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Full stack development, python/tornado/postgres/html/css/JS, C++ veteran, rendering. I can help with any of the above, using or creating algorithms and data structures to solve interesting problems.
Automated ffmpeg scripts

Automated ffmpeg scripts

$25 - Delivery in 1 Day

Provide a bash script that uitilizes ffmpeg automate the process of combining two video files, into a single longer video file of fixed output size (fixed output width/height) and fixed display-aspect-ratio, and fixed output encoding.

letsencrypt, free TLS certificate

letsencrypt, free TLS certificate

$25 - Delivery in 1 Day

On a linux system, I'll use letsencrypt to obtain a free SSL/TLS certificate for your VPS (domain name and dedicated IP is required). Let's Encrypt (https://letsencrypt.org/) is a new certificate authority sponsored by Mozilla and the EFF in an effort to make security easy and cheap (free). I will walk you through setting it up and obtaining a certificate. Let's Encrypt gives out certificates that last 90 days.

19 Python
11 JavaScript
7 C++
4 Algorithms
4 Data structures
3 jQuery
No icon Algorithms - 7 years experience
Lots of time on cs.stackexchange.com answering and asking interesting questions
Python expert help Python - 5 years experience
Professionally and casually program in python, it is my language of choice. I also enjoy teaching python.
No icon Tornado - 2 years experience
I use Tornado's asynchronous features to do the "lightweight lifting" of serving web-pages, leaving most of the I/O and heavy tasks to other backend services like the database.
No icon Asyncio - 2 years experience
Experience combining asyncio with the tornado web server. Using asyncio/tornado to vertically scale. Asyncio is the future (in python).
Cplusplus expert help C++ - 8 years experience
Template metaprogramming was once a fun hobby of mine. Familiar with the language, standard library, and boost.
C expert help C - 8 years experience
I use C for dynamic library interfaces, and low-level programming. I also program in opencl (GPU programming, in C99-based language) on occasion.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 3 years experience
I hate this, but I can get around :P
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 5 years experience
I love JS. I hate JS. WATMAN (https://www.destroyallsoftware.com/talks/wat). Been programming it for a long time, prefer to stay away, but I use it on occasion. I found that most users of JS don't know what is going on underneath; I've taught several people about how class work, and the intricacies of the "this" keyword.
Jquery expert help jQuery - 5 years experience
Any developer who even *touches* JS in the browser must know jquery ...
No icon Bootstrap3 - 1 year experience
I've found that frameworks like bootstrap make tasks like layout design of a page a science rather than an art, and saves countless hours of fighting with css and multiple browser versions (though that still happens :)
Sql expert help SQL - 5 years experience
MySQL and Postgres, db design, db and query optimization.
No icon Postgresql - 5 years experience
I've used postgres as the backend storage, and to keep chunks of application logic inside the database via procedures. I've also forked a pure python postgres client library called pg8000; my fork adapts it to be asynchronous using python's asyncio.
Mysql expert help MySQL - 1 year experience
I used to use MySQL more often, and then I switched to PostgreSQL for the most part
No icon Opengl - 1 year experience
Wrote an opengl4 graphics wrapper API [sgfxapi](https://github.com/realazthat/sgfxapi) mostly for learning and teaching purposes. Specific and narrow usage; I'm not all-knowing, but I can get by.
No icon Glsl - 1 year experience
Specific and narrow usage; I'm not all-knowing, but I can get by.
No icon Opencl - 1 year experience
Specific and narrow usage; I'm not all-knowing, but I can get by.
No icon Voxel engines - 2 years experience
Wrote a Marching Cubes engine for fun, with LOD, octree-based chunk managment, and the TransVoxel Algorithm for stitching; have assisted in designing Minecraft-style and Dual Contouring-based engines (for fun).
No icon Network protocols - 1 year experience
Designing or reverse engineering network protocols.
No icon Ffmpeg - 1 year experience
Have some experience writing scripts automating series of ffmpeg filters, including filter-complex.
v8.rocket 24   2
Integration of v8 with librocket
C C++
landscapes 16   0
Sparse Voxel Octree implementation
C C++ CMake Shell
glsl-sat 13   0
glsl-sat is a shader generator for WebGL, to generate a summed-area-table texture of an input texture
Shell JavaScript
regl-pipeline 13   0
regl-pipeline is a pass manager and pass dependency graph editor for regl, an API for webgl.
CSS HTML Shell JavaScript
glsl-numerify 10   0
glsl-numerify is a debugging shader generator for WebGL: given a texture, blows it up in size, displays the pixel values as numbers.
Shell JavaScript
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Very energetic and positive, seemed very interested in understanding the work and in getting me to a solution, offering several possibilities.
Joshua Bentley Oct 30, 2016

I could never have asked for a better mentor. He is detailed in his teaching and will give you the fundamentals you need to understand to grow.
Dugeri, Verem Daniel Oct 13, 2016

Always brilliant sessions I have with Azriel. He is very passionate about teaching and he sure knows his onions, highly recommended.
Akinbode Akinkunmi Oct 07, 2016

Great session! Knows how to break down and explain concepts.
Owoade Dotun Oct 05, 2016

I really enjoy our discussions and always look forward to learning new things every week. Azriel brings fresh topics to the table with countless helpful resources.
Yusuf Daniju Sep 27, 2016

Azriel has opened to me a whole new world of possibilities through in-depth understanding of algorithms and data structure. This has been helpful in writing efficient code.
Yusuf Daniju Sep 21, 2016

Azriel knows his stuff when it comes to Algorithms and data structures.
Yusuf Daniju Sep 20, 2016

I love the fact that he was organized and planned ahead for the session. I am looking forward to other great sessions with him.
Chidozie Ijeomah Sep 14, 2016

He's smart. Probably the smartest person I've talked with. He's willing to teach and go over things you don't understand over and over again. He's a very good mentor. I'll recommend him if you want to solve hard and difficult problems.
Dugeri, Verem Daniel Sep 11, 2016

I always look forward to my sessions with him. They are the most informative sessions about computer science I've had since I started programming. He is very resourceful and knows his stuff.
Dugeri, Verem Daniel Aug 29, 2016

realazthat is really thorough and patient with explaining concepts and why certain approaches should be preferred. Talk to him!
Gill Aug 26, 2016

Great guy, super patient.
joe Aug 11, 2016

Very resourceful, passionate and knowledgeable about the subject of Data Structures and Algorithms. Great tutor and mentor. I enjoy my sessions a lot with him.
Dugeri, Verem Daniel Aug 03, 2016

First mentoring session; I am already looking forward to the next sessions. His knowledge of the various Platforms/Languages is impressive. He also has a deep understanding of Data Structures and Algorithms and a good intuition about the learning process. Great Mentor
Dugeri, Verem Daniel Aug 02, 2016

To the point and precise. Great mentor session. Thanks!
MarinIrem Jul 31, 2016

So very helpful. This guy is great
Gavin Eccles Jul 28, 2016

Great mentor! Really learned a lot from him!
Aaron Cai Jul 25, 2016

realazthat and I went even deeper into jQuery, JavaScript, and JSON. Once again, he was patient even when I took a long time to understand what the jQuery object is and other concepts.
Matt Jennings Jul 22, 2016

Alfonso Hernandez Jul 18, 2016

Very good explanation of Distributed Hash Table and Network Security concepts.
Vishal Jul 13, 2016

realazthat was extremely helpful in dealing with a complicated JavaScript, jQuery, and JSON issue. He also spent lots of time when I didn't completely understand how a callback function worked, and I repeatedly said "I don't understand.". Yet, we spent a while talking about callbacks until I did understand so I appreciate his patience.
Matt Jennings Jul 12, 2016

Wow, I am completely impressed. Realazthat is AWESOME.
James MacDonald Jul 08, 2016

Pleasant and got me going again.
Kevin Russell Jun 30, 2016

Azrael is extremely knowledgeable and patiently walked me through solving my problem. Super glad to have found him!
Tom Brown Jun 21, 2016

Thanks again. Our time together was helpful.
Dylan Gadwa Jun 21, 2016

Rich knowledgeable session
Akinbode Akinkunmi Jun 19, 2016

Asrael is amazing! I would recommend him in a heartbeat. Tremendously knowledgeable and fantastic at breaking down concepts!
Katie Rosman Jun 17, 2016

So patient and helpful. Resolved my problem and even learned more. If you are not sure which mentor to try I promise you your problem will be resolved.
Josh Nicassio Jun 16, 2016

Quick fixer.
Andy Abelow Jun 09, 2016

So good! Fixed my issue almost instantly! Was happy to answer all my questions! Will definitely get him again in a time of need.
John Williamson Jun 07, 2016

Azrael had the strength to go on with me for 4 hours, and fixed everything even when we had to go back to the start to change libraries. I'm extremely impressed with his skills and his ability to communicate and lead the development.
André Alçada Padez May 27, 2016

As alway great! Came back and worked on some stuff we had worked on before and did a little debugging and learned a lot about debugging in the IDE vs command line.
Lew Piper May 17, 2016

Knowledgable! Gets to the core of the problem and addresses it neatly.
Vishal May 17, 2016

Great session as always. I really like that I don't always get answers. But just enough to solve more of my problem and then time to work on it and I can come back if I get stumped again.
Lew Piper May 16, 2016

realazthat got me on the right path toward a javascript feature I've been trying to implement! Great teacher!
logan May 10, 2016

Excellent Mentor Recommended
sohyab May 06, 2016

kay May 06, 2016

Really great. This guy really likes teaching and sharing knoledge!
Bernardo Corrêa Apr 19, 2016

Bernardo Corrêa Apr 19, 2016

I spent the whole morning googling stack overflow with error codes without results. When Realazthat got on, he quickly diagnosed the root my problem and fixed it within 15 minutes. He was also articulate in explaining the process for solving the problem as he did it. Thanks so much!
Stephen Apr 18, 2016

Great session! Definitely knows how to break down concepts and teach them.
Lew Piper Apr 18, 2016

amazingly helpful, awesome patience, and gave me tips to make more intelligent decisions with my programming in the future.
Michael Frost Apr 13, 2016

Terrific and excellent interaction, really helpful. Best mentor.... Would highly recommend to any one struggling with anything....of course with regards to coding question.. :p Thanks A lot Saved a lot of work.....
sridhar Apr 11, 2016

Azriel is amazing. Knows his stuff in and out and is very passionate about cs and algorithms.
Benny Apr 08, 2016

He was great !!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Very helpful
Terry tucker Apr 06, 2016

Very good, has a passion for python
Khalil Jolibois Apr 06, 2016

Great as always
Dhairya Apr 01, 2016

Very helpful, went above and beyond. He really likes helping people and knows what he is doing. I highly recommend him and will use him again.
William de Long Mar 30, 2016

Overall very good. If I was back here again I would look him up.
Rajesh Rao Mar 30, 2016

Such a smart and friendly mentor. Solved many issues in my code :) .. highly recommend :)
Omar Mar 22, 2016

Real is patient and professional. He was able to walk me through my blockers.
thao Mar 22, 2016

Excellent first experience learning regular expressions with Python
Brian Maimone Mar 18, 2016

Excellent help with python and debugging, highly recommended.
Jeremy Mar 17, 2016

Explain things very clearly and succinctly. It was a pleasure coding with him.
Austin Nwaukoni Mar 16, 2016

jQuery JSON API call loop had some weird bug getting the length of the object array. Quickly noticed the issue thoroughly explained why and how it was happening, I learned and got the problem solved. Than you for your help, definitely would refer him as a helpful mentor.
Brett Senna Mar 16, 2016

Amazingly knowledgable & very helpful. I asked him a jQuery problem (which was very front-end oriented question), and he gave me a clear, easy-to-understand explanation within a second. Also very friendly & kind. I will definitely hire him again.
Kenichiro Arai Mar 16, 2016

I knew i was asking for a lot of information in a short amount of time. He spoke fast, but to the point, and happily listen if I hadn't understood
Timothy Fletcher Mar 04, 2016

Great insight and help with my problem. He presented a few very valuable mental models that helped me work through it. Highly recommended.
gary@royaltyexchange.com Feb 25, 2016

Very helpful. Got right to the issue and quickly suggested a solution. Very insightful and knowledgable.
Karthik Sharma Feb 22, 2016

A very proficient person on programming and the comunication was clear and fluid. I can totally recommend him
Gabriel Ramirez Melgarejo Feb 22, 2016

Exceptionally knowledgeable individual.
Saul Iversen Feb 21, 2016

realazthat was *extremely* helpful. I had some fundamental questions about scope in object-oriented programming in Python, which is a very tricky subject. Before talking with realazthat, I had read up on "passing-by-object-reference" in Python on various websites, but still didn't understand it very well. realazthat quickly got to the bottom of all my questions and answered them very clearly. He even found a mistake in my code that was causing me a lot of confusion. Highly recommended mentor!
Phineas Gage Feb 21, 2016

A solid programmer with excellent knowledge of computer science and the tools required to get the job done.
Luke M Feb 18, 2016

Thank you so much for your help!
Jennifer Mutasa Feb 16, 2016

Neil Feb 15, 2016

Helpful and good teammate
Neil Feb 10, 2016

It was nice and productive chat. Helped me a lot.
Marcin Trofimiuk Feb 10, 2016

Hey was extremely helpful, quick and extremely knowledgable. He put me on the right track to solve the question I hate — exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much!
Neil Haran Feb 10, 2016

Great Mentor. I can understand my program well and can use the concepts he tough me for my assignments.
Dhairya Feb 08, 2016

helpful and a good explainer
Neil Feb 05, 2016

Excellent problem solver!
Miriam Feb 05, 2016

Very fast and very professional. Did work and submitted changes quickly
Jesse Richard Feb 05, 2016

Efficient problem solver and effective communicator!
Neil Feb 04, 2016

Very knowledgeable and eager to help!
Dan Morrisett Feb 03, 2016

He is the best!
Julia Feb 02, 2016

I like his explanation way.
salem Feb 01, 2016

Great Help. Thanks!
Emily Feb 01, 2016

He is absolutely fantastic.
Julia Feb 01, 2016

He is a great Mentor. I was a Beginner trying to Learn C and he put his time to explain me every basic concept before solving my problem so that I can understand what the problem was. I would really recommend him to everyone.
Dhairya Jan 29, 2016

Great guy, explained how to fix errors be defining certain functions with analogies to real-life situations! Will come back if I ever need help again!
Bryce Scott Jan 29, 2016

Incisive, clear description, fast-paced, good communicator.
Jared Scheib Jan 28, 2016

Great mentor! I learned a lot!
Julia Jan 27, 2016

i enjoyed working with him
salem Jan 27, 2016

SG Jan 27, 2016

Good pace, good explanations.
Kristy clark Jan 27, 2016

Really awesome
Gautham Jan 26, 2016

Excellent understanding, very quick. pleasure to work with.
Arjun Jan 26, 2016

He's helpful and he explains the things in an easy way. I really like him
salem Jan 26, 2016

Thought of a creative solution and explained it in great detail. Thanks so much!
Lily K Jan 26, 2016

Excellent, knows his stuff well.
SG Jan 25, 2016

My mentor was great and able to work magic in a time crunch. Thank you so much!
Emily Jan 25, 2016

Great job breaking things down
Jeff Jan 25, 2016

Really good mentor! Would definitely use him again! He got straight to the point and was quick getting there. Made sure I understood the problem, then gave and explained the solution.
Eric Jan 24, 2016

Very happy! the teacher clearly explained data structures in python today.
mahad Jan 21, 2016

Azriel was really good in explaining concepts in simple and easy to understand way. He has excellent command on Python, and thought be basic Python through an existing code that I was having trouble on (including bug fixes). Overall, top-notch mentor, and would highly recommend to anyone!
Prasanth Meiyappan Jan 21, 2016

Very happy after my first session with realazthat. He's great with python and very thorough and determined when it comes to debugging and problem solving. I'm confident that my app will be running in a safe and efficient manner thanks to his extensive knowledge.
blevok Jan 21, 2016

Azriel was a great help. He took the time to explain the concepts beyond the scope of my issue. Additionally he shared some great tools and times to improve my work.
Matt Russell Jan 20, 2016

Mentor was very helpful at explaining key concepts and code. Paying particular attention to different versions of Python. Would definitely hire again.
Matt Russell Jan 20, 2016

If you are looking for a mentor with a great attitude, highly resourceful and overall lover of programming/CS THIS IS IT! Knows his stuff inside out and is able to explain the deeper side of things in simplistic terms, such as why Python has certain functionality (which is related to history of programming languages such as C which I have no clue about). He doesn't just explain proper programming practices for long term maintainability but explains the reason behind choosing certain data structures over others and for example how python implements them. Also, you'll get the best side of both academic CS and industry since he knows the deeper side of programming as well as how to write a program that is maintainable and the best practices for getting results efficiently.
Jonathan Kohn Jan 20, 2016

He is a very kind and friendly mentor, he helped me on a bug and even taught me some cool stuff regarding web dev. Can't wait to work with him again.
Edmond Christian Jan 19, 2016

Knows his stuff very well, able to explain it with much deepness/ease. If you need someone that knows CS/programming inside out I recommend this guy!!
Jonathan Kohn Jan 19, 2016