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Chris Manson

Chris Manson

Full stack, "classically trained" JavaScript developer. CTO & co-founder of a startup and EmberJS evangelist.

Dublin (+00:00)
I have been working in a pure JavaScript environment for almost 4 years now, focusing on NodeJS backends and EmberJS for the frontend. Our first Ember app went into production in December 2011 which was before Ember 1.0 was even released, so you could say that we have been doing Ember since the beginning. I have a Computer Science degree and have always specialised in application architecture, knowing how to structure apps so that you can have the most performant and productive code base. If you need help structuring your Ember app or just general Ember engineering help I'm perfect for the job.
Node js expert help Node.js - 4 years experience
As the CTO of my first startup I have been developing NodeJS full time since September 2011. I am a full stack developer and know how to implement rich JavaScript applications and provide the Node based backends to support them. I have a keen interest in finding and following best practices that are being collectively formed within a technology ecosystem, to that end I have codified some of the Node and Express techniques that we use in 2 modules: express-autoroute and express-autoroute-json I also have experience in test-driving API design and implementation using a combination of supertest, express and mongoose.
Ember js expert help Ember.js - 3 years experience
Not many people can say that they have had three and a half years experience working with EmberJS but we have been using Ember for my first startup since December 2011. We converted our young codebase from AngularJS (pre 1.0) to EmberJS (pre 1.0) and since then have been keenly following the development and progressions that the community have made. I have been using Ember in production for more than 3 years and I know a lot of its strengths and most of its weaknesses. I know how to fit Ember into existing web architectures and could help you come up with a migration plan if you are thinking of porting an existing code base. I can also help you plan ahead with a good architecture if you are thinking of adopting Ember for a green field project.
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Very knowledgeable and helpful. Looking forward to working with Chris more!
Chris Bornhoft Dec 16, 2015

Chris is always awesome!
troy allyne knox Dec 10, 2015

Chris is the perfect mentor for me to collaborate with and learn from. He has an warm personality and a great passion for teaching and code. I cannot recommend him enough!
troy allyne knox Nov 17, 2015

Chris is always incredibly helpful, patient and knowledgeable in our sessions. His communication is specific and friendly making learning and coming to a better solution fun. Highly, highly recommended!
troy allyne knox Nov 13, 2015

Such a fantastic Mentor, he is an excellent teacher that inspires me with every session. Thanks Chris!
troy allyne knox Oct 30, 2015

I love the way Chris teaches, very interactive, incredibly helpful!
troy allyne knox Oct 27, 2015

patient, excellent communicator, a great teacher which is my #1 priority
troy allyne knox Oct 13, 2015

Understood my problem quickly and guided me in the right direction to solve it. Thanks again :)
Paul Knittel Jul 13, 2015

Chris was an expert mentor. He understood Ember well and explained the context of the problem I was having. I would not hesitate to enlist Chris again.
Martin Streicher Jul 12, 2015