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I am a versatile, dynamic and highly self-motivated computer programmer with over 15 years experience in desktop and mobile app development. I have created iOS apps for individual clients as well as having one of my own in the app store. I also have helped major automakers like Mercedes, Renault, Volkswagen and BMW streamline their business processes by helping develop custom desktop systems. Some of those systems were awarded certifications.  Since 2012 I am working as a freelance iOS developer specializing in apps written in native Objective-C with future plans for Android and Windows Phone apps. I am involved in every project phase, from the concept creation to app store deployment. The most interesting app I developed was for a client that wanted an app to transfer their photos and videos to the app and restrict access to the app through a pass-code. This app allowed me to gain further experience in UIKit and Grand Central Dispatch. I am currently studying Swift. I’m known to be a very technically driven professional capable of working on my own or in a team to deliver quality software. Whatever my current work environment, I make sure I give 110% in the project I’m doing. If I find myself with more than one project in progress I will divide my time according to project complexity and deadline. I am also proactive, always keeping updated on the current trend in mobile app development and looking for new ideas for apps to develop. In short I am hard-working, resourceful, proactive, considerate, patient, and a team player. I have a bachelors in Corporate Computing from Universidade Internacional in Lisbon, Portugal. I am currently freelancing while pursuing new opportunities within Lisbon or remote work for other locations. You can contact me through this profile or by phone at +351912140773.
No icon Xcode - 3 years experience
I have 5 years experience with Xcode creating apps for iOS devices. I have established an efficient workflow.
Ios expert help iOS - 5 years experience
User of iOS
No icon Object oriented design - 4 years experience
Various projects
No icon Mac os x - 5 years experience
Personal experience working with a Macbook Pro 17 inch mid-2009, while developing iOS and web applications.
Git expert help Git - 3 years experience
Various contributions
No icon Windows - 20 years experience
Windows 3.1 through Windows 8
No icon Oop - 6 years experience
Various projects
No icon XML - 14 years experience
Interfaced to various Automotive Manufacturers' system using XML as the main data delivery system.
No icon Outsystems - 1 year experience
Development in OutSystems
AutoLayoutWorkshop 0   0
awesome-ios 0   0
A curated list of awesome iOS frameworks, libraries, tutorials, xcode plugins and components.
Calculator_CS193P_Winter_2015 0   0
Calculator app as seen in CS193P Stanford Course on Programming for iOS8 with Swift
ETA-Android 0   0
Android version of E.T.A. app.
expired 0   0
Ruby Shell Swift