Toby Potter, Physics freelance programmerView Profile
Toby Potter5.0
Freelance Physics developer in Leeming, Australia

Computational physicist

As a computational physicist I can help with mapping equations or ideas to code. As a physicist I can understand the maths and physical basis for an algorithm, and as a scientific computing expert I can suggest ways that the algorithm can be expressed in code.
Michael Burgess, Physics software engineerView Profile
Michael Burgess
Freelance Physics developer in London, United Kingdom

Principal Technologist, Senior Lecturer and IT Professional

Graduate & Undergraduate
forsandifs, Physics freelance developerView Profile
Freelance Physics developer in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Software Engineer with a Physics background

Master of Physics degree and PhD studies in theoretical physics
Ruben Van Boxem, Physics software engineerView Profile
Ruben Van Boxem
Freelance Physics developer in Smetlede, Belgium

Physicist turned software developer

I obtained a PhD in Physics specializing in quantum mechanics in 2016. The subject was theory of electron vortex beams.
Alessandro Flati, Physics dev and freelancerView Profile
Alessandro Flati5.0
Freelance Physics developer in Rome, Italy

Full stack web developer / Senior Java developer

David Brumbaugh, Physics software engineerView Profile
David Brumbaugh5.0
Freelance Physics developer in Mobile, United States

WordPress Core Contributer - Full Stack Expert - PHP|MySQL|JS|jQuery|OOP

Currently David is available only for live sessions (not offline work) - pre-scheduled after 5PM Central Time and weekends. Please select "Message David" - "Schedule Session" to schedule a session. David has been a software engineer since 1986. He is a full stack web developer with a wide range of experience. He is *very* good at figuring out solutions that stump engineers with less experience. David has been a Web Engineer at 10 Up, where he had the honor of working with a world class WordPress development team. With the release of WordPress 4.5 he is proud to add "WordPress core Contributor" to his list of accomplishments. David has been the chief software architect and CTO of 3B Alliance, an SaaS provider focusing on eCommerce and business to business solutions. In this ro...
Kevin Bloch, Physics freelance programmerView Profile
Kevin Bloch5.0
Freelance Physics developer in Hinterkappelen, Switzerland

There are no stupid questions. Coding most of my life. I love it when the UX has computers serving people, not the other way around.

My primary motivation is to be useful, usually by getting computers to do what they're good at: the tedious stuff. When we do this as much as is reasonable to implement, we leave us humans more time to enjoy life. I got my real start in software development by proving myself doing exactly that: I took a very boring and error-prone business process, and automated most of it away, leaving a UI that even the most computer-averse users found intuitive. The direct and side benefits of this system are still felt at that business, 13 years later. Freelancer and @toptal talent; open to remote jobs. Tweet me at
princerapa, Physics freelance developerView Profile
Freelance Physics developer in Varanasi, India

Core Developer of Open Source Project: P2PSP and participated in Google Summer of Code.

I Worked at Google Summer of Code 2015 with P2PSP as my mentoring organisation. i am also a participant of Microsoft Hackathon 2016 I have mentored students from different branches in my institute. I helped organizing programming workshops and mentored students to learn python ,java, Android Development,Unity game engine APi, how to build scalable softwares using different to administer backend servers, how to contribute to open source with git and github and most importantly how to write efficient, readable and extensible code.
Pranshu Khanna, senior Physics developerView Profile
Pranshu Khanna4.7
Freelance Physics developer in New Delhi, India

Unity3D | C# | C++ | Java | HTML/CSS | JS | Android

I'm a Game developer with experience in Unity3D and you can approach me anytime you need any help related to Game Development(Gameplay, AI, Multiplayer, UI etc). I have experience in HTML/CSS and android app development
Alexey Kiselev, senior Physics developerView Profile
Alexey Kiselev
Freelance Physics developer in Moscow, Russia

Python/Node.js Lead Developer & Data Scientist

I am 6-years experienced Full-stack developer with over 13-years of programming background and excellent analytical and math skills. At front-end side I can make from dynamic html websites (HTML5, CSS3, Less, jQuery, AJAX) to SPA projects (AngularJS, React+Redux, VueJS), JSON, XML, at back-end side I experienced in NodeJS (Express, MongoDB, Pug, Socket.IO, Gulp), PHP (CakePHP, Laravel), Ruby on Rails, Python, C++, Matlab and Java. I can show a deep knowledge of ES5 and ES6, Design Patterns, OOP principles. I worked with MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL. I use TDD whenever is possible, Git for version control. I experienced like Windows and Linux user. And I’d like to join an ambitious startup to create something worthwhile. I'm looking for interesting and challenging project to where I will inv...
Ana Paula Carvalho, Physics software engineer and devView Profile
Ana Paula Carvalho
Freelance Physics developer in Medellín, Colombia

Python Engineer

I have academic and professional knowledge of building scalable, reliable and REST-compliant services. After graduating from Physics, I enrolled in a Masters in Informatics Engineering where I specialised in Formal Methods and further developed my analytical skills and Mathematical toolset. Python is the programming language I use the most. I have built scientific projects with the NumPy and SciPy packages as well as web apps using Django/Flask. I work with various other web technologies as well (AngularJs, nodeJs, jQuery), using mostly Amazon AWS or Heroku to build fully fledged secure and reliable web apps. I've spoken at PyCon UK 2016 and I'm a Python teacher assistant for Code First: Girls. Currently, I developing my own products and leading a team of 3 people on my Python consultan...
Nikita Musatov, senior Physics developerView Profile
Nikita Musatov
Freelance Physics developer in Kirov, Russia

Hello, I am MusNik form KeeVee Games! I am highly experienced GML programmer. GameMaker Ambassador. Marketplace asset maker. Indie game developer.

I specialize on 2D games, graphics effects and Box2D physics. Love to make games for both mobile and desktop. I can work on GameMaker: Studio 1.4 and GameMaker: Studio 2. Can work with extensions.
Toomas Laasik, top Physics developerView Profile
Toomas Laasik5.0
Freelance Physics developer in Tartu, Estonia
I'm a professional game developer with years of experience in Unity3D. Recently my embedded development and hardware design hobby is becoming my day job. I love hard problems that IT can solve and my knowledge is mostly wide, but deep in some aspects.
Raphael Mun, Physics freelance programmerView Profile
Raphael Mun4.0
Freelance Physics developer in Seattle, United States

Tech entrepreneur with 20 years in software from mobile apps to fast 3D graphics and scalable server architecture

Hi, I'm Raphael. I studied at the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University and have worked at large companies like Microsoft and small startups, building everything from mobile apps to large scale server architectures. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!
Brice , Physics programmer for hireView Profile
Brice 5.0
Freelance Physics developer in London, United Kingdom

Experienced developer with wide expertise. Teaching and mentoring experience.

I have a broad expertise in software development, from embedded programming, to full stack Javascript web applications. I have built several products from scratch over the past few years as a team lead and startup founder. This includes realtime components to web applications. I have a strong knowledge of functional programming, and Lisp-family languages, with an appreciation for functional design of applications. I founded and organise a Programmer's Study group, and we have studied Machine Learning in the past, and I would be comfortable teaching the principles of Machine Learning. You can find the code we created at the study group online here: I have taught game development programming (including for universit...

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