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Pulkit Goyal

Pulkit Goyal

Mobile developer (iOS, Android)

Bern (+01:00)
Hindi, English
Mobile Developer. I build mobile and web applications. Published several apps on AppStore. Visit portfolio (http://pulkitgoyal.in/portfolio) to see some of my work.
Ios expert help iOS - 4 years experience
I have been building iOS apps since the last 4 years and have worked with several companies as a consultant as well as developed and released my own iOS apps. I love tackling complex problems with writing as little code as possible by using and extending open source libraries.
Android expert help Android - 4 years experience
Developing android app since last 4 years. I have worked with several startups on their android apps. I have a good knowledge in working with networking related apps using Retrofit as well as managing apps backed with a Parse backend. I also have some apps of my own. Head over to http://pulkitgoyal.in/portfolio to take a look at some of my recent work
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 5 years experience
Professional JavaScript developer since last 5 years. I love mentoring and helping people solve problems. Recently built http://shyahi.com
SideDrawerExample-iOS 17   5
Implementation of the approach described on [Side Drawer Navigation for iOS](http://pulkitgoyal.in/side-drawer-navigation-for-ios/) to add a Side Drawer to storyboard based iOS app
Ruby Objective-C
ImageEditor 13   1
Image Editor Component for the fluid infusion framework. It is a part of the Google Summer of code project.
PHP JavaScript
jMatrixBrowse 9   3
jQuery plugin for browsing large matrices using dragging (like Google Maps)
PHP JavaScript
Twitter-Data-Miner 8   2
Java Shell
Devanagari-Character-Recognition 6   4
Tool to recognize Devenagari characters from image of Devenagari Text. It uses Kohonen Neural Networks for recognition.
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Awesome mentor!
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Great Mentor
James Aug 08, 2015

I was facing problem with my navigation drawer controller setup, he graciously agreed to help me on it. As Pulkit is well studied, he was able to suggest me different solutions/ library to be used. This solved my problem right away.
Nilesh Agrawal Aug 02, 2015

Outstanding !!
Dany Jul 19, 2015

Perfect !
Dany Jul 19, 2015

He was helpful and solved my problem in a quick and straightforward manner
Dag Wolters Jun 14, 2015

Simply amazing!
Victor Adu Apr 29, 2015

Super amazing mentor. Super knowledgeable and a joy to work with.
Victor Adu Apr 27, 2015

Amazing mentor. Patient and so knowledgeable. Will so book again.
Victor Adu Apr 24, 2015

Pulkit is an awesome teacher. Very patient to listen and helped me troubleshoot the problems. Will book again.
Victor Adu Apr 20, 2015

Great guy looking forward to future sessions.
Joel Beasley Apr 14, 2015

Very helpful. Will use again!
Craig Apr 12, 2015

Very patient and super knowledgeable. He teaches you as he helps you solve the problem. I'm so booking again next time.
Victor Adu Apr 08, 2015

Awesome mentor!! Very knowledgeable and shows great patience to understand. Will so book again.
Victor Adu Apr 06, 2015

So helpful. He helped me resolving an issue which I had been struggling with for over a month. Will certainly contact him again. Greatest mentor!
Peggy Apr 02, 2015

Helpful although we couldn't fix the issue for now.
Cristiano Mar 28, 2015

By far the best, never an issue! Highly Recommended!!!
Mike Jan 22, 2015

Gets things done quickly and correctly!
Mike Jan 19, 2015

Great job, saw it through to the end! Highly Recommended!!!
Mike Jan 14, 2015