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Bobby Boyd

Bobby Boyd

Seasoned full-stack veteran. Ex-Groupon. Rails, Big Data, Functional Programming.

Central Time (US & Canada) (-06:00)
Previously at Groupon, automating the financial systems with Rails, Clojure, Storm, Hadoop, MongoDB. 6+ years Ruby on Rails, 2+ years Clojure, data systems, hadoop, storm, gamedev, Unity 3D, virtual reality.
Ruby on rails expert help Ruby on Rails - 7 years experience
Worked on one of the largest Ruby on Rails deployments of all time at Groupon. I've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly, and I can help you battle a monolithic architecture before it becomes an issue.
Ruby expert help Ruby - 7 years experience
One of my top languages. Used daily for several years.
Clojure expert help Clojure - 5 years experience
I've used Clojure/ClojureScript to develop data systems, games, and websites.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 12 years experience
The language of the web, for better or worse. I used JavaScript at some of my earliest jobs and still do today-- of course, it's a bit more sane today with the frameworks that we have.
Java expert help Java - 16 years experience
Starting to show its age, but still packs a punch! The JVM is ultra powerful. Just don't fall into the copypasta java-jockey camp. There are better ways these days to leverage the power of the VM without longform Java code.
Csharp expert help C# - 14 years experience
Have built many web sites, web services, standalone apps and games (with Unity3D) with this language. It's a good one!
Cplusplus expert help C++ - 20 years experience
C/C++ was one of the earliest languages I learned, and I'm pleased that it remains relevant after all these years. When you absolutely positively need to squeeze every last bit of performance out of your code, here's where you turn. Especially useful in my work in computer vision. One of the earliest codebases I developed (in C++) was a multi-player poker game at https://code.google.com/p/pokerspot/
C expert help C - 20 years experience
Since K&R this is the canonical language to know for real-time embedded systems and job interviews everywhere. It's the least common denominator. The lingua franca of programmers everywhere.
Jquery expert help jQuery - 8 years experience
Just an all-around fantastic way to manipulate the DOM. What a time saver. Plugins abound.
Amazon expert help AWS - 6 years experience
AWS changed everything. Use the power of the elastic compute cloud, store your data in S3 for cheap, orchestrate your entire web-scale service with cloudfront. Let's do this!
Git expert help Git - 6 years experience
I'm partial to the "git flow" workflow style. Just don't force push and we're gonna get along fine.
Backbone js expert help Backbone.js - 3 years experience
Not a bad way to manage your JS app. Backbone.js gives you the structure and let's you fill it out. Pretty great for small apps, but check out Ember.js or Angular for bigger ones.
Server expert help Server - 20 years experience
My first Linux was a Slackware 1.2.13 box.
Devops expert help DevOps - 5 years experience
Well-versed in using configuration management and virtualization tools of all sorts to manage zero-downtime deploys and continuous delivery.
Hadoop expert help Hadoop - 3 years experience
Experienced in Hadoop/ZooKeeper/HBase/Hive to build web-scale data systems. Have leveraged these technologies to build the data systems that run the global financial systems of the largest daily deals site (Groupon).
No icon Computer vision - 2 years experience
Computer vision and machine learning are a new passion of mine. In my work in virtual/augmented reality I use techniques mainly in feature extraction, recognition, and pose estimation.
Reactjs expert help React - 1 year experience
Facebook has outdone themselves with React, and ClojureScript really shines with om/reagent. Immutable functional components on the front-end? Just what the doctor ordered!
No icon Kubernetes - 1 year experience
I've spent my fair share of time with various devops systems in the past, but docker containers with cluster orchestration using Kubernetes is my favorite flavor. Super powerful with Google's introduction of the developer console too. Ask me how we can leverage this powerful combo for your project.
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Awesome mentor!
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Bobby was very helpful in clarifying some fundamental concepts in the Datomic database.
Guillermo Ithier Mar 10, 2016

awesome guy he is the best one in this website , he is a genius i recommended him for your honesty and patient with me
Ahmed Dec 09, 2015

Amazing person. Did exactly what I'd asked for. Very understanding!
JP Dec 08, 2015

he is a professional one on this website i recommended him for all of u , i worked with him so many times he is honest guy and he has a very good works , NEVER STOP WORKING WITH HIM , THANK YOU BOBBY :)
Ahmed Dec 02, 2015

he helped me a lot and make me understand very well , i like to work with him again and again , Do not hesitate to work with him thank you Mr: Bobby
Ahmed Nov 20, 2015

he is a good mentor in this website , i recommended him for every buddy he is patient and likes to help , thank you a lot
Ahmed Nov 20, 2015

Very very knowledgeable and helped with Inheritance, Polymorphism and Casting! I would definitely recommend him to other students needing help.
JP Nov 14, 2015

Bobby was fantastic, he was able to efficiently and quickly help me with my very ambiguous Rails problem. Highly recommend him for anyone pulling their hair out! Life-saver!
Alexander Dinari Nov 11, 2015

Bobby helped me with a stackoverflow problem I had with a clojure function. He was great.
Guillermo Ithier Aug 25, 2015

very good
John DiPIlla Apr 28, 2015

Bobby was super helpful. We resolved my mail issue and made some great progress against my Twitter integration issue. Will definitely bug him again with my bugs.
Nathan Apr 22, 2015

Thanks again!
Sean Feb 20, 2015

Code Mentor and Zoom could stand to be fixed. But the Session with bobby went very well! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Sean Feb 20, 2015

Bobby is always helpful.Thanks again!
Sean Feb 20, 2015

Bobby is a great Code Mentor! Knowledgeable, cool, and well spoken. I'll definitely keep working with him.
Edward Babbage Jan 15, 2015

Great job. Very knowledgable and patient. Willing to work through ambiguous problems.
Brandon Hay Dec 16, 2014

Gave great help!
GP Dec 09, 2014

I've been having a real problem with the architecture for my application, which is a little complex. It felt wrong to me, and Bobby helped me to understand why. He told me where my application logic should go, and also gave me a great understanding of how I can improve my routing. I had been feeling lost with my project, but now I feel juiced and have a set of tasks to complete. I am back on track. Will definitely be scheduling another call soon. Thanks Bobby!
Danny Bradbury Dec 05, 2014

Bobby did what I needed. He got it done fast and did a good job of it.
Nick singsank Dec 02, 2014

Great mentor, able to give expert advice in a short time, but also considerate enough to depict any hurdles or obstacles you may encounter along the way, and the many ways to avoid such.
Arjun Dec 02, 2014

Bobby is awesome! Professional, patient, quick and resourceful, he helped me out on with a tough NLP problem I was wrangling with for hours. Highly recommended.
Draisy S Dec 01, 2014

Excellent. I had Bobby review a project I was offered. We went through the high level outline and discussed the first steps to take to get the project started.
Tom Brennan Nov 24, 2014

Great guy! really helpful with my ruby problem and super smart. offered multiple solutions
Richard Lau Nov 24, 2014

awesome. Really new his stuff and fun to work with. Will work with again.
nathan Nov 24, 2014

My mentor was ready and willing to help right away. He was very knowledgeable in java and was eager to teach me new things. I would highly recommend Bobby to anyone. His prices are extremely fair and he is very professional and nice. I will be coming back to him with any future questions.
Kevin Nov 24, 2014

Awesome help with debugging my incredibly buggy script. Thanks again!
Sean Nov 23, 2014

Bobby was excellent! Understood the issues right away and set me up to move forward.
Tom Brennan Nov 23, 2014

Great help in digging into new technology stack (based on Clojure), ensuring requirements in the beginning to make sure we were on the same line, and then started to figure things out and report even in between about the progress. I can highly recommend working with Bobby.
Niko Schmuck Nov 22, 2014

Bobby was incredibly helpful and friendly. Very well rounded programmer and very effective communicator. Recommended 100%! Definitely will be in contact, saved me hrs of work in one session.
Sean Nov 22, 2014

We were working in Java and he had a great knowledge/understanding of the tool. The mentor was helpful, efficient, mindful, and patient with me. I look forward to working with him again.
Tim Anderson Nov 22, 2014

Bobby is fantastic! He not only solved my issue, but did a great job of explaining every aspect of the problem and solution that I did not understand. He's smart, and he knows his stuff. He's also a great listener and communicator. I'll definitely be working with him again!
Edward Babbage Nov 21, 2014