Joshua Smith, Premiere freelance coderView Profile
Joshua Smith5.0
Freelance Premiere developer in Seattle, United States

Creative Mind

I am a creative coder who is well versed in web technologies and eager to assist you. I have experience in both open source and commercial projects. My website:
Victoria French, Premiere software engineerView Profile
Victoria French5.0
Freelance Premiere developer in Curtis, United States

React / React Native / Node

I work with Node, React, React Native, KOA, and all things Javascript. My focus is on front-end, mobile, and user experience design. My background came from C# MVC plus many other paths over the last 20 something years. You may recognize my name from my previous speaking arrangements with Microsoft or from Larry Roof's books (WROX). I was awarded the "Best of Miercomm" award for my design and implementation of NEC's unified communication client, and all those loyalty kiosks in GameStop stores were designed and written by me :) You can find me hanging out on my open source projects: Defunctr, and ThunderFlurry. I am also a contributing member to Keystone, React Native, and a few others.
Jesse Chiem, Premiere freelance programmerView Profile
Jesse Chiem
Freelance Premiere developer in Vancouver, United States
Courtney Hoskins, Premiere dev and freelancerView Profile
Courtney Hoskins
Freelance Premiere developer in Boulder, United States

UX Designer and Developer

For over ten years, I have built and developed online multimedia experiences. I specialize in front end web development and WordPress, as well as animation and motion graphics. In the end, all of it- development and design- should aim to create pleasant user experiences.
Mikkel Sandberg, Premiere software engineerView Profile
Mikkel Sandberg
Freelance Premiere developer in Aliso Viejo, United States

Front End Developer and Designer

I am primarily proficient as a front end developer (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript). I like to design websites, all the way from the ideation phase through to implementation, as well as troubleshoot pre-existing issues.
Andrew, Premiere programmer for hireView Profile
Freelance Premiere developer in Malakhovka, Russia

JavaScript developer

Programming for over 10 years. Currently consider myself to be an experienced programmer in Node.js/V8 JavaScript area. Previously worked in C# and various scripting languages. Used to do/develop in past: - Reverse engineering x86 assembly and network protocols; - Digital audio spectrum visualization; - OpenGL/Direct3D hooking, overlays and screen capture software (Windows only).
Alexandre Nicastro, Premiere software engineer and devView Profile
Alexandre Nicastro
Freelance Premiere developer in Ashburn, United States
Bennett Waisbren, Premiere dev and freelancerView Profile
Bennett Waisbren
Freelance Premiere developer in Ashburn, United States

Front-End Developer/Prototype Specialist at Beachbody

I'm obsessed with executing bold new designs by maximizing JavaScript's boundless capabilities. **Main Site** **Latest Experiment** **More** I've been designing the web for a little over five years now. Having always possessed a deep love and appreciation for gorgeous web experiences, I've carefully honed my abilities in an ongoing effort to become the most seasoned and capable front-end developer that I possibly can. Creativity has come naturally to me for as long as I can remember, as has my obsession with computers and technology. By around the age of 20, it occurred to me that these two qualities needed to be combined in some fashion. This epiphany propelled me into the vast and ever-gr...
Michael Brewster, Premiere dev and freelancerView Profile
Michael Brewster
Freelance Premiere developer in Philadelphia, United States

Javascript Fanatic!

I've been coding JS since 2002.

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