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Prempal Singh

Prempal Singh

Expert Android developer, open source evangelist, freelancer, and a pro pythonista

Chennai (+05:30)
Hindi, English
An experienced developer who loves programming challenges. Expert in Android and Python. Love working on new projects and freelancing.
Python expert help Python - 2 years experience
Used Python in a lot of projects which mainly involved Flask or Django and integrating other libraries, APIs.
Android expert help Android - 2 years experience
Have developed multiple apps that are live on Play Store.
Git expert help Git - 2 years experience
Using Git for all the projects that I work on. Simply love it!
Java expert help Java - 2 years experience
Have used Java mainly for developing Android apps and have some experience in building deskop apps using Swing.
Cplusplus expert help C++ - 2 years experience
No icon Shell scripting - 1 year experience
Have written a couple of scripts to automate tasks
arcade-watchface 15   5
Arcade style watchface for Android Wear
cansat-xbee 5   2
Plotting realtime data from XBee for Cansat competition
dtu_dsp_lab 2   1
quick-quiz 2   0
An app that makes taking assignments easy for both students and teachers. Made during a 16 hour overnight hackathon.
dtu-wifi 1   1
Average Rating
(69 ratings)
Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Very fast and quick at responding too.
Liv Gorton May 03, 2016

Prempal as always is very helpful and patient
Ben Elliott Apr 28, 2016

As always, a pleasure to work with
Ben Elliott Apr 19, 2016

Very professional and willing to help.
Neil Kenny Apr 19, 2016

He was able to quickly solve my issue. Thanks, Prempal!
Patrick Apr 18, 2016

Good mentor
Allyson Ross Apr 17, 2016

Very great. Gets it done
Alex Schneider Apr 04, 2016

favorite mentor. often available, always patient, and most importantly, knows his stuff!
Codementor Mar 31, 2016

always the best!
Codementor Mar 31, 2016

Great job!
Serg Masís Mar 30, 2016

Very knowledgable mentor, provides clear explanations.
Alexander Kamarov Mar 27, 2016

Always helps me when I need it - great teacher!
Codementor Mar 24, 2016

Excellent python, java mentor
Brian Maimone Mar 23, 2016

Very patiently solved my problem, definitely recommended mentor.
KaiserAbliz Mar 22, 2016

Fast solution to the exercise that I couldn't solve! Looking forward to more study sessions!
Bek Mar 12, 2016

Prempal is very professional and efficient in the assistance he provides. Having been dubious about online assistance in the past, this experience has most certainly changed my mind. Thanks Prempal
Ben Elliott Mar 10, 2016

Prempal is the best. He is VERY good at explaining why certain choices were made and the advantages of various approaches - especially for a beginner like me.
Codementor Mar 09, 2016

Prempal was really helpful. He knew everything I needed to know and explained it all in a clear and concise way.
Tim Adshead Mar 09, 2016

Always very helpful!
Kelly welch Mar 03, 2016

Codementor Mar 02, 2016

Prempal has come back again today after going through programming issues with him earlier today, he has helped me to correct code and produce and excellent quality program. Extremely happy with all his help
Rob Parker Feb 27, 2016

Prempal is extremely helpful, we haven't fully resolved my issue, he will be coming back to me with improved code later today. He is extremely competent in Python and is dedicated to finding solutions An excellent mentor
Rob Parker Feb 27, 2016

Great mentor.
Codementor Feb 24, 2016

best mentor i've had!
Codementor Feb 24, 2016

Awesome! Always very helpful and understands everything!
Kelly welch Feb 17, 2016

Prempal was awesome. Clearly explained topics patiently and went over logic in an easy to understand way. Provided source code after our session that we worked on together. I'd highly recommend Prempal.
Rafael Carlo Santos Feb 17, 2016

Always 5/5
Codementor Feb 17, 2016

This Mentor was really good. He paused the session several times to make sure I was not over billed and to explain the code details. He knew python really well and made recommendations to improve my code.
Emanuel Hernandez Feb 14, 2016

Above and beyond! Once again, Prempal saved me from some serious confusion and wasted time.
Codementor Feb 11, 2016

Very impressed by Prempal. He is very kind, patient and knows his Python. As a beginner, he is taking some of the pain out of the learning process :)
Codementor Feb 11, 2016

Solved problem.
Miriam Feb 07, 2016

Great mentor! Job well done.
Patrick Feb 06, 2016

He was very VERY helpful! Very happy!
Andy Swanner Feb 06, 2016

Very nice and helpful! Recommend.
Marvin Bolanos Feb 05, 2016

Prempal has offered a great service to help create an app that is compatible with an arduino. Very helpful in explanations since I had less experience in regards to android programming.
Codementor Jan 29, 2016

Gets the job done at the right time! Very happy with the results!
Vasily Kichigin Jan 28, 2016

ned Jan 28, 2016

Clear, concise
Jeff Jan 24, 2016

Very helpful and explained things in detail. Thanks.
Bonny James Jan 22, 2016

Polite, quick, and very creative!
Rob Jan 11, 2016

Prempal helped me on a math problem involving haversine formula and implemented it in java. He was very helpful and solved the problem in a creative way.
Livia Costa Pereira Jan 09, 2016

He is very helpful. Thanks!
swis Dec 06, 2015