Jayaditya Gupta, Qt software engineerHire Now
Jayaditya Gupta5.0
Freelance Qt developer in Delhi, India

Google Summer of Code 2016 Student. Google Codein Mentor. C++, JavaScript, Python, Qt Developer for over 3 years. Security Enthusiast.

I have an experience of over 3 years with web development, software development (Cross-platform mainly desktop [Qt]) and Online Security. I work with C++, JavaScript, Python, PHP, and it's related technologies and framework such as Slim. I have been a Google Summer of Code 2016 Student with WikiToLearn and a Google CodeIn Mentor too. http://jaygupta.me/home.html
Alexander Dymo, senior Qt developerHire Now
Alexander Dymo
Freelance Qt developer in Pleasant Hill, United States

Ruby & Rails expert, author of Ruby Performance Optimization book. Frequent mentor on everything Rails and especially on Rails performance optimization

I used to be a university professor before switching to professional software development. Probably this is why I still love helping people. I can help you with everything related to Ruby and Rails. If you have the performance or scaling problem, I'm definitely the guy to ask. Over the last 10 years I became an expert on optimizing Rails applications, and, as the result, wrote the Ruby Performance Optimization book (http://ruby-performance-book.com).
Ian Byrd, freelance Qt developerHire Now
Ian Byrd5.0
Freelance Qt developer in Svitlovods'k, Ukraine

A problem breaker

I used to contribute to KDE (an app called Marble especially) a lot. Sad I'm not doing it as much these days. However, I keep my hand in it.
Clément Roblot, senior Qt developerHire Now
Clément Roblot5.0
Freelance Qt developer in Chiang Mai, Thailand

C++/QT developer

I started with QT in my secon dyear of university and kept on using it for all the GUI I had to design since then.
Chirilov Adrian, Qt software engineerHire Now
Chirilov Adrian5.0
Freelance Qt developer in Constanța, Romania

While ( true ) { Teach ( "C++ / Qt" , "Java" , "Python" , "Php" , "Www" , "Unix", "Automation" ); }

I have more than one project designed and implemented in Qt4/Qt5/Qml. Applications are deployable on Windows / Unix
Prodo Elmit, Qt freelance programmerHire Now
Prodo Elmit5.0
Freelance Qt developer in Moscow, Russia

Qt developer with live way of thinking

I've been working with C++/Qt since start of 2014 both as freelancer and as science-oriented programmer (aircraft strength analysis).
Teo Deleanu, Qt freelance programmerHire Now
Teo Deleanu5.0
Freelance Qt developer in Ashburn, United States

Anything from iOT to backend and websites: Arduino, RaspberryPi, Lora, C++, Python, Node, Java

I have more than one project designed and implemented in Qt4/Qt5/Qml. Applications are deployable on Windows / Unix. Worked also in big and small teams.
MDotlic, Qt developer for hireHire Now
Freelance Qt developer in Belgrade, Serbia

Computational mathematician

Developing and coding new and existing numerical methods for partial differential equations.
Femi, top Qt developer for hireHire Now
Freelance Qt developer in San Francisco, United States

I'm a full stack developer doing Backend and Frontend work using PHP, Firebase, Javascript, Servers, Google App Engine, doing DevOps on AWS, Digital Ocean & Google Compute Engine,

I work with QT (C++) for building desktop applications (cross platform), handling hardware integrations and devices
Benjamin TERRIER, Qt dev and freelancerHire Now
Benjamin TERRIER
Freelance Qt developer in Dudelange, Luxembourg

Qt/C++ Software Engineer

I have been using Qt on a lot of different projects. Mainly for graphical applications either on desktop or embedded devices (Linux, Android), but also for non graphical cross-platform software, leveraging the OS abstraction layer of Qt. I was generally the technical leader on the projects I took part in. I have also made some contribution to Qt.
Yash, top Qt developer for hireHire Now
Freelance Qt developer in Delhi, India

Qt Developer with 7+ years and Ex-Samsung Employee

I've developed IDE. I've created many tools using Qt like http://pcmop.co
Sharad sahu, Qt freelance programmerHire Now
Sharad sahu
Freelance Qt developer in Bengaluru, India

Solution Architect(Senior Designer) C++ UML

worked contineously 10 years on QT projects have strong GUI development Experience using Qt framework. worked on QT graphical interface, events and signal handling , TCPIP sockets, QT threads.
Adrian Eddy, Qt freelance programmerHire Now
Adrian Eddy5.0
Freelance Qt developer in Czeladz, Poland

Programmer and electronics enthusiast

My favorite framework, done over 20 projects, most of them multi-platform. I also have very good understanding of it's internal code.
Doug Gale, freelance Qt programmerHire Now
Doug Gale5.0
Freelance Qt developer in Toronto, Canada
Started programming at age 12 in 1988 on a Commodore VIC-20. Worked in multiple industries developing various types of software. Decades of experience.
Mark Farrugia, top Qt developerHire Now
Mark Farrugia
Freelance Qt developer in Kensington, Australia

Software Engineer

Building Desktop, mobile, and embedded UIs

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