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Pranav Gulati

Pranav Gulati

Embedded systems Developer, Co-Founder at S.T.R.I.De

New Delhi (+05:30)
Hindi, English
Passionate developer and an Innovator.I strive to find simple solutions to complex problems and love to write low level firmware in C/C++ and enjoy image processing in OpenCV
Cplusplus expert help C++ - 3 years experience
Made a document authentication engine based on extensive image processing that was awarded the first place in india and top 10 in gitex dubai
C expert help C - 4 years experience
Document management engines, Fun games and extensive hardware programming based on the AVR gcc compilers
No icon Arduino - 4 years experience
Projects like SD card data logger, led cube, voice controlled home automation,Wi-Fi sensor mesh network.
No icon Arduino ide - 4 years experience
Done most of my arduino Projects within the arduino IDE
No icon Esp8266 - 2 years experience
Wifi based indoor positioning sys, Sensor data logging to the cloud, Lua on ESP8266
RF24BLE 66   8
RF24BLE is the library that makes an nrf24L01+ chip (1$) into a BLE advertising beacon and can be used for LOW payload advertising like sensor data etc.
Arduino_STM32 1   0
Making STM32 great again!! LOL #Contributors requested#
C C++ HTML Assembly Batchfile Objective-C
MetMeasure 1   0
Active occupancy detector modules that can detect the density of people in a closed environment qualitatively and then communicate that with other partnering nodes to thereby control the crowd in an efficient manner
C++ Arduino
Mouse_Accelerometer_control 1   0
Controlling your mouse using processing and an accelerometer on the arduino using a serial terminal connection .can be used for gesture contrl of your laptop by wearing the accelerometer on a glove
Java Arduino Batchfile Processing
Face-Implementations 0   1
different face recognition and verification routines not very robust but well hey i'm not google right!!!?
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He is a very friendly, knowledgeable, and patient mentor. I really appreciated his ideas and it ended up working well! I would be happy to pay him for future help.
Thomas Le Apr 06, 2016