Jayaditya Gupta, Qt5 software engineerHire Now
Jayaditya Gupta5.0
Freelance Qt5 developer in Delhi, India

Google Summer of Code 2016 Student. Google Codein Mentor. C++, JavaScript, Python, Qt Developer for over 3 years. Security Enthusiast.

I did my Google Summer Of Code 2016 project in Qt . link to project : https://github.com/WikiToLearn/WTL_client Also i have done some freelance projects using Qt framework
MDotlic, Qt5 developer for hireHire Now
Freelance Qt5 developer in Belgrade, Serbia

Computational mathematician

Creating GUI for application, using vtk libraries
Yash, top Qt5 developer for hireHire Now
Freelance Qt5 developer in Delhi, India

Qt Developer with 7+ years and Ex-Samsung Employee

KineticWing IDE - http://kineticwing.com and System Cleaner Utility - http://pcmop.co
Jeremy Metz, Qt5 freelance programmerHire Now
Jeremy Metz5.0
Freelance Qt5 developer in Camberwell, United Kingdom

Image & data analysis specialist, Python Expert

Works in image analysis at a leading UK university. Strong background in physical simulation and numerical techniques. Formal training includes C++ for numerical simulation, Matlab, Python, and more recently JS (Node.js) for a wide range of applications and domains. Core expertise in image and data analysis, UX, and data visualisation.
Doug Gale, freelance Qt5 programmerHire Now
Doug Gale5.0
Freelance Qt5 developer in Toronto, Canada
Started programming at age 12 in 1988 on a Commodore VIC-20. Worked in multiple industries developing various types of software. Decades of experience.
David Martín Bermúdez, Qt5 coder and developerHire Now
David Martín Bermúdez4.9
Freelance Qt5 developer in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Independ developer with 5+ ages of experience making software

I am a curious person by nature, I like the challenges and I dedicate myself to the sector of the computer science. I like the development of software and any type of applications for any platform. I also have security knowledge in windows as well as in linux, Radius servers, Asterix, captive portals and the generation of certificates with OpenSSL in Linux and Windows server. I like to configure and mount servers, configure active directory and LDAP and work with virtual machines like vmware and virtualbox. My goals are the development of applications for multiple platforms, with multipurpose and object oriented languages such as java, C++ or interpreted languages like php and jsp and also the administration and configuration of servers as well as the relevant security implementation...
Mason McCuskey, senior Qt5 developerHire Now
Mason McCuskey
Freelance Qt5 developer in New York, United States

Nearsighted Visionary

I'm a professional Xamarin developer, certified by Xamarin itself (now part of Microsoft), with over a dozen apps in both the app store and the play store... some native, some Xamarin.  I've written apps in Objective C and Swift, for iOS, and in Java for Android, but switched to Xamarin when it was first released because it's so much better.  I have over 10 years experience in full-stack mobile software development - I've led teams of developers (from 2-16) through conceptualization, design, build, and deployment, through to support and incremental version updates as required. I started my career as a video game developer, and later lead programmer... I wrote C++ code for several Xbox 360, PS3, and PC games. I've also written 2 full books on programming, and have contributed articles ...
Ian Byrd, freelance Qt5 developerHire Now
Ian Byrd5.0
Freelance Qt5 developer in Svitlovods'k, Ukraine

A problem breaker

👨🏼 Ian Byrd 📚 BA Computer Science and Applied Math 🏆 Google Code-in Grand Prize Winner (2012, 2014) 🔨 С++ / Python / Go / JavaScript 💽 https://github.com/tucnak I'm Ian, a generalist engineer with primary expertise in backend engineer and cross-platform software development. I currently major in Computer Science and Applied Math. When it comes down to coding, my weapons of choice are primarily C++, Python, JavaScript and Go. My spectrum does not limit to these, but they are the ones I'm most likely to help you out with. I don't believe in doing things halfway. I truly believe that one must never run any code they don't have an idea of. That's why I'm here: I want to make sure struggling folks don't waste their precious time going through various challenging and so...
Chirilov Adrian, Qt5 software engineerHire Now
Chirilov Adrian5.0
Freelance Qt5 developer in Constanța, Romania

While ( true ) { Teach ( "C++ / Qt" , "Java" , "Python" , "Php" , "Www" , "Unix", "Automation" ); }

Let's do amazing things !
Govind Sahai, Qt5 freelance coderHire Now
Govind Sahai5.0
Freelance Qt5 developer in Lucknow, India


I am an expert C++, Python developer with over eight years of experience. I am highly talented and skilled in problem-solving and understanding complex and large code base.
Clément Roblot, senior Qt5 developerHire Now
Clément Roblot5.0
Freelance Qt5 developer in Chiang Mai, Thailand

C++/QT developer

Passionate about computer science and electronics since I am 12. Constantly picking up new skills, ideas always pop up in my mind to improve and develop upon what already exists. Currently focused on backend software (embedded C; C++/QT; python), but front end can also be fun (angular).
sergio, Qt5 programmer for hireHire Now
Freelance Qt5 developer in Fortaleza, Brazil

Software Engineer and Network Researcher

I always enjoyed the idea of make a computer do what I want. My first programming experience was when I had twelve years old with my old computer TK3000II. Since that, I never stopped to programming, and nowadays I still have fun learning new programming languages and improving my programming skills. During my academic period I've acquired experience in Network R&D mainly using a software called Network Simulator versions 2 and 3, and during my professional experience I've learned how to design a software architecture that is easy to maintain and how to work with a team. I love design a solution and make it be reality.
Prodo Elmit, Qt5 freelance programmerHire Now
Prodo Elmit5.0
Freelance Qt5 developer in Moscow, Russia

Qt developer with live way of thinking

I've graduated MIPT which learned me to think lively and break down problems even if there's almost nothing to start from. Currently I'm working as a freelance developer.
Alexander Dymo, senior Qt5 developerHire Now
Alexander Dymo
Freelance Qt5 developer in Pleasant Hill, United States

Ruby & Rails expert, author of Ruby Performance Optimization book. Frequent mentor on everything Rails and especially on Rails performance optimization

I used to be a university professor before switching to professional software development. Probably this is why I still love helping people. I can help you with everything related to Ruby and Rails. If you have the performance or scaling problem, I'm definitely the guy to ask. Over the last 10 years I became an expert on optimizing Rails applications, and, as the result, wrote the Ruby Performance Optimization book (http://ruby-performance-book.com).
Mario Cannistrà, Qt5 software engineerHire Now
Mario Cannistrà
Freelance Qt5 developer in Cosenza, Italy

Fullstack Web Developer and Programmer

I'm mainly a programmer, so I like to work with code (JavaScript, Python, C++), but I know how everything works toghether, and I can make a complete website from scratch on my own, so I consider myself a "fullstack" web developer. For more, view my portfolio here: http://metsuryu.github.io/Portfolio/

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