks, and tools. I can help you to quickly learn new tools and frameworks, and to quickly solve simple or complex problems that are holding back your development. I can also help you learn to architect your software in a way that will be easier to grow and maintain in the long run
Saul Costa, Refluxjs freelance developerView Profile
Saul Costa5.0
Freelance Refluxjs developer in San Leandro, United States

Founder at Codevolve

Hello! I'm a lifelong programmer (started at 8) with a focus on Ruby / Rails, Python, React, and a number of other web-development technologies. I love teaching others to code and have been doing it for years — let me know how I can help!
João Justo, Refluxjs freelance developerView Profile
João Justo5.0
Freelance Refluxjs developer in Coimbra, Portugal

Full Stack Developer at Subvisual

I'm a developer at Subvisual ( where I'm used to either build web and mobile applications from the ground up or to jump in an already ongoing project and add new features or correct existing bugs. I'm one of the organizers of RubyConf Portugal ( and of the Braga.JS (, our local meetup. I work most with JavaScript, both backend and frontend, Ruby and Git.
Roj Vroemen, Refluxjs freelance programmerView Profile
Roj Vroemen
Freelance Refluxjs developer in Berlin, Germany

Freelance Software Developer

I'm a 25 year old software developer from the Netherlands currently based in Berlin, Germany. Most of my work is web related and done using PHP. My framework of choice is the Laravel PHP framework. I've been using this since the beta release of Laravel 3 and currently know my way around in all versions since it's release. Besides PHP I also use a lot of Javascript for frontend related work. I've worked with Angular (1), React, Vue.js, jQuery, Redux, Refluxjs and lots more.
Liad Yosef, Refluxjs freelance developerView Profile
Liad Yosef
Freelance Refluxjs developer in Tel Aviv, Israel

Application Team Leader

Team Leader, Software and Web Developer (Java, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3). Substantial additional experience in Instruction, Team Leading and Public speaking. High analytic and problem-solving skills, Team work abilities and interpersonal relations. Holds a B.Sc. Mathematics, B.A Economics and pursuing a M.Sc. Computer Science.

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