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Rafael Fragoso

Rafael Fragoso

Full-Stack Software Developer

Brasilia (-02:00 DST)
Portuguese, English
Always curious, I began my study of the web and other technologies when I was 13 years old. I also love the psychology field and how it fits perfectly into creating products. I’m always looking to use the new market trends, and, to keep me updated, I give speeches, write blog on subjects I’m studying, attend to conferences and I’m always trying to teach what I learn. I also have another blog called Nômade na Web, where I write about working remotely, digital nomads, life experience and productivity.
Ruby expert help Ruby - 5 years experience
- Building MVPs - Building APIs - Automating Deployments - Continuous Integration - Heroku, Amazon S3 and other services' integrations
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 8 years experience
- Using JavaScript animation and DOM manipulation libraries to build page layouts - NodeJS - Bundlers and Build Tools (Webpack, Gulp, Grunt...) - Package Managers - Development of MVPs (NodeJS, AngularJS and ReactJS) - Cordova and Ionic for mobile development - Creating open source libraries
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 10 years experience
- HTML/HTML5 valid pages - Browser support - CSS/CSS3 - Animations - Pre-processors and Post-processors (Sass, Less, PostCSS...) - Physical Web
Sql expert help SQL - 8 years experience
- Database Structures from Scratch - Database Maintenance - SQL Databases for game servers or web applications
Mysql expert help MySQL - 8 years experience
I work with MySQL since I started developing web applications when I was 13 years old and it became my passion in terms of databases.
Git expert help Git - 6 years experience
Working with Git and Github for the past 4 years, authoring in lots of companies projects and working with small and bigger teams.
Wordpress WordPress - 7 years experience
- Theme Development - Web Store Development - Blogging
singlejs 68   24
A jQuery plugin to create single-page websites
CSS HTML JavaScript
express-modular-bootstrap 10   0
Express Modular Application Bootstrap
CSS HTML JavaScript
php-haversine-formula 7   4
This PHP class can replace the Google Distance Matrix to calculate the distance between two points using latitude and longitude. It will prevent you to do massive requests to Google servers and enhance your service performance.
audio-fingerprint 6   4
Small gem to fingerprint wav files and compare them
isomorphic-react-express 4   2
This is a complete implementation of Isomorphic Javascript with React + Express
CSS JavaScript