Top Reactjs flux Developers of June 2017

Front End Engineer at Roposo

Passionate about front-end web development and excited to work with emerging web technologies Few of my technical skills and specializations are: Javascript, ReactJS (JSX), Flux, Redux, AngularJS, jQuery HTML5,CSS3,Bootstrap,LESS, Angular Material, NodeJS, ExpressJS, NGINX, Handlebars,EJS, REST APIs, Gulp, Grunt, Bower,NPM and other modern javascript based tools.

Senior Software Developer

I love software development, UX, UI. I work in a team that does freelancing. My web developer skills: - c# .Net frameworks and IIS - web services - php, WP, Laravel - JS, ReactJS, Node JS, Angular JS - css and html (responsive) Also I frequently work with: - apache SVN, turtoise SVN - JIRA - VPN, DDNS - Filezila - Putty - Workbench - PS - Beyond compare - Fiddler IDE's i like and work with: - VS 2015 - PHPStorm, NetBeans - notepad++ I love what I do and I am always looking for ways to improve myself.

Full Stack Javascripter

Presently working as Senior Frontend Engineer @ScoopWhoop Past: Javascript Engineer @ WithMe Founder | Ideator | Designer | Developer @Talestreet Front End Developer @Tripoto - A Travelers Community | UI/UX Developer @Openlabs Hobbyst Travel Photographer, Likes travelling a lot , travelling with lens & sense - both on & alive, starving to defy d hourglass sands by freezing any cared-not-so-much moment to megabytes. Previously served as Head of Graphics and Web Design Squad,(2013-14) National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra. Also served in key leadership roles as well as part of Web Design/Development, Graphics Design and Photography Teams in college.

Out-of box problem solver interested in helping you get things done.

A problem solver that can give you a good listening ear and devise a solution to the challenges you are facing.

A passionate software engineer with a vast experience of over 10 year in the industry, Test-driven, ux-focused product manager who helps startups create lovable apps.

I'm a multi-skilled software engineer who has over the years built a couple of application from desktop, web, and mobile application. I have helped create a computer base test used in a major tertiary institution with over 10,000 students. I'm a fan of best practice and optimization. Would love to help anyone who want to grow.

Software Developer

I am a web developer with two years experience using MEAN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, Node.js and, Angular) and FAN(Firebase, Node.js and, Angular) Stacks. In the last one year, I have been working extensively with Ruby on Rails and ReactJS on production apps.

Front End Engineer Mentor

I've worked on primarily the Front End of websites, web apps, and mobile devices for the past decade. Since I enjoy helping out the fellow developer, I've decided to focus more on mentoring the next generation of developers. I am self taught, but always wished I had a mentor when I was learning. You now have this option with sites like CodeMentor. Take your career in the right direction by learning skills and techniques from a Senior level developer.

Will code for food.

I am a mid-level software developer/Consultant at Andela who fell in love with programming the moment the moment I discovered it and the goal is the change and effect the world one line of code at a time. I also love learning new things and what I even love more is sharing my knowledge with people because I am a guy who has love for teaching.

Senior JavaScript application developer, 15+ years experience

I have been building JavaScript applications, small and large, for over 15 years, using a variety of libraries, frameworks, and tools. I can help you to quickly learn new tools and frameworks, and to quickly solve simple or complex problems that are holding back your development. I can also help you learn to architect your software in a way that will be easier to grow and maintain in the long run

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