Ankur Rathore, top Python3 developerView Profile
Ankur Rathore
Freelance Python3 developer in Coimbatore, India

Senior Software Developer | Corporate Trainer(Open Source Technologies)

Have been using Python basically for Web development.
Michael Burgess, Python3 software engineerView Profile
Michael Burgess
Freelance Python3 developer in London, United Kingdom

Principal Technologist, Senior Lecturer and IT Professional

Currently teach advanced graduate courses (> 30hr) and design advanced detailed material.
sergio, Python3 programmer for hireView Profile
Freelance Python3 developer in Poco da Pedra, Brazil

Software Engineer and Network Researcher

A have a lot of experience creating academic softwares with python
Chris Selmer, Python3 freelance coderView Profile
Chris Selmer5.0
Freelance Python3 developer in Denpasar, Indonesia

Founder of a Ruby on Rails consultancy, 18 years of full-stack development in multiple languages

Howdy! If you work with me, you'll find that I'm patient, a good listener, and am great at tracking down annoying bugs. I used to ran one of the largest Ruby on Rails shops in the world. I started as a Rails Engineer, shot up the ranks, and eventually ran the company as Partner and de-facto CEO. Before and after, I've worked as a freelance full-stack developer in a wide variety of languages. I started programming in 1997 and have been loving it ever since.
Timothy Chen, Python3 freelance coderView Profile
Timothy Chen
Freelance Python3 developer in Rego Park, United States

High School Computer Science Teacher

I am a NYC-based high school teacher teaching computer science for grades 10-12. Experienced in learning and pedagogy and I work with my students one-on-one on a daily basis.
Ankur Ankan, Python3 freelance programmerView Profile
Ankur Ankan4.6
Freelance Python3 developer in Almere Stad, Netherlands
Have more than 3 years of experience working with python3
Bryn Mathias, Python3 freelance coderView Profile
Bryn Mathias
Freelance Python3 developer in Ringway, United Kingdom

Software engineer, tester and devops stuff

I have worked as a python developer for Alcatel-lucent, testing carrier grade networks and building storage systems for 2 years. I now work as the second hire at a tech start up, where I do everything from design, deployment, development and testing.
Alfredo Alvarez Lamela, Python3 coder and engineerView Profile
Alfredo Alvarez Lamela
Freelance Python3 developer in Brighton, United States

Sr. Software Developer

Taught a course in Python for a nightly class in Seattle for a year. Then have spend using it has my hobby language and created several websites using Flask and Pyramid.
Matthew G., Python3 freelance developerView Profile
Matthew G.5.0
Freelance Python3 developer in Pasadena, United States

I use technology to enrich people.

As a serial entrepreneur over the past 2 decades, I have a powerful understanding of business, technology, and people. I have scaled code to reach millions, both from a development and server perspective. My strength lives in my ability to communicate abstract concepts and support others in thinking through complex thought processes. I understand various components of tech, from DNS, to APIs, to servers, to development, to frontend/backend, and I can help someone think through their project and learn what's best. I can also share in a way that is sustainable, where someone is learning on their own. I want you to succeed without me. I also have consulted around business strategy and the psychology of entrepreneurship to optimize success. If you're not satisfied with any time we spend t...
Matt Davidson, top Python3 developerView Profile
Matt Davidson5.0
Freelance Python3 developer in Shepherds Bush, United Kingdom

Expert Senior Software Engineer and Mentor

DISCOUNTED RATE - I am offering a reduced rate for a limited time as I am new to the codementor platform. My heart is in Scotland, but I live in Bristol UK. I have over 10 years coding and teaching experience. I have previously worked at a leading British University, a top UK Security Consultancy and currently one of the foremost Consulting and Technology companies in the world. I am also a published Computer Scientist in Human and Computer Interaction.
David Landry, Python3 freelance coderView Profile
David Landry5.0
Freelance Python3 developer in Durham, United States

Experienced software developer; researcher-in-training

Christian Eichelmann, Python3 programmer and consultantView Profile
Christian Eichelmann
Freelance Python3 developer in Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany

Full Metal Ops guy with coding affinity, practising and evangelizing hate driven development.

Mainly experienced in system engineering and IT architecture I became a Python evangelist over time and created some great software projects with my colleagues over the years and over many companies. I have very high-quality standards for myself and only sleep well when I know that I have done my best. And I usually sleep like a baby. Since DevOps and Infrastructure as Code, developers need more and more operation skills and vice versa. Feeling at home in both areas I can also contribute to both, especially with my experience in setting up company-wide continuous deployment pipelines.
Jonathan Eunice, Python3 software engineerView Profile
Jonathan Eunice5.0
Freelance Python3 developer in Ashburn, United States

full-stack Python & JavaScript ● IT architect & strategist ● DevOps ● smokejumper

• Expert full-stack Python & JavaScript developer • Full DevOps: project architecture to production deployment at scale • Outstanding trouble-shooter and "OMG! Everything is on fire! HALP!!" first responder • Strong web app, data structures, data science, and visualization skills • Enjoy complex integration and automation challenges • Love mentoring. Half-price rate ($60/hr) for all genuine students
Lance Pioch, Python3 freelance programmerView Profile
Lance Pioch5.0
Freelance Python3 developer in Cincinnati, United States

Senior Web Developer

I do the whole stack! From backend to frontend I build solid applications that are tested and work years down the road.
Robert Roskam, top Python3 developerView Profile
Robert Roskam5.0
Freelance Python3 developer in Simpsonville, United States

Full-Stack Software Engineer

I am an experienced full-stack software developer, primarily in Django development for web applications. I lead a team at a custom software agency in the South East of the US.

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