Joe Kaire, freelance Redshift programmerView Profile
Joe Kaire5.0
Freelance Redshift developer in Miami, United States

Data driven technologist | Web | IoT

Solving business problems with technology is what drives me. I believe it can make life easier for us if implemented correctly and for the right reasons. I help teams focus, design solutions and implement them. When new issues arise, go through the same cycle. I believe that while perfection is a goal, delivery is a need. To achieve that balance teams need to work together, and in my 15+ yrs in the IT world I've seen it in small and large organizations. I can provide guidance, training and work with different groups of stakeholders and business owners to translate requirements into a functional solutions. If you'd like to schedule a session, send me a message and I will reply as soon as possible.
Yusuf, senior Redshift developer for hireView Profile
Freelance Redshift developer in Bengaluru, India

BI Engineer

Working on Postgres (on Amazon Redshift) to query data for a large analytical dataset for the past 2 years.
Jonathan Kart, top Redshift developerView Profile
Jonathan Kart
Freelance Redshift developer in San Francisco, United States

Full Stack Engineer with Data Specialization

My most recent data warehouse work heavily focused on Redshift as our columnar store. I gained significant experience with Redshift management, its strengths and weaknesses, as well as associated workflows.
Daniel Aranda, top Redshift developerView Profile
Daniel Aranda5.0
Freelance Redshift developer in Mexico City, Mexico
Marcelo Rocha DaSilva, Redshift coder and developerView Profile
Marcelo Rocha DaSilva5.0
Freelance Redshift developer in Cumming, United States

MongoDB and Hadoop

I am a MongoDB/Big Data expert. I have extensive with experience with multiple Big Data technologies including: GreemPlumDB, Teradata, IBM Netezza, MongoDB, Cassandra & Hadoop
Aaron Peterson, senior Redshift developerView Profile
Aaron Peterson
Freelance Redshift developer in Sacramento, United States

Infrastructure Architect at iPyxel Creations

I dove into Redshift head-first and it's a truly amazing product. Optimizing column encodings and tuning your schema are key. What is the best sort key? Interleaved or compound? So many questions, so much experimentation. So much DATA.
Karthik Srivatsa, Redshift dev and freelancerView Profile
Karthik Srivatsa5.0
Freelance Redshift developer in Bengaluru, India

A backend developer who loves to connect the dots!

Work Experience: 1. Infra and Devops Team at HackerEarth (2 year and 4 months) 2. Backend Engineer, Rare Mile Technologies (10 months)
Jason (@iDoMeteor), Redshift software engineer and devView Profile
Jason (@iDoMeteor)5.0
Freelance Redshift developer in Marquette, United States

Emergency support specialist, cloud consultant, lifetime coder, Linux ninja, security guru, developer-operations liasion, systems administrator. Often called 'rockstar', 'unicorn', 'hero', 'savior', 'recluse'; seldom called on the phone.

I put out cyber fires over donuts and camp fires. Polyphasic sleeper serving all timezones! Provider of live-help in real-time via video conference for technologies I have mastered and problems no one else can solve. Writer of re-brandable content management systems (every app has content, does it not?), re-usable apps & APIs, member of Mensa & Intertel, slayer of salmon. Human languages for fun, programming languages for breakfast. I left Detroit in the Dot-Com era to live deep in the north woods, I wear camo every day and kill my own food when I have to. I solve my own problems with grace and efficiency. I'll be happy to solve yours! My three most valuable skills: * Problem solving * Anticipation (of variables and user expectations) * Machine logic These skills, when applied t...
Jason Strauss, top Redshift developerView Profile
Jason Strauss5.0
Freelance Redshift developer in Cambridge, United States

Full Stack Python Web and Data Developer

Over the last few years, I've worked on several end-to-end web applications, with an emphasis on quickly building Django applications. Many of them included data systems to help companies make sense hundreds of millions of rows via dashboards and interactive interfaces for working with data.
Kamal Patwa, Redshift freelance programmerView Profile
Kamal Patwa5.0
Freelance Redshift developer in Chennai, India

I aspire to be Faster than the rest, Better than the best

I am a growth engineer at a young american e-commerce startup. I spend most of my time writing ETL processes. I advice young talented people on how to stay focussed and excel in coding.
Senthil M, freelance Redshift programmerView Profile
Senthil M1.0
Freelance Redshift developer in San Ramon, United States

Cloud Solutions Architect

Hands-on Software Architect with expertise on the full stack (UI/MID-Tier/Back-end) with a focus on Cloud Solutions (AWS/GCP). Specialties: Enterprise Architecture, Java/J2ee/Unix stack, Go/Python based implementations, Cloud based Software Implementation, Cloud Transformation, Micro-services based transformation, Software and system architecture and design, Agile practices, enterprise and web application development, SOA and integration strategy, distributed computing, entreprenuer, leadership and talent growth
Chris McLennon, senior Redshift developerView Profile
Chris McLennon
Freelance Redshift developer in Seattle, United States

Software Engineer, Data Engineer

I'm a software engineer working at Indeed to build out big data pipelines to serve analytics to business intelligence and data science teams. In my career I've built out ETL tools using Python and the Hadoop ecosystem. I love to help others in their programming journey as a tutor and mentor.
Jesse Boyer aka "JREAM", Redshift engineer and consultantView Profile
Jesse Boyer aka "JREAM"5.0
Freelance Redshift developer in Deltona, United States

Full Stack Developer/DevOps & Course Instructor/+10 Yrs

I love programming. I've been doing it since I was a little boy at 12, I suppose it's just how I think! - Quick List: DevOps, Docker, Provisioning, AWS/GCloud/VPS, Node, REST, Python, PHP and any Framework, Vue, Angular, Ubuntu, Bash, etc. - Full Scale Apps @ - Free Lessons @ - Full Training Courses @ - I really enjoy teaching!
Fabrizio Milo, top Redshift developerView Profile
Fabrizio Milo4.8
Freelance Redshift developer in Santa Clara, United States
Senior Platform Engineer, expert with AWS, Go and AngularJs full stack to handle millions of concurrent users for e-commerce and world wide platforms.
Tom Aratyn, Redshift freelance developerView Profile
Tom Aratyn5.0
Freelance Redshift developer in Brampton, Canada

Fullstack developer and former college prof here to help you!

I'm a full stack developer who's worked for the likes of snapchat, Bitstrips, and many smaller startups. I've been working with Django and JavaScript (even dipped my toe inside Firefox Extensions back in the day). I'm super comfortable with functional programming in JavaScript and Python as well as Object Oriented Programming (OOP). I've even built datawarehouses which really helped me master SQL. I love helping people learn about the craft of programming. I've done lots of mentorship throughout my career and even spent some time teaching at Canda's largest college (Seneca). I'm comfortable explaining technical concepts to people of all levels of technical knowledge including anyone just starting out (that was the best part of teaching college in fact!). I'd love to work with you to so...

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