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Christian Di Lorenzo

Christian Di Lorenzo

Curated Code Crafter for Web, Mac, and iOS using OO / Functional Patterns

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I'm Christian Di Lorenzo, a software developer for Web, Mac, and iOS. I enjoy crafting unique and innovative software experiences using design and programming to improve fellow humans' lives. I've been programming professionally for over three years and as I work towards my B.S. Computer Science. I believe that the best way to learn programming excellence is by a combination of self-study and one-on-one mentorship where the mentor has worked in the real world and does not care about their tenure but your learning.
No icon Elixir - 2 years experience
Since early to mid-2014, I've been working in Elixir and have done a tad bit of Erlang. I've done talks about Elixir in several small groups and am extremely enthusiastic about it. I have several open-source libraries that involve complex parsing and macros. I'm definitely ready for elixir questions about frameworks like phoenix or ecto as well as language, structural, and deployment questions.
Ios expert help iOS - 5 years experience
iOS has been my primary home turf. I have worked on some business applications including a 2.5 year app with lots of moving parts. I've done plenty of test-driven development and have gotten to use most parts of the SDK. I've also published several open-source components that are in use today.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 4 years experience
Even before I started working professionally, I tinkered around with Javascript. I am able to work directly with plain Javascript to update static pages or inside of frameworks like AngularJS.
Ruby on rails expert help Ruby on Rails - 4 years experience
Most of web work professionally has been done through Rails. I'm not that type of guy that knows all of the far extents of Rails but am certainly able to craft quality applications and answer many questions regarding how to build inside of Rails.
Node js expert help Node.js - 2 years experience
I've done some work projects with NodeJS and am able to quickly setup small projects to use express (middleware, requests, routing).
No icon Vim - 3 years experience
I've used Vim for most of professional work (aside from Xcode) but did briefly switch to Sublime/Atom for a while just enough to miss all of the features of Vim! I've got my own config that at least two other people have used and am able to help you configure yours!
Git expert help Git - 4 years experience
I've used git ever since I started work professionally and even a bit before. I'm completely comfortable with rebasing, pull-requests, tags, and other more advanced concepts.
Swift expert help Swift - 1 year experience
Ever since Swift came out, I've been ready to get my hands in it. I've built several small projects in it and completely comfortable with iOS in general for over three years.
No icon Postgres - 2 years experience
Every web application that I have worked on has needed a database. I've helped build and maintain many projects that use postres and am comfortable writing SQL directly into the database.
C expert help C - 2 years experience
Most of my experience with C has not been direct but referencing it in Objective-C or C++ for work and school. I have a pretty solid understanding of low-level programming (including some Assembler coding) so I should be able to answer any sort of general questions that do involve some specific C library.
Ruby expert help Ruby - 4 years experience
Most of my work in Ruby has been through Rails but I have done some scripting for my job.
Cell-Expander 36   7
Repository for tutorial on building an expanding table cell
filtrex 24   3
A library for performing and validating complex filters from a client (e.g. smart filters)
repeatex 19   3
Natural language for repeating dates
shortener 15   2
[Triangle Elixir] Example application for OTP principles
vimfiles 3   3
My vim configuration
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