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Daniel Andrade, senior Raw php developerHire Now
Freelance Raw php developer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Just do it! Don't let your dreams be dreams!

I've been developing for the web since the time we had to handle IE6 compatibility (or, as we prefer to call it, the dark age). My favorite programming language nowadays is JavaScript due to how it's evolved and how powerful and yet simple it can be, but PHP will always have a fond place in my heart. If you're stuck and want someone to who's probably already trodden this road before, be it that crazy JS code you got from stackoverflow and for some reason won't work at all on your environment or that crazy thing the designer came up with and now it's up to you to convert it to HTML (AND make it responsive), hit me up!
Jorg Are, freelance Raw php developerHire Now
Freelance Raw php developer in Ashburn, United States

A passionate software engineer with a vast experience of over 5 year in the industry, Test-driven, ux-focused product manager who helps startups create lovable apps.

I'm a multi-skilled software engineer who has over the years built a couple of application from desktop, web, and mobile application. I have helped create a computer base test used in a major tertiary institution with over 10,000 students. I'm a fan of best practice and optimization. Would love to help anyone who want to grow.
STEPHEN ODUNTAN, Raw php software engineerHire Now
Freelance Raw php developer in Lagos, Nigeria

A passionate JS fullstack develop with 5+ year experience in software engineering. Built 10+ apps from ground up

I am a complete music lover and a multi-skilled engineer who has over the years worked on projects spanning across mobile, web, desktop and hybrid apps. You can call me Master of all :). I worked on the ever-growing EDVES Basic for elementary & senior secondary schools. When I'm not found coding, I'm either listening to music or writing super codes (coding again? Yes, coding!)

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