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Lucian Piros

Lucian Piros

Senior Software Engineer at Panasonic Computer Products Europe

London (+00:00)
• Passionate about technology
5 C++
Android expert help Android - 4 years experience
Java expert help Java - 6 years experience
Cplusplus expert help C++ - 8 years experience
C expert help C - 10 years experience
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
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Very knowledgeable , extremely patient despite my lack of knowledge.
Jerry Dec 16, 2016

He is very professional.
Mohammad Musa Dec 01, 2016

He is the best, very helpful
Jone Nov 27, 2016

He was so fast....He understands my problem and help me to solve it with c++ program
SAMIA Sep 24, 2016

Brilliant .. Lucian was fantastic to work with, I can't praise him highly enough. He was knowledgeable, patient and fun to work with. I would highly recommend Lucian to anyone who needs assistance in any of his specialties.
Paul Brockel Aug 06, 2016

We are ploughing ahead.
Jonathan Yeung Jul 08, 2016

Excellent as always. Thanks!
D.K. Willardson Jul 07, 2016

Thanks a lot
Moti Jun 22, 2016

Great mentor, thanks!
D.K. Willardson Jun 17, 2016

He was a very nice fellow, put comments around in the code to help me better understand what each line was doing
Steven Jun 12, 2016

Wow. Lucian knows his stuff. Very fast in solving my issues.
D.K. Willardson Jun 09, 2016

Very Helpful and Patient with explanations
Daniel Dizzy Jun 06, 2016

Lucian is willing to understand the issues and help.
Jonathan Yeung Jun 01, 2016

This guy is the best.
jamie May 28, 2016

Great Mentor! Patient, flexible, well worth the time! Recommended!
jamie May 21, 2016

Thanks once again for a great debugging session!
blateebla May 17, 2016

(no comments)
Jonathan Yeung May 16, 2016

(no comments)
Jonathan Yeung May 13, 2016

Explained a lot with organizing the classes and also gave inputs on Unit testing the classes
Dinesh May 04, 2016

Smart guy, kind and he is alot very helpful
Colwin Apr 17, 2016

Thank you for a Test Driven Development Session (C - Programming)! Exposed a lot of weaknesses in my code and gave tips and advise on how to conduct proper testing. Also did very thorough testing with various inputs and outputs that beginners would find hard to see. Highly recommend to work with this expert. Will be back again!
blateebla Apr 02, 2016

Nice cool guy helped with object oriented design. Very skilled, friendly and helpful.
Dinesh Apr 01, 2016

Great Programming Knowledge (C). The task given was to review a coding program (some game code). Found numerous faults for beginners like me (duplicate code, not using variables correctly). Gave great development feedback. Highly recommend this expert to guide you in your work. Friendly too!
blateebla Mar 31, 2016

Very helpful, thank you
Brett Herford-Fell Mar 18, 2016

Good mentor. Had some technical difficulties on my side but he was very patient
irland abshire Mar 14, 2016