Marcin Wosinek, senior Protractor developerView Profile
Marcin Wosinek5.0
Freelance Protractor developer in Częstochowa, Poland

Angular developer with 4yrs experience

I've created & I'm maitaining pretty big test suites running in CI for ng1.0 & ng1.6. I've experience in digging weird issues with e2e, mocking services & keeping e2e relaiable in the team of 4 devs.
Mo Moadeli, Protractor freelance developerView Profile
Mo Moadeli4.9
Freelance Protractor developer in New York, United States

AngularJS/JS/OO/All around developer

Experience architecting end to end automated test solutions for Angular based applications. Experience in application of notions of object orientation to page objects in a protractor environment.
Dale Lotts, Protractor freelance developerView Profile
Dale Lotts5.0
Freelance Protractor developer in Plymouth, United States

Software Architect and Entrepreneur.

More than twenty years of full-time, hands-on experience in software development and architecture Seven years of full-time, hands-on experience with XP/Agile/SCRUM software development methodologies Proven track record of envisioning tactical solutions that balance technical quality with delivering functionality on aggressive timelines Expert implementation of computer-adaptive scoring and selection Frequently selected by upper management to lead and implement business-critical initiatives
Theo Gravity, Protractor freelance coderView Profile
Theo Gravity
Freelance Protractor developer in San Jose, United States

Developed Yahoo! Finance and Homepage (PHP / NodeJS)

Am the person who promotes and develops Protractor components internally at Yahoo.
Rustam Eynaliyev, Protractor dev and freelancerView Profile
Rustam Eynaliyev
Freelance Protractor developer in Krakow, Poland

Frontend Developer (Angular 2/4, Ionic 2/4)

I have development experience building and managing both web and mobile applications for governments and Fortune 100 companies. I specialize in building high-performant Angular 2/4 web apps and ionic hybrid apps.
Rutenis Turcinas, Protractor dev and freelancerView Profile
Rutenis Turcinas
Freelance Protractor developer in Kaunas, Republic of Lithuania
James, senior Protractor developer for hireView Profile
Freelance Protractor developer in Brooklyn, United States

Professional Python Developer, Architect, Automation Expert

Professional computer engineer working as a python developer (Flask), with experience in automation and architecting web systems
Qaiser Mehmood, senior Protractor developerView Profile
Qaiser Mehmood5.0
Freelance Protractor developer in Lahore, Pakistan

Senior C# ASP.Net MVC AngularJS Developer | JQuery SQL Reports Guru

Over the past 13 years, I have designed, developed and managed a wide range of applications. I have provided complex solutions for top companies including The New York Times, Walmart, Beam, Live Help, Decisions, DigitalRep, Matrix Protection, Knowledge Shop. I am also highly demanding expert for reports, dashboards. Recently used skills: 1. C#, ASP .Net, ASP. Net MVC, ASP. Net Core, CSS, CSS3, HTML, HTML5, Twitter Bootstrap, WebAPI 2.0, Owin, DocX, ZenDesk, APIs, Json, twilio, SVN, TFS, GitHub, BitBucket, Trello. 2. AngularJS, Node.js, JavaScript, Jquery, TypeScript, KnockoutJS, FabricJS, ContentBuilderJS, VideoJS, PhantomJS, CasperJS, Bower, Grunt, Gulp, Jasmine, D3JS. 3. SQL Server, MongoDB, SQL Azure, AWS, Payment Gateways, Worker Roles, SQL, TSQL, MDX, SQL Cube, Stored Procedures, E...
Akshay Patel, Protractor freelance coderView Profile
Akshay Patel
Freelance Protractor developer in South San Francisco, United States

Director of Engineering at Sports Action, Inc.

Former Principal Engineer at Yahoo Sports. Now working on a sports focused start-up in SF. Actively looking for talented sports fans / developers who are passionate about building great products with great people.
Alexander Afanasyev, Protractor consultant and programmerView Profile
Alexander Afanasyev5.0
Freelance Protractor developer in Secaucus, United States

Python/JavaScript Developer

I am a Python/JavaScript developer, perfectionist with a strong passion for clean code, great software, space exploration and astronomy. I like to break things, to find new ways to break things, to solve problems, to put things under test and stress, and to have my mind blown by an interesting question.
Alain Chautard, senior Protractor developerView Profile
Alain Chautard5.0
Freelance Protractor developer in Rancho Cordova, United States

Angular Expert, Mentor and Consultant

I help web development teams learn and become fluent with Angular. I provide Angular expertise, mentoring and training through code reviews, architecture consulting, bug fixing. Clients include Verizon, Intel, Wells Fargo, Fannie Mae, VSP, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Rogers Canada. What I do is simple: Get your Angular app production ready in a few weeks instead of months or years. Your team is stuck and wants to switch to Angular? I will be happy to help. Published author of the video courses "Getting Started with Angular" and "Migrating to Angular 2" with Packt publishing - Organizer of the Sacramento Angular Meetup -
Muhammad Rafique, Protractor dev and freelancerView Profile
Muhammad Rafique
Freelance Protractor developer in Lahore, Pakistan

QA | Testing | Test Automation | Selenium | Protractor | Appium | Geb | Jenkins | Ghostinspector | Jmeter

I have several years of experience in Software Automation, Software Quality Assurance, Testing, Analysis, Big Data/Business Intelligence(BI)/Data Warehouse(DW) Analysis, Consultancy, Training, Project Management and Process Improvement. Acting as Test Automation/ QA consultant with extensive knowledge of test automation techniques and tools. Diverse experience of implementing manual and automation testing practices.
Abimbola Idowu, senior Protractor developerView Profile
Abimbola Idowu5.0
Freelance Protractor developer in Berlin, Germany

FullStack Javascript Developer

Hi, I am Abimbola, a full stack javascript developer. I am passionate about helping and teaching fellow developer because I believe it provides me with the best opportunity to learn and grow. I won't commit myself if I can't solve your problem. Join me.
Kevin Farst, Protractor freelance programmerView Profile
Kevin Farst5.0
Freelance Protractor developer in Tampa, United States

Ruby on Rails + AngularJS + iOS = I'm The Mentor For You!

Hey there! I've been a Ruby on Rails developer since 2010 involved with many different configurations and setups including Ruby 1.8.7-2.2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, DataMapper, Rails 2.3-4.1, jQuery/CoffeeScript, CSS/SCSS/Bootstrap/Foundation, and Sinatra. From there, I made a shift from that and for the past two years I've been an AngularJS developer as well, recently switching to Angular 2. In that time I've simultaneously been building my mobile skills with iOS using both Swift and Objective-C. I remember how tough it was getting started in the web dev and mobile scenes and always appreciated those who guided me to becoming the developer I am today. Now, I would love to do the same for you as I help you learn best practices and "get over the hump" of difficult concepts, or move forwa...
Abdulmajid Hamza, Protractor dev and freelancerView Profile
Abdulmajid Hamza
Freelance Protractor developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Software Developer

I am an experienced web developer with more than 4 years experience with client projects. I have participated in developing quality grade software for varying range of clients. I have keen interest in problem solving and software debugging. I also managed a software development team to deliver client software for a few projects. I have keen interest in standard software development practices (TDD, SOLID, etc).

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