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Dean Sofer

Dean Sofer

Founder of AngularUI, Frontend and Fullstack dev and UX Designer, given talks at Google and Conferences

Pacific Time (US & Canada) (-08:00)
Known as ProLoser online (Github), I founded the AngularUI organization for AngularJS. I've been working as a frontend dev and ux designer for 6 years and a full stack dev for 10+ years. I've given talks at conferences and Google and have been involved in several Open Source projects.
Angular js expert help AngularJS - 5 years experience
I am the founder of the AngularUI Organization for AngularJS and have been working closely with AngularJS (and the core team) since the project was in v0.9.x I have given talks at Google and conferences on our organization and best practices.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 10 years experience
My current primary programming language. I've built numerous projects and organizations in Javascript and related frameworks.
Node js expert help Node.js - 4 years experience
I periodically dabble in projects in Node.js although most of the time my focus is rapid prototyping and deployment or simple scripts and experiments.
Git expert help Git - 8 years experience
I work heavily in all of my projects with Git and Github and have converted several companies over to Git-based workflows as well as run organizations through Github.
Mongo db expert help MongoDB - 4 years experience
I currently work a lot with MongoDB and have more and more switched simple applications over to this structure.
Mysql expert help MySQL - 6 years experience
My first database tool which helped me get my start in web development
Php expert help PHP - 6 years experience
My first programming language, for which I was very active in the community and have built numerous plugins.
Seo expert help SEO - 6 years experience
Worked closely with marketing, sales and search engine optimization experts and have always built accessible applications from the get-go.
No icon Ux - 6 years experience
Worked with photoshop, balsamiq, and sketch work to focus on always providing a user experience that drives emotional attachment to software.
No icon Firebase - 2 years experience
I've developed a LOT of prototype applications using firebase
Ruby expert help Ruby - 1 year experience
Github-Omnibox 107   14
Github Commands from Google Chrome Omnibox (address bar)
CSS HTML Shell JavaScript
IntelliJ-SubliMate 97   16
A (sane) Sublime / TextMate inspired keymap for IntelliJ (OSX)
CakePHP-Cart 77   22
One plugin to package together all the tools needed to build your own shopping cart in CakePHP
Flexbox.less 75   14
DEPRECATED (use Autoprefixer)! Use Flexbox CSS Today! LESS mixins to maximize browser compatibility!
BakingPlate 55   10
Boost your CakePHP baking with a collection of community best-practices built with HTML5BoilerPlate
PHP Shell JavaScript
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Once again Dean helped me diagnose my issue and even explain some javascript fundamentals along the way. I must say that you will get a lot more out of the session if you're not a complete noob with javascript - simply because familiarity with certain concepts moves the conversation along more quickly, and Dean is less likely to lose hope in you possessing the capability to understand core concepts. Highly recommend.
John Balladares Apr 06, 2015

Thank you Dean for patiently helping me through and for finding the problem.
Benny Powers Apr 06, 2015

Awesome, as always!
E.T.Cook Mar 12, 2015

Awesome, as always!
E.T.Cook Feb 05, 2015

Dean has a strong adversarial teaching style which focusses on building your problem solving ability rather than supplying quick fixes. He was thoroughly knowledgable and was quickly able to digest my problem. If you want to learn something about your craft, this is the guy to talk to.
Aidan Lister Feb 03, 2015

Doesn't give up. No BS. This is one of the best mentors on CodeMentor, hands down.
E.T.Cook Feb 01, 2015

He provided a quick and easy fix to an annoying browser compatibility issue. Great person to work with. Thanks!
Frank Feb 01, 2015

Knows his shit. Smart. To the point. Absolutely ecstatic.
E.T.Cook Jan 28, 2015

This guy really knows his shit
patrick iwanicki Jan 06, 2015

Very helpful and quick to isolate issues. Really appreciated the insights provided along de-bugging lines
patrick iwanicki Jan 05, 2015

good guy
dan pharo Dec 28, 2014

Definitely will be hitting up Dean for more help in the future. Stoked!
Paul Nett Dec 18, 2014

Once again, Dean provided an excellent service! Dean personifies an experienced mentor in that his objective is not about fixing your bugs for you. Instead he helps you to be a better developer by guiding you through the debugging process. By the way he demonstrates how to examine the code under the hood, you can be sure that you'll have the tools at your disposal to immediately catch these errors on your own. Thank you Dean!
Shmuli Dec 16, 2014

Highly recommend.
John Balladares Dec 12, 2014

Dean is highly knowledgeable about Angularjs and the related infrastructure. He helped us start down the right path in our thinking regarding SPA development.
Jeffrey Sullivan Dec 04, 2014

Dean was awesome! Responded quickly, and guided through the solution instead of just giving it away, what made way more sense in the end.
rokas Dec 02, 2014

Fast, talented, kind.
Tyler Schmeer Dec 02, 2014

Dean is the man. He's an angular expert and has an opinion on how good web apps should be built. Highly recommended.
Rahil Sondhi Nov 29, 2014

Best mentor on the site. Very knowledgeable, patient and great at explaining things.
Andrea Stone Nov 21, 2014

Very Knowledgeable
Dewey Nov 20, 2014

Very friendly, helpful, knowledgeable. And best of all helped me solve my problem!
Cade Embery Nov 14, 2014

ngIf did the trick :P Dean's a great mentor and is always interested in making you a better coder.
Angelo Pardo Nov 12, 2014

Excellent feedback, and direction. Very clearly stated ways that I could improve my code, and gave me a clear sense of direction about how to move my code to the next level.
j crick Nov 12, 2014

Very knowledgable of the Angularjs and general performance options for front-end stuff.
zach marburger Nov 12, 2014

Sean is very knowledgeable and good instructor.
Omid Yousefian Nov 11, 2014

Great mentor - fixed the issue :)
Alex Whiteside Nov 05, 2014

Dean was very helpful in debugging my issues.
Eoghan Mc Inerney Oct 30, 2014

Dean was very helpful and resolved my issue quickly. Besides that he gave me several pointers on how to develop in javascript and jQuery better, as well as how to use the Chrome inspector to debug my code. Also dave me general coding tips. A++
Marc Redmond Oct 28, 2014

Dean is really amazing; super impressive angular skills!!!! I mean...I'm just super blown away by how generous and intelligent this man is. Such a cool guy, and makes me happy to know that people like him exist. Thank you so much Dean!!!!! :D
Angelo Pardo Oct 23, 2014

Dean is very sharp and quickly identifies the issue! He guided me clearly and exactly how to fix a complex git issue. Was just a pleasure!
Eliazer Oct 23, 2014

This Mentor is great!!! Knows his stuff.
Eddie Lopez Oct 20, 2014

Very helpful, very experienced, highly recommended
Vaidas Mykolaitis Oct 09, 2014

Mentor was very knowledgeable pointed me in the right direction and gave me a lot of great advice.
Eddie Lopez Oct 09, 2014

Great mentor, showed some great debugging tricks which are very helpful for a beginner like me, and explained things very thoroughly. It really helps me understand my basic better. Thanks! (Note for mentee: ask a lot of questions! He knows his stuff )
Sara T Oct 04, 2014

Top guy once again!
Andrew Webb Oct 03, 2014

Very nice session, looking forward to connect again when app development has continued!
Michael Oct 02, 2014

Did an awesome job helping me with my jankey code. Definitely broke stuff down for me, and also gave me the space to do it myself, and stepped in when I erred. Also this platform is brilliant, nice to know I can get help.
Shaheen Oct 02, 2014

Perfect, went the extra mile to get the job done.
Andrew Webb Sep 28, 2014

Dean went above and beyond the help I was requesting. His advice and explanations not only helped me figure out the issues with my code, but will help me better structure my app. I especially appreciated the working examples he coded for me to show me how to move forward.
Matt Morris Sep 26, 2014

Dean rocked out some code improvements w/me and cleaned up some multi-developer code. Had a blast and learned a few things. Will be coming back to him for more.
Taylor Black Sep 25, 2014

Very knowledgable on helpful on the best practices to use.
Bernard Duchesne Sep 25, 2014

Smart dude -- awesome to talk to the creator of the libraries I was implementing. Fixed my issues.
EC Sep 22, 2014

Very in-depth and concise. Thanks
Bernard Duchesne Sep 18, 2014

Working with Dean was awesome. I didn't know it but I actually had a pretty advanced issue affecting my application that I probably never wouldn't have found without his help. He also walked me through one of his other projects to show me a cool way to structure my code. I also picked up a ton of tips and tricks. I will definitely ring him up again when I have other issues.
Matt Peters Jul 14, 2014