Jaya Bharadwaj, senior Playframework developerHire Now
Jaya Bharadwaj4.9
Freelance Playframework developer in Hyderabad, India

I've learnt by experimenting with software for over 10 years. I am here to share my knowledge to help you in your projects.

This is my favorite java web-frameworks implemented in Java. I've worked with MVC architecture and deployed mutiple sub-apps, packaging and complete end-to-end deployment of most web-apps.
Dmitry Golubets, Playframework software engineerHire Now
Dmitry Golubets5.0
Freelance Playframework developer in Cork, Ireland
I use it for a web site of my chat project ( http://www.chatfarm.net).
Hafsa Ansari, Playframework freelance coderHire Now
Hafsa Ansari
Freelance Playframework developer in Karachi, Pakistan

Hafsa Ansari - Code Optimizer and Generalizer

I have worked on a play framework project for shot-term duration whose purpose was to create web services that were used by front-end applications. These web services retrieve and update data from database,perform necessary validations on provided data and provide authorization of users.
Anton Oparin, Playframework freelance coderHire Now
Anton Oparin
Freelance Playframework developer in Denpasar, Indonesia

Full Stack Java/JavaScript/Scala Engineer

I am a Software Engineer with a decade of work experience in different areas - over the years I've worked with STB, Banks, Messaging Mobile Apps, Security, Healthcare, Self Improvement Apps. I solve complicated problems - from building patient data search engine in Elastic Search to creating a Continuous Deployment Docker pipeline, from scrabbing html pages to creating 99.99 % reliable Stock Management Software in Banks.
Bhargav , freelance Playframework developerHire Now
Bhargav 5.0
Freelance Playframework developer in Hyderabad, India

Front end web developer.

Bhargav is an experienced Full stack Developer who is excited about complex problems. His passion is the web and strives to help peers build blazing fast apps for the Internet. He is able to work on : - React.js on the client and the server with Flux/Redux - React Native - Angular.js , Angular 2 and D3.js - Android , Playframework with Java and Python - Git - MongoDB and PostgreSQL Some of my repos - Timezone compare - https://github.com/imbhargav5/timezone-compare - Trello API Promisified- https://github.com/imbhargav5/trello-promise - TDD in react - https://github.com/imbhargav5/codementor-officehours - Offline dictionary - https://github.com/imbhargav5/dictionary-offline
Robin Green, Playframework freelance programmerHire Now
Robin Green5.0
Freelance Playframework developer in Acrefair, United Kingdom

Senior Scala and Haskell developer

Experienced Scala/Haskell/Java developer. Was in academia 6 years ago, have now worked in various commercial roles. Specialties: Scala development, Functional programming, Haskell development, Java development, Research, Proof assistants, Dependent types, Type theory
Chris Webb, Playframework freelance developerHire Now
Chris Webb
Freelance Playframework developer in Marylebone, United Kingdom
Vedran Marčetić, Playframework software engineerHire Now
Vedran Marčetić
Freelance Playframework developer in Zagreb, Croatia

Ruby On Rails Developer / DevOps

I'm an experienced full stack developer based in Zagreb, Croatia. I spend most of my time working with Ruby and doing DevOps. I'm also experienced with plenty of other languages and platforms. I've worked with several US / European based startups remotely and on site. I'm also a co-founder of Movieo.me on which currently I spend most of my time. In my spare time I dabble with hardware and experiment with "exotic" languages that interest me (currently Elixir).
Kevin Yancey, Playframework freelance coderHire Now
Kevin Yancey4.9
Freelance Playframework developer in Kitakyushu, Japan

Full Stack Developer

I started learning to program when I was 10 years old, and have had a passion for it ever since. As an adult, I've worked for a variety of companies developing robust and secure business applications and system-to-system interfaces for government agencies and financial services companies. Through that experience, I have gained extensive application development experience as well as specialized knowledge in network/socket programming, graphics and UI programming, web services prorgramming, secure application design, and data analysis.
Calum McCall, Playframework freelance coderHire Now
Calum McCall5.0
Freelance Playframework developer in Berlin, Germany

Experienced Scala/Android Developer | Expert Mentor

I'm a Scotsman who lives in Berlin. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, I'm passionate about producing the best quality software I can. I'm currently doing a lot of functional programming in Android, but I've worked with various different stacks. I have over 10 years experience writing software.
Pavel, senior Playframework developer for hireHire Now
Freelance Playframework developer in Moscow, Russia

Scala developer

I develop backend projects using Ruby and Scala/Java more then 5 years. Over the years I was engaged in gamedev projects, online shop, video shop, recommendation system using ML. I have a deep knowledge of these platforms and the ecosystem (often used libraries). Also I have goos experience with many database systems including PostgreSQL, MySQL, Elasticsearch, Redis, Cassandra.
Dan Ellis, freelance Playframework programmerHire Now
Dan Ellis5.0
Freelance Playframework developer in Lake View, United States

Multi-skilled polyglot software engineer / architect

I've been developing software professionally for 20 years (and recreationally for many years before that) across a number of diverse business domains. I pride myself on clean, maintainable, production-ready code based on sound, thoughtful designs.
Axel Erwast, Playframework freelance programmerHire Now
Axel Erwast
Freelance Playframework developer in Djuras, Sweden

Full stack web engineer

5 years plus coding for various platforms and in various languages. Backend is my preferred area in an App, but am happy to work with frontend dev. My preferred framework is the Play framework with which I have created several production apps.
Hayk Hakobyan, top Playframework developerHire Now
Hayk Hakobyan
Freelance Playframework developer in Yerevan, Armenia

Full Stack Developer -- Web, Game and Mobile

I'm a Senior Lead Web Developer specializing in front end development. With more than 12 years of highly-skilled software development experience in software design, development and integration, I am well-versed in all stages in the development cycle of dynamic web projects. This includes from design to implementation to integration. Equipped with extensive knowledge in mathematics including linear algebra and 3D math, I'm able to comprehend concepts quickly. Additionally, my decade of experience has also demonstrated to me the importance of a can-do attitude, good time management skill and team collaboration.
Gil Vegliach, Playframework freelance coderHire Now
Gil Vegliach
Freelance Playframework developer in Islington, United Kingdom

Backend and Mobile Engineer

Backend and Mobile Engineer, interested in distributed systems and Android development. Blog: https://clevercoder.net Open-source: https://github.com/gilvegliach/TransparentTextTextView

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