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Petr Sima, freelance ReactiveSwift programmerHire Now
Freelance ReactiveSwift developer in Prague, Czechia

iOS developer (5 years, involved in 35+ projects) and teacher (private and university courses, talks)

Available in all timezones. Excelent English. From single person projects to Czech e-commerce app of 2017, from an Australian startup to large international clients in retail, telecommunications and banking, from teaching talented kids to giving talks on functional programming, I've seen a lot of iOS thoughout the years. My job has always been not just to make great apps, but also to improve the quality of development on all of our projects. I think we need to talk. Allow me to clean up your code, spruce up your app architecture and teach you all you need to know about Swift and iOS in the process. I can propose multiple solutions to any problem, and choose the one right for you. Also, feel free to use the sentence "Just shut up and fix my code." at any time during our session.
Fadion Dashi, ReactiveSwift freelance coderHire Now
Freelance ReactiveSwift developer in Tirana, Albania

Web and Mobile Developer with 10 Years of Experience

For the past decade I've done it all, from simple content management systems to full-blown ecommerce. It still is a learning experience, whether I'm trying a new language, paradigm or an architectural pattern. I'm sure I can put this knowledge to good use by assisting you in your own projects.
Charlotte Tortorella, ReactiveSwift programmer and consultantHire Now
Freelance ReactiveSwift developer in Copacabana, Australia

Functional Programming Shill

I'm a huge lover of functional programming no matter the language. I've always had an aptitude for programming and a love of teaching.

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