Willem Van Onsem, Prolog dev and freelancerHire Now
Willem Van Onsem5.0
Freelance Prolog developer in Werkhoven, Netherlands

Test-driven developer, data scientist and engineer

Prolog is a programming language one can use for fast prototyping of constraint problem solving. I used it to solve some problems including sudoko and hashiwokakero. I have some experience in ECLiPSe (constraint logic programming, not the IDE) and CHR (Constraint Handling Rules). I also wrote a small Prolog interpreter.
Etienne Laurin, senior Prolog developerHire Now
Etienne Laurin5.0
Freelance Prolog developer in Charlotte, United States

Software Whisperer

I use SWI-prolog a lot in my side projects, for example https://github.com/AtnNn/tomy and https://github.com/AtnNn/twitch-stream
Jonatan Sundqvist, Prolog freelancer and developerHire Now
Jonatan Sundqvist5.0
Freelance Prolog developer in Solna, Sweden


In the process of learning it, for a client.
Fabio Guilherme, DSc, Prolog programmer and consultantHire Now
Fabio Guilherme, DSc
Freelance Prolog developer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

.NET / Java / Prolog Developer

Implementation of research for master and doctorate degrees. Teaching as a professor for undergraduate students and many projects as freelancer.
Jadwiga Pokorska, Prolog dev and freelancerHire Now
Jadwiga Pokorska5.0
Freelance Prolog developer in Wrocław, Poland

Former Googler, Software Engineer

Multiple projects, mainly university classes
Sando George, Prolog freelance coderHire Now
Sando George
Freelance Prolog developer in Georgetown, Guyana

Full Stack Python/PHP Developer

Creating knowledge applications with web based interfaces.
Mihnea Dobrescu-Balaur, Prolog coder and engineerHire Now
Mihnea Dobrescu-Balaur5.0
Freelance Prolog developer in Bucharest, Romania

Software Development Manager

Helping build the best Analytics product out there. Backend developer at heart. When not on the job, I try to follow the latest in functional programming and whether the Lakers are ever going to make the playoffs again. I can help you achieve your goals and become a better developer in the process.
Babatunde Hassan, Prolog dev and freelancerHire Now
Babatunde Hassan5.0
Freelance Prolog developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Android Developer at Truppr

I am a mobile applications developer with expertise in hybrid and native development. I have experience building systems with Python, Java, PHP, Visual Prolog, JavaScript, NodeJS, C and Visual Basic.Net. I am also an Information Security professional with experience building and analyzing secure systems. I have a Masters Degree in Information Security and have studied anonymity systems at length.
Matthew Davis, top Prolog developerHire Now
Matthew Davis
Freelance Prolog developer in Dallas, United States

Senior Software Architect, Cloud Engineer & Open Source Contributor at appsoa

Senior Software Architect, Cloud Engineer & DevOps Advocate When problems surface, I methodically turn them into opportunities. My stewardship keeps me intensely rooted from ideation to code with the intensity for focusing on methodologies that maximize outputs and minimizes inputs. By setting into motion, a "mentoring is implied" culture in a self-governing environment influenced by the strict practice of agile principles, a center of gravity begins to form around the requirements. The anatomy of my approach, the composition of strategic units that delivers consistent results with discipline & maturity is the foundation for attracting exceptionally smart people, that you can remarkably trust. What this will achieve will blow you away! Today's proliferation of technology necessitates a ...
Tarek, senior Prolog developer for hireHire Now
Freelance Prolog developer in Berlin, Germany
Gulshan Kumar, top Prolog developerHire Now
Gulshan Kumar
Freelance Prolog developer in Delhi, India

Can get things done.

Full stack developer, can make code work.
Islam Wazery, Prolog freelance coderHire Now
Islam Wazery
Freelance Prolog developer in Cairo, Egypt

Software Engineer

Islam is a freelance web developer with experience spanning the full stack of application development. He is a co-founder of Whitespace which is a web development agency. Besides for that he spends his time working on open source projects that he find intriguing or writing tutorials. He was an ex-Google Summer of Code student in 2012 and a mentor for 2 projects in 2013 for KDE. You can find him on Twitter @wazery_ or check his Linkedin profile linkedin.com/in/wazery.

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