Michael Dougherty, Purescript freelancer and developerView Profile
Michael Dougherty5.0
Freelance Purescript developer in Vancouver, United States

Experienced full-stack engineer, functional programming aficionado, musician, & meditator

Purescript is my hobby language, and my favorite way to express myself in code. I have studied it extensively and have built a small application in it. I am no expert, but I can help.
Daniel Fortes, top Purescript developerView Profile
Daniel Fortes
Freelance Purescript developer in Registro, Brazil

Fullstack , React and WebGL developer.

I'm a big fan of type-safe functional programming! Would love to see it more on the web.
Matthias Pronk, senior Purescript developerView Profile
Matthias Pronk
Freelance Purescript developer in Béziers, France

Python and Haskell developer

I've used PureScript (pure functional programming language in the ML family that compiles to JavaScript) to code some of my personal projects.
Justin Woo, Purescript freelance developerView Profile
Justin Woo5.0
Freelance Purescript developer in Munich, Germany
I've done a lot of Purescript for hobby projects and continue to use it a lot. I often publish small libraries of my own to use with it.
Yannick Spark, top Purescript developerView Profile
Yannick Spark
Freelance Purescript developer in Villiers-en-Lieu, France
Lukwago Allan, top Purescript developerView Profile
Lukwago Allan
Freelance Purescript developer in Kampala, Uganda

full stack functional programmer

gene, top Purescript developer for hireView Profile
Freelance Purescript developer in Novato, United States

Digital Alchemist

http://www.epimorphism.com/me http://www.epimorphism.com/misc/resume-fall2016.pdf
Martin Humphreys, Purescript dev and freelancerView Profile
Martin Humphreys
Developer, Builder, Coder, Designer. Aka: Hacker (The kind that wears a light-grey hat :) How can I help?

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