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Rishabh Shukla, senior Processing developerHire Now
Freelance Processing developer in Darjeeling, India

CTO/Deep learning Researcher (NLP) @ Neuron

I am the CTO/Deep Learning Researcher(NLP) at Neuron and supervise the research and development work of Neuron's core NLP platform. Area of work: - Deep Learning in NLP - Recurrent/Recursive Neural Nets, Convolutional Neural Nets, Attention Networks - Sequence Labelling, Sentence Classification, Auto encoders, Encoder-Decoder Models, Sentence Embeddings, Predictive Statistical Modelling - Machine Learning - Regression, Ensemble Learning, Neural Nets, Recommendation Systems Interested in working with: - Memory Networks - Deep Reinforcement Learning - Deep Generative Models - Optimization methods for DNNs - Deep Learning for Computer Vision
Mark Omo, freelance Processing developerHire Now
Freelance Processing developer in Tucson, United States

Embedded Systems Engineer at Marcus Enginnering

Bringer of python, Vanquisher of bugs, Lord of Regex, Parser of text
Murilo Polese, top Processing developerHire Now
Freelance Processing developer in London, United Kingdom

The only principle that doesn't inhibit progress is: Everything goes.

Processing was the first time I got to read code and understood it. Even I wasn't able to write my own sketches I was mixing a lot of sketches to get special visuals and connect devices through network or hardware. As time went by and I got some Javascript and Java experience, Processing became my main tool when Web technologies can't reach: Accessing hardware layers, creating optimized data processes, smoother UX and cross platform stand alone applications. I worked also with many artists to give their creations life, from interactive projection mappings to generative visuals and music reactive installations. During the last two years I gave "Rapid prototyping" lecture at Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm where we explored how to transform ideas in demos as fast as a few hours...
Nimrod Shory, Processing freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Processing developer in Jerusalem, Israel

Developer, Architect, Development Manager, Thinker

A passionate, responsible and committed entrepreneur, technologist, architect and development manager, proficient in multiple server and client technologies, with experience in managing and leading a large agile development teams to produce robust and high quality enterprise products.
Wilbert A. McClay,PhD, Processing coder and developerHire Now
Freelance Processing developer in Baton Rouge, United States
Wilbert McClay,PhD.,MSIA, provides strategic direction in content development and partner identification for STEM disciplines, especially computer, physics, and engineering. In addition to academic leadership roles, he heads the company’s efforts to develop machine learning algorithms and business logic that automate its customized services. Wilbert McClay,PhD.,MSIA, has served as Managing Technical Scientist at Aerospace Corporation; and Principal Investigator, Visiting Scientist, and Computer Engineer at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. He brings expertise in developing machine learning algorithms,signal processing, and image processing; advanced systems processing across multiple platforms; advanced radar signal processing; and developing Bayesian Networks for tracking and det...
Sumit Raj, freelance Processing programmerHire Now
Freelance Processing developer in Pune, India

Principal Engineer at LodgIQ

Building something at the intersection of analytics, machine learning, and Internet technologies. Revenue Management ReImagined. Specialties:- Python/Django/Flask | REST API Development | Data Mining Interests:- Machine Learning | Data Science | NLP. Domain Experience:- Fintech | Real Estate | Revenue Management
Cory Massaro, Processing freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Processing developer in Encino, United States

Backend NLP Engineer

I am passionate about natural language processing generally, with specific interests in natural language understanding/generation and information extraction. I worked on Google's Speech and Keyboard team for approximately three years, during which time I built language models for a wide array of human languages. During this time, I honed my skills with and understanding of machine learning algorithms, in particular state-of-the-art neural network research. Before that, I had various internships in which I built full pipelines to extract information like topics, named entities, and relationships between entities. Much of the text with which I worked came from medicine (doctor's notes, etc.); I believe that areas such as medicine hold great promise as socially beneficial uses of NLP techno...
Daia Alexandru, senior Processing developerHire Now
Freelance Processing developer in Bucharest, Romania

My name is Alexandru , I am an experienced Data Scientist and programmer .

Hello , I AM Alexandru , I am a MACHINE Learning and Data Science Expert that is enthusiastic about data science in general and machine learning in particular with lots of years experience in this field. I have strong training and certificates in this field, worked for local and foreing custommers in some projets , doing very well with machine learning libraries from R and PYTHON, xgboost , sklearn, good coding and data analysis skils. I am interested to see if we could collaborate regarding your data science needs . My main areas of expertis are: -linear and non linear regression -Deep learning models on GPU -Data Science -Machine Learning -Deep Learning for extraction of new features -Regression Taks -Classification task -Robust Ensembling of multiple models -sklearn models , Random Fore...
Samiksha Gupta, senior Processing developerHire Now
Freelance Processing developer in Varanasi, India

Former Research Intern in NTU - Singapore, Natural Language Processing Researcher, Machine Learning, Python, Data Science, Computer Programming Teaching Assistant, Probability Tutor

I have gained a substantial experience in Machine Learning and Data Science with expertise in Natural Language Processing through my internships, online contests and research work. Recently, my paper on Societal Sentiment Analysis got accepted at the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics, EACL-2017, Valencia, Spain. Goldman Sachs Quantify 2016 Top 3 Finalist for Machine Learning. Goldman Sachs Women Emerging in Finance 2016 Selected. Overall country winner of ENIGMA- Machine Learning Contest. Python Developer. Worked mostly on Jupyter notebook and lot of experience in working with ML, NLP and Deep Learning Libraries.
Nic Seymour-Smith, Processing freelancer and developerHire Now
Freelance Processing developer in Hove, United Kingdom
Since becoming a lecturer on the Digital Arts Masters course at the University of Brighton I have quickly brought myself up to speed with the de facto standard for opensource visual and interaction language.
Abhishek Sen, Processing freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Processing developer in Deptford, United Kingdom

Founder @ NumberEight

Interests: Context aware technologies for mobile devices, advertising, AI/machine learning, design. Currently the founder of NumberEight where we use the sensors in your smartphone/watch (activity, location, brightness, accelerometer) etc. to develop interesting applications.
Conor H, Processing developer for hireHire Now
Freelance Processing developer in Balham, United Kingdom

FinTech / Payment Service Consultant

Hi, I am Conor, a London (UK) based Software Engineer and Design Consultant On CodeMentor my objective is to help users discover the true viability of a project, discuss requirements and build a specification that can then be delivered to developers to build. In my experience it is not always a good idea to assign architecture work to the develop. Another set of eyes is always useful. I am available for consultation, architecture design documents, and also Proof of Concept / MVP development. I am capable of delivery production grade software but do not currently have that bandwidth available. Having worked in all elements of the Payment Processing lifecycle, I am familiar with terminal / card technology and also the backend acquiring / authorisation platforms, along with everything in b...
Farouq Oyebiyi, senior Processing developerHire Now
Freelance Processing developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Machine Learning Engineer

I'm a Software Engineer with a major focus on Machine Learning, enterprise web applications and distributed systems. I've built large-scale machine learning systems for clients in a variety of domains from start to finish. I’m passionate about personalizing users experience; to that effect, I’m currently building the personalization systems at Konga, connecting shoppers to products they’ll love and buy. I have strong interests in probabilistic graphical models, neural networks, latent factor models and their applications to recommendations and personalization, time series data and computer vision.
Alexander Patrakov, Processing software engineer and devHire Now
Freelance Processing developer in Cebu City, Philippines

C and Python hacker from Russia

I worked both as a software developer (both web and system-level programming) and as a Linux systems administrator, and also as something in-between. My strong point is that I understand both of those roles and can act as a middle-man between teams - which was enough to get a Software Architect position at SkyDNS LLC. I have contributed code to open-source software such as PulseAudio and ImageMagick, and found security-relevant bugs in FFmpeg (CVE-2008-4867), PulseAudio (CVE-2014-3970), WebKit-GTK (CVE-2013-7324), and StrongSwan (CVE-2015-4171). You can hire me for auditing security of your code, too.
Pankaj Bansal, top Processing developerHire Now
Freelance Processing developer in New Delhi, India

Senior Member of Technical Staff at Oracle India

A technology enthusiast with hands on experience in product development and design, cross platform development, embedded devices, computer graphics, augmented reality, and virtual reality. I have worked on many enterprise projects in C, C++, Java and I have completed industry standard certifications like OCA, OCP in Java SE 8. I am an active contributor and an official "Committer" in OpenJDK with alias "pbansal" and my work in OpenJDK can be seen at I give a full refund gaurantee if I am not able to solve your problem.

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