Christoph Wagner, Polymer dev and freelancerHire Now
Christoph Wagner4.9
Freelance Polymer developer in Long Beach, United States

Experienced full-stack developer. I see code as an art form.

I built a WebRTC client last summer with a frontend entirely done in Polymer.
Vineet Dev, Polymer freelance developerHire Now
Vineet Dev4.5
Freelance Polymer developer in Thane, India

Frontend Developer

Polymer is something which I get in love with and then sometime give up with. Its great to make components with polymer whereas its really difficult to build and maintain an app with it provided the polymer build is still developing. This is the best thing in js world to go with if you are building an application that really follows PWA specification, ap application which is small and lightweight and an application which is highly performant. I really like to use polymer when I make simple login pages or dashboards.
Victor Igbokwe, senior Polymer developerHire Now
Victor Igbokwe4.9
Freelance Polymer developer in Turku, Finland

Full-Stack Software Developer

Used the Polymer library in writing custom web components.
Charles F. Munat, Polymer dev and freelancerHire Now
Charles F. Munat5.0
Freelance Polymer developer in Wellington, New Zealand

Freelance web developer (18 years), instructor (2 years) - ES6, Ruby

Been working with Polymer for a few months. Expect to have a few sites online soon. Using koa.js with io.js and RethinkDB on the back end. And material design. Currently converting my sites from 0.5 to 0.8.
Matt Tanguay-Carel, Polymer software engineer and devHire Now
Matt Tanguay-Carel4.9
Freelance Polymer developer in Berlin, Germany

Senior Web Developer

I do consulting and web development. I've worn many hats but these days I tend to help startups and coach junior programmers.
Bruno Ripa, Polymer freelance developerHire Now
Bruno Ripa5.0
Freelance Polymer developer in Barcelona, Spain

Senior Software Engineer, Freelance

Python developer since 2005, Google Cloud Platform developer since 2012, working now on Big & Fast Data architectures with Kafka & Spark. Frontend development skills (ReactJS, jQuery, CSS, Bootstrap 3, etc) and very experienced RESTful API developer. Experience with Continuous Integration (all my software has full test coverage to take advantage of CI technology -CircleCI)
Tony Mucci, Polymer freelance developerHire Now
Tony Mucci
Freelance Polymer developer in Ashburn, United States

Web Guru

I use this everyday on my professional and personal projects
Marc Rohloff, Polymer freelance coderHire Now
Marc Rohloff5.0
Freelance Polymer developer in Erie, United States

Mentor, Leader and Catalyst

I provide mentoring, training and leading services to small companies and start-ups around the country as well as providing business advice and acting as a catalyst specializing in solving problems that no one else can. I am an expert if a variety of languages, frameworks and services. Ask me anything.
Peter Mbanugo, top Polymer developerHire Now
Peter Mbanugo5.0
Freelance Polymer developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Software Developer - C#, ASP.NET MVC/API, JS, PWA. Interested in Architecture, Security, and Offline-first

I'm a software developer with the passion for delivering quality software that is easy to use, maintainable, and extensible. My interest areas are Software Architecture, Security, and Offline-first.
Yad Konrad, Polymer freelance developerHire Now
Yad Konrad5.0
Freelance Polymer developer in San Francisco, United States

Applied Research / Machine Learning

Hi I'm Yad. I build all day everyday! I currently do applied research and development in the field of machine learning. My background is in computer science, I introduce myself to new folks as a fullstack, half stack, any stack needed engineer. I've been a tech lead in a small sized team till recently to build over a dozen of production level products. I'm currently running a Research and Development team for machine learning. For me, the harder the challenges are, the more exciting they're to be tackled.
Michael Safyan, senior Polymer developerHire Now
Michael Safyan5.0
Freelance Polymer developer in Pittsburgh, United States

Senior Software Engineer at Google

Senior Software Engineer at Google Inc. in Search working on the backend serving infrastructure for Knowledge Graph, a massive database of millions of real-world things and billions of connections between them, which is used to power "cards" that summarize information about those things (such as when searching for famous books, movies,TV shows, music albums, celebrities, politicians, places, etc.). In addition to working at Google during the day, I also moonlight as a tutor and mentor. Answering programming questions is a passion of mine, as can be seen from my StackOverflow profile (where I am in the top 0.3% by reputation)
Daniel Olano, Polymer freelance coderHire Now
Daniel Olano4.9
Freelance Polymer developer in Berlin, Germany

Cutting-edge full-stack developer

I'm a full time entrepreneur and developer who likes teaching code, using the latest and greatest web technologies out there along with good coding practices.
Nigel Berkeley, senior Polymer developerHire Now
Nigel Berkeley5.0
Freelance Polymer developer in Malmo, Sweden

Generalist with a focus on programming

Offering now basic Polymer help for beginners. Jack of all trades within IT and passionate about learning and sharing my knowledge with others. Key skills are within LAMP but have also a wealth of knowledge in areas other than just coding as you will see from my profile. Started my freelancing company in Sweden in 2007. Been interesting in programming and IT since I was 8.
Igor Afanasov, top Polymer developerHire Now
Igor Afanasov
Freelance Polymer developer in Hanoi, Vietnam

Frontend developer

Love js and frontend development. Prefer to have fast iterations and fast feedback. Believe this is the right way to get right thing done fast.
Eduardo Sada, Polymer freelance coderHire Now
Eduardo Sada
Freelance Polymer developer in Madrid, Spain

Senior Front-End Developer

Speaker en eventos de JavaScript, Polymer y Web Performance. Autodidacta. Uno de los cinco mejores vendedores de la plataforma CodeCanyon durante dos años seguidos. Llevo más de 12 años programando en distintos lenguajes web.

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