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K M Rakibul Islam (Rakib)

K M Rakibul Islam (Rakib)

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Top Ruby on Rails Mentor of January 2017 | Experienced (6+ years) and friendly Ruby on Rails Developer (with passion for helping others learn) | 550+ Sessions

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I am the Top Ruby on Rails Mentor of January, February, March, April, May, June, July and August 2016 (8 months in a row) and January 2017 at Codementor with 550+ sessions. https://www.codementor.io/ruby-on-rails-developers I am a Software Engineer from Toronto, currently working as a Ruby on Rails Developer at theScore Inc. I am passionate about helping people, especially who are new to the web development and the programming world. I am specialized in explaining core concepts of Ruby and Rails along with the best practices. I focus on the learning experience of my students and make sure they get exactly what they want. I have excellent academic track records (Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Masters in Computer Engineering from the University of Toronto) along with strong development and industry experience in Software Development and Web Development (6+ years). I started programming and solving problems in 2006, at the age of 18. Since then, I wrote programs in various of programming languages such as C, C++, Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, Javascript etc. These days, I use Ruby and Rails as my primary programming language and framework. I can help with debugging your issues as well as refactoring your code according to the best practices and conventions out there. Helping people is my passion and motto of life. If you think I can help you in any way, please keep in touch! Specialities: * Building backend APIs in Ruby on Rails (Active Model Serializer, Grape, Jbuilder, RABL etc.) for mobile applications. (For more than 12 million users). * Integration of backend APIs with Javascript frontend framework using JSON Web Token (JWT). * Built Push Notification System for theScore app. (For more than 12 million users). * Implemented instant player, team and news article search for the theScore and theScore eSports apps which have more than 12 million monthly active users using ElasticSearch and Rails. * Backend Ruby on Rails Development (With scaling, optimising, caching best practices). * Test Driven Development with clean code and best practices. * Web Scraping (Nokogiri, Mechanize) (Scrape data from anywhere on the internet!). * Explain concepts/solutions clearly and concisely according to the level of the client/student. * Giving architecture advice for your application. Explain which tools/gems to use and why. * Suggesting best practices and focusing on the best learning experience and long-term achievements. * Showing cool tips and tricks that I have learned over the past few years (and still learning!) as a professional Ruby on Rails developer to be more productive and efficient at work. * Helping you to well prepare for Ruby on Rails developer position interviews.
46 Ruby on Rails
28 Ruby
15 Git
12 Github
10 Heroku
5 Postgresql
5 Rspec
3 Bootstrap
3 Amazon s3
Ruby on rails expert help Ruby on Rails - 6 years experience
I have been working with Ruby and Ruby on Rails since 2011. I have built a bunch of complex Rails applications along the way and contributed to a number of popular open source projects built with Ruby and Ruby on Rails. At my previous job (https://www.quandl.com/) and the current job (http://www.thescore.com), I was/am involved with full-time Ruby on Rails based development. I am also a regular contributor at StackOverflow where I help people with their Ruby and Ruby on Rails related problems. I am passionate about programming, helping people and doing things right. I feel immense pleasure when I can help someone to code and solve their problems.
Ruby expert help Ruby - 6 years experience
I have been working with Ruby and Ruby on Rails since 2011. I have built a bunch of complex Rails applications along the way and contributed to a number of popular open source projects built with Ruby and Ruby on Rails. At my previous job (https://www.quandl.com/) and the current job (http://www.thescore.com), I was/am involved with full-time Ruby on Rails based development. I am also a regular contributor at StackOverflow where I help people with their Ruby and Ruby on Rails related problems. I am passionate about programming, helping people and doing things right. I feel immense pleasure when I can help someone to code and solve their problems.
No icon Rspec - 5 years experience
I have been using RSpec in almost each of my Ruby and Rails projects. I have strong experience of RSpec and the best practices.
No icon Api development - 6 years experience
I have designed and developed a bunch of complex JSON APIs using Ruby on Rails along with Grape, RABL, Active Model Serializer etc. by following the best practices. At my current work, I am a part of the API development team which is consumed by more than 12 million users per month.
Git expert help Git - 7 years experience
I have 7 years experience of using git and github. I am specialised in following the best practices of git-flow and an expert git user.
No icon Heroku - 6 years experience
I have successfully deployed several Ruby on Rails applications to Heroku and used various useful Heroku add-ons. I have analyzed Heroku logs and debugged server errors on Heroku many times. I have also fixed assets loading issues on Heroku. I can help you with your Heroku related problems as I am an expert Heroku user.
No icon Postgresql - 5 years experience
I have been using PostgreSQL in all of my latest Ruby on Rails projects as the database system.
Amazon expert help AWS - 4 years experience
I've used AWS to manage cloud applications including hosting and scaling servers.
Mysql expert help MySQL - 5 years experience
I have been using MySQL database for more than 5 years now.
No icon Elasticsearch - 3 years experience
I have used elastic search for implementing search functionality in several production grade applications. Most recently, I have implemented instant player, team and news article search for the theScore and theScore eSports apps which have more than 12 million monthly active users.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 4 years experience
I have been using JavaScript/Jquery/Ajax for over 4 years and have a good grasp of the language. Even though I don't use it every day, still, I should be able to help you fix your JavaScript/Jquery/Ajax related bugs and issues.
OSMNavigator 3   0
fb_graph 1   2
A full-stack Facebook Graph API wrapper in Ruby.
BDDPackage 1   0
chef-rundeck 0   1
A Chef cookbook for the remote administration tool Rundeck
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(511 ratings)
Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Helped me debug my redis/sidekiq/activejob background processing for a mailer and got it working
Nathan R Jan 19, 2017

Great Mentor!
Matt Gaudio Jan 19, 2017

Great session. Very knowledgable.
Jack Burum Jan 18, 2017

Great Mentor!
Matt Gaudio Jan 15, 2017

Rakim was great!
Aaron Henderson Jan 14, 2017

Great mentor. Not only knew immediately where my errors were coming from, but also explained them very well so that I would understand. Will definitely come back to him to learn more!
Michael King Jan 14, 2017

We added image stories to my activity feed and spent a good amount of time trying to debug an rspec test
Nathan R Jan 13, 2017

Great session :)
Jack Burum Jan 13, 2017

helped me fix tests for images and set a default image
Nathan R Jan 12, 2017

Great Mentor!
Matt Gaudio Jan 11, 2017

Great Mentor!
Matt Gaudio Jan 09, 2017

Rakib taught me how to add time zones and helped me fix a strange params update issue
Nathan R Jan 06, 2017

Great Mentor!
Matt Gaudio Jan 04, 2017

Very knowledgeable..
Samuel Jan 04, 2017

Great Mentor! Excellent Help!
Matt Gaudio Jan 01, 2017

Excellent and knew the answer to all of my questions.
Hunter Gregory Dec 31, 2016

Rakib helped me unpack a messy git merge situation and helped me with some callbacks that were causing grief for my rspec tests. Patient, helpful, and very knowledgeable as always.
Nathan R Dec 30, 2016

Great session clearing out some Pundit policies in my multi-tenant app. Rakib was patient as always as he helped investigate and troubleshoot and explain things all the way.
Nathan R Dec 29, 2016

set up and got rspec mailers working. learned a ton. great mentor! also did some heroku debugging. fixed some database issues.
Nathan R Dec 28, 2016

fixed my bulk action and worked a bit to try to fix my javascript side menu
Nathan R Dec 23, 2016

we fixed some of my hairy custom forms and actions -- Rakib was patient and took the time to explain. always a pleasure!
Nathan R Dec 22, 2016

very informative. look forward to working with in the future!
Kyle Dec 22, 2016

great session
Jack Burum Dec 21, 2016

Great Mentor!
Matt Gaudio Dec 21, 2016

His debugging skills are excellent and he explains his thought process as he goes along. Also very patient; appreciate that :)
Uzo Dec 19, 2016

Rakib was EXTREMELY helpful and respectful of my time. I would hire him, again.
Lee Dec 18, 2016

Great Mentor!
Matt Gaudio Dec 18, 2016

fixed some bugs with policies and invitations
Nathan R Dec 17, 2016

Awesome session, we debugged some tests and fixed my invitations to allow users to be re-invited once they had cancelled their memberships.
Nathan R Dec 15, 2016

thumbs up for Rakib
Jack Burum Dec 15, 2016

Thanks Rakib! I really appreciate you taking the time to help me get through my initial problem!
Tom Hallam Dec 11, 2016

Great Mentor!
Matt Gaudio Dec 11, 2016

Another session with Rakib and another really helpful learning experience.
Gerlin Guillaume Dec 10, 2016

Helpful, insightful and pleasant to work with.
William Gillett Dec 09, 2016

Very knowledgable, patient, and easy to work with! I look forward to working with him again. Thanks!
Steve Avon Dec 09, 2016

Excellent mentor! Very experienced and helpful
Daniel Dec 08, 2016

I was on a deadline. K really helped me out despite missing data that I got from the repository. However, he took the time to investigate what is going on and helped me get the code working. Thanks!
Rohit Gupta Dec 07, 2016

Great Mentor!!
Matt Gaudio Dec 07, 2016

Great Mentor!
Matt Gaudio Dec 04, 2016

Again, an awesome session. K was willing to help me on a very short notice. He is a true expert and really cared about my questions and helped me make my code better.
Rohit Gupta Dec 04, 2016

It was a good session. We covered code design and refactored some gem code.
Jack Burum Dec 03, 2016

Awesome! K is truly an expert Ruby on Rails developer and a great mentor. He was able to quickly identify what is going on in a very complex application and help a newbie like me. I learned more just by talking to him than by doing tutorials! Very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend him.
Rohit Gupta Dec 03, 2016

great session adding in rspec test coverage, fixing last few tests, and doing some add group member cleanup
Nathan R Dec 02, 2016

did some serious rspec test fixing
Nathan R Dec 01, 2016

Great job, got me unstuck and I learned a lot!
Chris Cunningham Dec 01, 2016

Rakib is the MANN. Super flexible and it has been great to build a relationship with him
dylan Nov 30, 2016

Great Mentor!
Matt Gaudio Nov 30, 2016

Certainly a subject matter expert and very easy to communicate with.. Would definitely work work him again! Thanks
Steve Avon Nov 29, 2016

Rakib is resourceful and knowledgeable.
Gerlin Guillaume Nov 27, 2016

Great Mentor!
Matt Gaudio Nov 26, 2016

Fixed some pundit policy stuff and some RSpec. Rakib went out of his way to help me research my code and even took some work offline and sent me an answer after further research. I learned a ton and had a great time -- as always.
Nathan R Nov 26, 2016

Helped fix my administrate gem permissions issue and get my pundit policies issues set up
Nathan R Nov 24, 2016

Great Mentor!
Matt Gaudio Nov 23, 2016

Helped me get started building my first gem... awesome session
Jack Burum Nov 22, 2016

Great Mentor!
Matt Gaudio Nov 19, 2016

Helped me implement Administrate Gem and got one of my custom actions to work.
Nathan R Nov 18, 2016

Great mentor! Quick and very efficient
Daniel Nov 16, 2016

Rakib is very experienced, patient, and eager to help me. My issue was solved successfully. I highly recommend him to anyone who has problems.
Vincent Nov 16, 2016

Great Mentor!!!
steve chek Nov 15, 2016

Great Mentor!
Matt Gaudio Nov 12, 2016

I schedule a session with Rakib every 2 weeks and he's on point each session. Very straight to the point and very resourceful. I hope to continue working with him in the future.
Gerlin Guillaume Nov 12, 2016

Helped me build a periodic mailer, create a rake task, and deploy to heroku. super helpful.
Nathan R Nov 11, 2016

Helped me create activity feed mailers with great explanations and troubleshooting help
Nathan R Nov 10, 2016

Rakib is great. Easy to work with. Good workflows for debugging, and clear instructions for good practice.
Rolando Brown Nov 08, 2016

Rakibul is so knowledgeable in Ruby. He helped me fix a bunch of issues. He is also really a great guy. Props
Nas Bamouni Nov 07, 2016

Great mentor!
Matt Gaudio Nov 05, 2016

Helped me filter my activity feed with scopes!
Nathan R Nov 05, 2016

Very helpful! Walked me through step by step
Holden Mitchell Nov 03, 2016

Rakib was great. Patient. Clear and open.
Rolando Brown Oct 31, 2016

Rakib was awesome. He helped resolve an issue that I worked on for days. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone. I plan to schedule a follow up with Rakib to discuss other issues that I've been facing.
Blue Rock Oct 31, 2016

Rakib was very knowledgeable and really helped in resolving the problem. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to other people.
Blue Rock Oct 30, 2016

Great Mentor!
Matt Gaudio Oct 29, 2016

As always, Rakib was very helpful and straight to the point. He provided me with a bunch of links to resources for further review.
Gerlin Guillaume Oct 29, 2016

fixed my activity feed and filtering - strategized for some scheduling concepts
Nathan R Oct 28, 2016

fixed my activity feed, did some github magic
Nathan R Oct 27, 2016

It was very easy to learn from Rakib I enjoyed the session with him. I would go back to him again.
Stephan White Oct 27, 2016

very helpful from learning how to run local files on computer to delete the user on heroku and creating different paths for Admin, Doctor, and Patient
Stephan White Oct 26, 2016

Great session, with a really simple creative solution!
Jack Zerby Oct 25, 2016

When starting my first job using RoR Rakib was the guy I turned to when I got stuck. It had been a few months since our last talk, but once again we had a great session. Highly recommend
Jack Burum Oct 25, 2016

Thank you for the help. I'm been working on it for days and you were able to help in me within an hour. That's amazing! I'm glad you helped me!
Stephan White Oct 22, 2016

Had some stripe key issues and URL and git issues, Rakib helped me through it all
Nathan R Oct 21, 2016

helped me merge some nasty branches, great github help and advice. also helped get my heroku issues resolved.
Nathan R Oct 20, 2016

Great as always. Quick and precise
dylan Oct 17, 2016

Help to resolve RSpec and Pundit questions
Ron Oct 13, 2016

Amazing mentor extreamly helpful I am hiring him for a large project!
Angelis Pseftis Oct 07, 2016

Rakib helped me implement friendly urls and rework a bunch of controllers, links, and models to get it to work. good stuff!
Nathan R Oct 07, 2016

Helped me get my paperclip gem working with my nested routes along with some multi-image upload
Nathan R Sep 30, 2016

Helped me with my polymorphic model and paperclip gem
Nathan R Sep 23, 2016

He is the most reliable software developer that we have ever met. Fixed issues for us in real time. Thank you for the great work so far, Rakib!
Jade Sep 19, 2016

We are so excited to meet a great, humble and brilliant developer like Rakib! Words cannot convey how much we appreciate him. Fixed some issues today with the system.
Jade Sep 18, 2016

He solved the issues with the software system immediately with his sharp skills. Professional software developer with high commitment to excellence.
Jade Sep 17, 2016

very knowledgable and helpful
Ron Sep 17, 2016

Helped me add a polymorphic image model -- good fun!
Nathan R Sep 16, 2016

He is very kind and understanding. He broke down the steps on how we were going to look into the problems to be fixed in my website. It was a great session.
alem soler Sep 16, 2016

Wouldnt be able to accomplish those difficult task without his help. Rakib is definitely a genius in his field.
Jade Sep 15, 2016

Rakib makes the impossible possible ! Go to guy for any tough programming work.
Jade Sep 10, 2016

We wouldn't be able to accomplish the big system development without his expertise. Words cannot convey how much my colleagues and I appreciate his expertise in software development. His professionalism in making sure that everything that he builds works perfectly well builds a solid trust from us.
Jade Sep 09, 2016

Countless sessions with him. Every time I learned great things from him. Never fail to impress me with his great mind and humbleness. He is a true expert.
Jade Sep 09, 2016

The smartest programmer that I have worked with. My whole team was impressed with what Rakib has done for us. Thank you, Rakib!
Jade Sep 08, 2016

Rakib is not only a rockstar programmer, but also a great teacher. He is able to explain very clearly why we should implement the feature in a particular way. He also gets to the roots of the problems very quickly, and he is able to explain the solution to the problem thoroughly. I am truly amazed to the perfect combination of great communications and sharp problem solving skills in Rakib.
Jade Sep 06, 2016

Words cannot express our gratitude for his brilliance in solving problems.
Jade Sep 03, 2016

Wonderful guy with a brilliant programming mind and sharp programming skills.
Jade Sep 02, 2016

Another productive session with this brilliant guy. Rakib implemented an impressive email feature to the software.
Jade Aug 29, 2016

We really appreciate Rakib's commitment and expertise in building the complicated and high quality software for us and meeting our tight deadline. We couldn't thank him enough.
Jade Aug 28, 2016

As usual, I witnessed Rakib's deep passion in software development. I can see that he is not only a highly professional software engineer who excels in his job, but also has a GREAT LOVE for what he is doing.
Jade Aug 27, 2016

Rakib is quick to understand my issues & find resolutions...always helpful.
ben barton Aug 27, 2016

As usual, the session is fantastic! Rakib is a highly intelligent programmer who recognizes problems quickly and implements solution instantly. We are very happy that we found the right software developer to work on building the software that has a very tight deadline.
Jade Aug 26, 2016

Rakib is a genius in software development. The automation software that we intend to build is very complex, but Rakib makes the development of this software possible. The entire software was fully developed from scratch by Rakib perfectly. He solved the complexity of the puzzles elegantly and beautifully while building the software in front of me. We are definitely looking forward to use the professional software built by Rakib.
Jade Aug 21, 2016

Rakib blown me off with his fantastic problem solving skills again! Feeling overjoy every time to see Rakib (the best programmer ever) building the automatic system for our research center. He is not only highly intelligent and friendly, but also has a very strong work ethic. Thank you very much, Rakib!
Jade Aug 21, 2016

Rakib helped me with some issues with Heroku, AWS, and Paperclip image stuff.
Nathan R Aug 19, 2016

I have countless sessions with Rakib, and as usual he gets to the roots of the problems and quickly implements solutions. I appoint Rakib to build a system that will enhance the efficiency of our department, and within a short time frame we accomplished a lot. Thank you, Rakib!
Jade Aug 19, 2016

Another fantastic session with this guy. He never fails to amaze me with his sharpness in problem solving. When you see this guy building a system in front of you, you will wish that you have his intelligence.
Jade Aug 18, 2016

Good as always
Tim McNamars Aug 16, 2016

He is a real genius in ruby
Jade Aug 14, 2016

Rakib got back to me tonight about an issue that I could not solve. Helped me understand a problem in my policies and tests. Thanks for the extra research and follow up Rakib!
Nathan R Aug 14, 2016

Another wonderful session with this amazing programmer again.
Jade Aug 13, 2016

Great session. made some good progress on policies and specs.
Nathan R Aug 12, 2016

Like always another great session with Rakib really recommend him to anyway who want to learn
steve chek Aug 11, 2016

Another wonderful session with him. Learned a lot from this incredible, intelligent and friendly guy.
Jade Aug 11, 2016

He is an intelligent programmer. He implements solution very quickly. I am overjoy that the system that he builds will reduce the time consuming manual work.
Jade Aug 10, 2016

I really enjoyed rakib teaching highly recommended if you want to make sure you understand the material.
steve chek Aug 09, 2016

He is a fantastic mentor and a true expert. I enjoy the session with him every time as he is very detail oriented, attentive, and understandable. He is not only a star programmer, but a great tutor. I highly recommend him.
Jade Aug 08, 2016

Fantastic sessions as always with him.
Jade Aug 06, 2016

Another great session with Rakib. Learned a few new tricks with Github and Console in the process!
Nathan R Aug 05, 2016

Great Mentor very friendly and helpful
steve chek Aug 03, 2016

will hire him again soon
Ron Jul 30, 2016

Great mentor explained very well how to use rails with api
steve chek Jul 30, 2016

Rakib is awesome, and quick!
Bill Fulbright Jul 27, 2016

Rakib helped me fix my invitations and we got some logic straightened out in my controllers and models. It was a lot of fun as usual.
Nathan R Jul 22, 2016

Rakib was very helpful with newbies. Recommended!
Lauro Silva Jul 21, 2016

Really helpful. Talked me through until I understood! Patient!
Walter Kerr Jul 19, 2016

Rakib helped me fix like 10 rspec tests tonight and really explained some of my routing issues. Very helpful.
Nathan R Jul 15, 2016

Very helpful and friendly as always!
Matthew Alexander Smith Jul 12, 2016

Rakib was amazing. He pointed me to a lot of resources to help me with my memory issues. We talked for almost an hour. I didn't feel rushed and Rakib was very patient in answering my questions and listening to my ideas.
Gerlin Guillaume Jul 09, 2016

Helped me fix my rspec tests/factories and get a gem configured. Good stuff.
Nathan R Jul 08, 2016

Helped me troubleshoot a couple of issues I was having, and quickly recognized an issue I thought I was having was not an issue (needed to look at source data and not formatted values returned by Chrome). Big help with Rails Active Model Serializer.
Toby Schaeffer Jul 05, 2016

Excellent Mentor
Tim McNamars Jul 04, 2016

Amazing mentor taught me a lot how to approach problems
steve chek Jul 04, 2016

Rakib's great. Always a pleasure to work with him.
Toby Schaeffer Jul 01, 2016

Rakib has been a great mentor with me for a month now, I highly recommend him for new developers.
Tim McNamars Jun 30, 2016

very knowledgable and love to teach
steve chek Jun 27, 2016

Rakib helped me debug some testing issues I had. He even took it offline and found a solution for the problem after our session.
Nathan R Jun 25, 2016

Great Mentor learned a lot
steve chek Jun 25, 2016

Continued working with Rakibul on my Rails API project requiring a PostgreSQL db with PostGIS enabled. Documentation is poor and out of date to boot - he has been doing research on his own time between calls to make sure he can help me. Excellent communication and follow up, very professional, and wants to make sure I understand what we're doing and why, so I can replicate moving forward. Very happy to be working with him and looking forward to continued collaboration.
Toby Schaeffer Jun 23, 2016

My second time working with Rakibul - he is helping me with a project involving a PostgreSQL database with PostGIS enabled to ingest geographically referenced data. We both only had limited time for this multi-hour project today, but he made time to work with me and walk me through setup and answer some of my questions Very helpful, patient and understanding. Am looking forward to working with him more.
Toby Schaeffer Jun 21, 2016

Raki is a great mentor
Tim McNamars Jun 21, 2016

Excellent. I am overseas and had problems with my connection, but Rakibul was patient and very helpful. He was able to quickly identify the problem I was having and walked me through how to fix it. Would work with him again.
Toby Schaeffer Jun 20, 2016

A great intro session, helped me figure out my scoping issues in my multi-tenant app
Nathan R Jun 18, 2016

Always helpful.
Tim McNamars Jun 18, 2016

Excellent teacher
Tim McNamars Jun 16, 2016

Great Mentor!!!
steve chek Jun 13, 2016

Fantastic Mentor!
Matt Gaudio Jun 12, 2016

Great mentor
Tim McNamars Jun 07, 2016

The best mentor very nice and willing to take time to teach make sure i understood everything
steve chek Jun 06, 2016

Fantastic Mentor! Great to work with.
Matt Gaudio Jun 04, 2016

Rakib was really helpful and patient. It was a tough bug to find but he helped us find it in the end!
Michael Cho Jun 03, 2016

Raki is awesome.
Tim McNamars Jun 03, 2016

Great Mentor really takes his time to make sure you understand the material thank you #1
steve chek Jun 02, 2016

Great mentor!
Matt Gaudio May 29, 2016

Rakib was very helpful. He had seen my issue before and was able to help me out.
Paul Gasbarra May 28, 2016

Was really easy to work with him. Great at explaining what he was doing. Definitely recommend and will work with him again
Oscar linares May 25, 2016

Rakib is the man. Always helpful!
dylan May 25, 2016

Rakib was an excellent mentor, very patient and useful. I definitely recommend him for your projects.
Mayank May 23, 2016

Rakib was fantastic. I was able to work along side him, he explained his thought process as he wrong, and I was very impressed!
dylan May 22, 2016

Much appreciated!
Edward Byrne May 21, 2016

Great Mentor!
Matt Gaudio May 21, 2016

Knowledgeable and patient
Nikhil Tilwalli May 18, 2016

K M was very attentive, provided code snippets to help speed up the process, and did great research. He troubleshot all the bugs that popped up and had great stamina during a long session.
Ariel Hauter May 15, 2016

Great mentor! Very helpful and productive.
Matt Gaudio May 14, 2016

Rakim was very friendly and helpful mentoring me with a Ruby project I am working on =]
Evilolive May 11, 2016

He does a good job providing relevant info on how to solve issues
Obiye Kolokolo May 08, 2016

Great tutor, explains things thoroughly, answers all questions so student understands what is going on.
chris May 08, 2016

Very helpful. Took the time to explain everything to me.
Tom Rose May 08, 2016

Quick help & accurate, thanks!
Javier May 07, 2016

Excellent knowledgeable mentor, knew the topic well and explained perfectly. Would definitely be using rakib's services again. Thanks!!
chris May 07, 2016

This dude is awesome, fantastic. Understood the problem, taught me some stuff and helped me fix my problem.
Kester Browne May 03, 2016

Rakib's a really resourceful guy!
redza ali Apr 29, 2016

Great mentor really takes his time to explain everything in details. I really recommend as a mentor. The Best
steve chek Apr 28, 2016

Wale Apr 26, 2016

He knows what he is talking about.
Samuel Apr 26, 2016

Very Helpful. All issues solved.
Eric Apr 24, 2016

Great mentor!
Matt Gaudio Apr 23, 2016

Turns out Rakib can learn a Javascript testing framework and implement it while mid call. Thanks again, Rakib.
Jack Burum Apr 20, 2016

Rakib is the best!
JP Apr 19, 2016

6th session... again a success.
Jack Burum Apr 19, 2016

Great to work with!
Tim McNamars Apr 18, 2016

Very helpful
Wale Apr 17, 2016

Rakib is flexible, patient, and super knowledgable. A lot of fun to work with.
Kevin Apr 16, 2016

Rakib is incredibly knowledgeable. highly recommended.
ben barton Apr 16, 2016

great to work with
Adam Stockland Apr 15, 2016

AJAX and Rails... knocked it out of the park like Barry Bonds
Jack Burum Apr 15, 2016

Excellent Mentor!
Wadson Apr 14, 2016

As par for Rakib. Great job.
Jack Burum Apr 14, 2016

Good session!
William Driscoll Apr 13, 2016

Great session!
William Driscoll Apr 07, 2016

Solid Mentor!!
Wadson Apr 05, 2016

Wow, I learned the things I should learn now from him very efficiently again. He knows how to teach.
Non Umemoto Apr 05, 2016

Repeat customer. Rakib is the man. He's a phenomenal and patient teacher of his craft.
JP Apr 04, 2016

Great mentor! Very helpful!
Matt Gaudio Apr 03, 2016

He's super cool person, describes things in a way that's very easy to digest. Definitely check him out.
Alfonso Ruiz Apr 03, 2016

Very Very Very Good!!! Love this mentor man, explained everything very through! Will use again!
Randolph S. Diggs III Apr 02, 2016

I am glad to hear his advices before I dig into things by myself, he recommended how I can keep going to lean Rails api developments!
Non Umemoto Apr 01, 2016

Brilliant, I learn a lot from him.
Wale Apr 01, 2016

Another great session!
Wadson Mar 31, 2016

Knows his Ruby!
William Driscoll Mar 30, 2016

This was my fourth session with Rakib. I learn something new every time. He is able to dissect applications extremely quickly and get to the root of what you are trying to do and then implement and explain as well
Jack Burum Mar 30, 2016

another good session
William Driscoll Mar 29, 2016

helpful as usual
William Driscoll Mar 28, 2016

Fantastic Mentor! Very helpful and lots of Rails Knowledge.
Matt Gaudio Mar 27, 2016

Another helpful session!
William Driscoll Mar 27, 2016

Great help!
Wale Mar 26, 2016

Was a very helpfull session, straight to the point of what I need! Thanks!
Sven Eliasson Mar 24, 2016

Great session, doesn't just give code but he explains the process.
Wale Mar 21, 2016

KM is an awesome mentor -- highly recommend.
Gauri Manglik Mar 21, 2016

Not my first time asking for help and I always have my questions resolved very quickly. Highly recommend
Gleb Mar 19, 2016

Very knowledgeable!
William Driscoll Mar 15, 2016

Fantastic Mentor. Comes up with a solution quickly and explains it.
Matt Gaudio Mar 14, 2016

Awesome Mentor!! He's my goto guy every time. Highly recommended!!
Wadson Mar 11, 2016

Helped with my problem very quickly. Would definitely use again! Very knowledgable.
jack lalley Mar 10, 2016

K was incredibly helpful and great to work with. He is efficient while also instructive in a very friendly way. A++
Chris Mar 08, 2016

Great mentor! Stayed with my problem for a very long time and worked it out.
Matt Gaudio Mar 04, 2016

Great mentor! Very helpful and very intelligent. Easy to learn from.
Matt Gaudio Mar 04, 2016

Great Mentor! Very helpful and an intelligent programmer.
Matt Gaudio Mar 03, 2016

Very nice. Helped put things in perspective and get things done. I feel like he makes sure people get the results they're looking for. I am a beginner looking to get running with a tutorial and he helped me get set up and feel confident about learning. Great teacher and makes things simple and clear.
David Mar 03, 2016

Awesome!!! He's a rockstar. Period.
Bryan Dimas Mar 01, 2016

Very quick, efficient, and thorough. Not only was my problem resolved but I understood the underlying logic behind it
Gleb Feb 29, 2016

Chris Bradshaw Feb 28, 2016

Great Mentor, very helpful and knowledgable.
Matt Gaudio Feb 26, 2016

K M was simply fantastic. Explained everything that I had a question about, moved quickly through topics - and really helped me get unstuck from a complicated Rails problem. I will be asking for his help again in the future, so highly satisfied there aren't words to describe it. If there were more than 5 stars I would have given them to him. He deserves it.
Matthew Kraska Feb 13, 2016

Rakib is a dynamite Rails guru!
Michael Logic Feb 11, 2016

he is the best!!!!
Chris Bradshaw Feb 09, 2016

great guy, very humble and helpful. look forward to working with him again in the future.
Chris Feb 06, 2016

Excellent. Knows his stuff and nice to deal with.
Kevin Feb 06, 2016

Rakibul is very helpful, is an experienced developer. Great mentor!
Matt Gaudio Feb 05, 2016

Very helpful
Cameron Hall Feb 05, 2016

Solid mentor!
Edward Babbage Feb 04, 2016

Rakib continues to be a great teacher! Repeat customer. A+
JP Feb 03, 2016

This guy rocks...If you have any issues in Ruby or Rails, then K is definitely your guy.
Bryant Caldwell Jan 27, 2016

Nice guy to work with
Hosseyn Jan 25, 2016

Very helpful and thorough. Problem was resolved quickly and received feedback and advice
Gleb Jan 24, 2016

He was very helpful, we had good communication back and forth and ultimately came to an answer together. Which is what I look for in this kind of service.
sebastian almnes Jan 23, 2016

I had an issue with nested parameters and he knew exactly where to go and what to do, and walked through it with me step by step. Great guy! Definitely suggest him!
Nick Beukema Jan 22, 2016

He knew exactly what the problem was by knowing how to properly debug. Sometimes having a fresh pair of very talented eyes is always the most helpful. I am really glad he took time out of his day to help me.
Christopher Kennedy Jan 22, 2016

He great, I missed something really small and he helped me with some debugging techniques to make sure I don't make the same mistake again.
Chris Frantz Jan 21, 2016

Excellent! Resolved all my issues and he is very friendly, explains things clearly. :)
Bryan Dimas Jan 21, 2016

Very informative. Great mentor!
Matt Gaudio Jan 19, 2016

KM was extremely helpful.
Wadson Jan 19, 2016

Highly recommend..Solved a problem that I had been struggling with for days.Very helpful and friendly
Harleigh Campbell Jan 18, 2016

Super helpful. Clearly knows his stuff and is able to quickly understand existing codebases and guide you to the proper solutions.
Amit Kumar Jan 17, 2016

Rakib is an excellent coach. Truly top notch. He works aggressively to get through coding problems while explaining his approach in great detail so you can walk away feeling confident in fixing it yourself in the future. A+ teacher.
JP Jan 16, 2016

You were awesome! Helped me learn and solve my problem.
Alex Kehaya Jan 15, 2016

He knows his way around rails
David Jan 11, 2016

He was very friendly, helpful, and explained what he was doing every step of the way. I'm beyond satisfied. Thank you!
Gemille Ford Jan 06, 2016

Knowledgeable and very helpful!
RichG Jan 05, 2016

Great mentor, very helpful and knowledgeable! Was able to identify the issue very quickly and helped me understand it.
Daniel Dec 30, 2015

Perfect !!
Martinot Dec 28, 2015

Martinot Dec 28, 2015

Excellent, one more time ! Thank you
Martinot Dec 28, 2015

Perfect, thank you. I recommend
Martinot Dec 27, 2015

He went above and beyond trying to help me fix my issue; even doing research after our session. He also provided fantastic advice as to where I could look and do further research. Great first experience with Codementor!
Jody Heavener Dec 24, 2015

Great first session. Looking forward to meeting again!
John Dinker Dec 23, 2015

Fantastic! He solved the issue quickly and easily, I highly recommend him!
Philip Solobay Dec 20, 2015

Lin Z Dec 19, 2015

He was very helpful. We discovered and resolved my issue. Will definitely use him again.
Miriam DeAna Dec 17, 2015

He solved my problem perfectly and gave a great explanation. Thank you for being patient.
Pat Dec 16, 2015

Rakib was friendly, knowledgable, and a pleasure to work with. He identified the problem quickly in our information session, and while we were fixing the issue during our normal session, I learned quite a bit because he explained what was happening and why, which I really appreciated. I highly recommend, and will be contacting Rakib in the future without a doubt. Thanks Rakib!
Chase Dec 15, 2015

A++ He was super professional and explains everything so well! I learned so much! Will definitely request him again.
Lin Z Dec 14, 2015

Was very professional and informative about my particular issue, explained everything that I was having trouble understanding and made the whole process a very welcoming experience, from someone who is just now using the service. Thanks again!
Kyle Ashmore Dec 14, 2015

Great guy - very reliable, knowledgeable and helpful. Will use him again for sure!
Matthew Alexander Smith Dec 13, 2015

Rakib went above and beyond on our session to work on solving my problem.
Edward Babbage Dec 11, 2015

Glad I found you. Professional, friendly and knowledgeable... what else can you ask! Thank You Rakib!
Robert Dec 09, 2015

Excellent mentor! Was very helpful and solved the issue very quickly, thanks!
Daniel Dec 08, 2015

Great Job solving our problem and troubleshooting with me. Excellent Mentor for anyone!
Tony Castiglione Dec 07, 2015

Awesome! Worked through my issues and ended up with some great reusable code
David Dec 07, 2015

Fantastic help and advice. Problem solved very easily. Hugely knowledgeable and would highly recommend.
James Thomson Dec 06, 2015

Rakibul was very helpful! He showed me how to debug my error and explained how to fix it.
Itay Dec 01, 2015

Great teacher, knows his rails
David Nov 26, 2015

He is very helpful.
Anna Nov 19, 2015

It was fantastic working with KM on my project. He helped me understand where I was going wrong in my code
Erik Nov 17, 2015

Great mentor was able to assist me in fixing my code. He made sure I understood. He left me with a few best practices and tools needed to accomplish them. I will be coming back for more sessions.
Erick Perez Nov 15, 2015

Excellent mentor, very patient and skilled. Solved my problems with ease and answered all of my questions. Would happily work with him again.
Jason Nov 13, 2015

Very nice and easy to speak to experienced developer.
Seb Nov 10, 2015

This guy is awesome and very very helpful. After the session my stress, from not knowing what to do, was relieved! He was very helpful and I super appreciate his time! I highly recommend this mentor to anyone that is having trouble with Rails/Ruby and API's.
Justin Nov 08, 2015