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Ramzi Benna

Ramzi Benna

iOS Developer with 5 years of experience

Paris (+01:00)
French, English
6 iOS
3 Swift
Ios expert help iOS - 6 years experience
I have a vast knowledge of 6 years in total, working as an iOS developer is a highly challenging and pressurised job with high volumes and performance targets to meet and my tenacity, self motivation, results driven and ability to work effectively and focused under pressure enabled me to excel and consistently performing at a high level of expectation.
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My project was complicated by my bad code (I am a beginner). He took the time to answer my question and helped me at the same time to refactor my code to the best practices.
Maher Aldemerdash Aug 05, 2016

Very good: He made sure to explain each thing he was doing to me, and he showed me lots of things that I could do to decrease the time spent debugging, and working around xcode. Will definitely use again.
Will Cohen Jul 12, 2016

Ramzi really knows what he is doing in iOS, found our problem very quickly.
Daniel Restrepo Jun 18, 2016

Wonderful to work with! Explained everything very well. I am really pleased with how everything turned out. Thanks!!! Definitely recommend.
Shea Lignitz May 31, 2016

Awesome Mentor. Knows how to fix the problem instantly!
Manish Nathani May 03, 2016

Everything was fine, he can solved the situation, the issue and all was resolved at the best way.
Carlos Silva Villamizar Feb 24, 2016

he was able to solve my problem pretty quickly! I appreciate it!
Anthony Winslow Feb 23, 2016

Ramzi's been teaching me some great tricks for like 6 months now and I love the variety of learnings I get from every session.
Santiago Prieto Jun 08, 2015

Laura Paxton May 17, 2015

Ramzi Rocks.
Santiago Prieto Jan 16, 2015

Everything was great!
ben assad Dec 16, 2014

Uf. Ramzi is freaking awesome. It's the third time he mentors me and I'm sure there'll be more. I was stuck in an issue for like a week and Ramzi not only helped me solved this but also gave me a humongous amount of tips to make the whole app function better. Then he guided me to get into best practices that I was missing for development with Xcode. Super friendly and patient and helpful!
Santiago Prieto Dec 15, 2014

Gave great advice!
Bojan Simic Dec 09, 2014

Great Job, problem solved ! (et il parle français !!)
Benjamin Melki Dec 06, 2014

Ramzi is excellent and I look forward to working with him in the future.
Derrick Carrington Nov 29, 2014

fixed the issue and will help on further details in the future.
Salvador Aceves Nov 15, 2014

Very fast and helpful.
Salvador Aceves Nov 14, 2014

Another great session - this time we tackled customizing a UISlider with varying increments, including modifying the Parse CloudCode (JS) appropriately.
Donnie Wang Nov 13, 2014

Ramzi was quick in his troubleshooting and helped me understand the underlying issue (something that I had been trying to understand and solve for the past 2 days). He's very friendly too. I would definitely consult him again for more iOS related questions.
Ali Tariq Oct 30, 2014

Ramzi rocks. He is the most patient guy. Ever even when you ask for crazy things that you have no idea how to do them he'll research away and help you figure things out. Second session and hopefully more to come.
Santiago Prieto Oct 22, 2014

Solved my long-lasting issue, simple though :) I will chose him without any second thought!
Arun Annamalai Oct 21, 2014

Wow. That was just what I needed. It's so nice to have a friendly critique and a learn-by-doing session with a friendly and extremely patient, calm, and helpful guy.
Santiago Prieto Oct 14, 2014

great guy easy to work with , fast solution solver , will be using his services more often
JB Oct 11, 2014

Great mentor! Soooo helpful, and quick fix! Highly recommend!!
Greg Harrington Oct 03, 2014

Ramzi responded incredibly quickly and almost immediately identified the issue I was having. Highly recommend.
Terence Sep 29, 2014

Awesome mentor
Eddwin Paz Sep 27, 2014

Fixed my tableView issues once again and helped me implement pull to refresh feature. Thx Ramzi!
Donnie Wang Sep 24, 2014

Ramzi was amazing, quick professional and fixed my issue immediately highly recommend!
Chawki Tlich Sep 16, 2014

Good work from this Mentor!
KelvinB Aug 30, 2014

My problem was a little tricky, but we worked together and solved it in about an hour. Thank you Rami for your assistance!
Gabe Bryant Aug 30, 2014

This is a professional iOS Programmer he really stay and thinks up for you a way to really solve your problem and solve it on a really professional way and also explain to you why and hows so you can learn to solve this issues in the future.
Eddwin Paz Aug 29, 2014

Good and patien
Long Aug 28, 2014

Great job and amazing knowledge.
Sam Gabbay Aug 27, 2014

Mentor knew his stuff, exactly as one would expect. Was able to review my issues and quickly propose and implement a fix. Very appreciative.
Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey Aug 26, 2014

Very helpful. Will loop back again.
catalina ruiz-healy Aug 25, 2014

Ramzi is very knowledgeable and also very helpful! I will definitely work with him again in the future!
James Aug 17, 2014

Fantastic, patient. Fixed the problem in no time.
zach marburger Aug 13, 2014

Fantastic again! Very thorough and skilled.
Donnie Wang Aug 12, 2014

Great mentor! Understood my UITableView issue quickly and solved it no problem.
Donnie Wang Aug 10, 2014

I liked his approach when trying to solve my issue.
Johan Basberg Jul 23, 2014

Aweome Mentor!!!! Recommended 100%
Eddwin Paz Jul 19, 2014

Excellent mentor, I would get advice from him again :D
Eddwin Paz Jul 12, 2014

Excellent Mentor A+ He is an iOS Expert with no doubts I will definitely do another session with him soon!!!
Eddwin Paz Jul 08, 2014

Great work from Ramzi, who is expert, very quick and a good communicator. I'm very impressed.
John Habershon Jun 30, 2014

Excellent mentor. Knowledgable and he solved my problem.
Derek Jun 14, 2014

Once again, he delivered exactly what I needed!
Josh May 25, 2014

He was perfect. Solved all of my issues!
Josh May 25, 2014

Good job!
Sergio Barrera May 10, 2014

Good job Ramzi!
Sergio Barrera May 07, 2014

Good work Ramzi! We're doing a step by step work. Recommended iOS developer.
Sergio Barrera May 02, 2014

He did a great job and figure it out on the fly when we have to do changes or additions to the code. Will be happy to work with him again.
Sergio Barrera May 02, 2014