Samuele Lilli, top Phpspec developerView Profile
Samuele Lilli
Freelance Phpspec developer in Pescara, Italy

Professional and enthusiast coder

PHPSpec is my favorite BDD tool. I work with spec since 2015 and I have faced different kind of issue so I can quickly drive someone to the correct solution using this tool. I also answer at questions on StackOverflow and, occasionally, I write blog posts about spec that you can find here
Pete McFarlane, senior Phpspec developerView Profile
Pete McFarlane
Freelance Phpspec developer in London, United Kingdom

Experienced mentor, wanting to help you understand your code and your problems better.

I use phpspec Phpspec to design my units of code.
Mateusz Tracz, top Phpspec developerView Profile
Mateusz Tracz5.0
Freelance Phpspec developer in Newport, United Kingdom

Software Developer

I am 25yo, coming from Poland, living in UK. On daily basis I work with php systems. Also have a lot to do with Javascript, Python, SQL (MySQL, Postgresql), redis, mongodb and many more.
Toby Griffiths, senior Phpspec developerView Profile
Toby Griffiths5.0
Freelance Phpspec developer in London, United Kingdom

Perfectionist web geek, passionate about thing that work, and work well

I'm an initially self taught PHP developer, who's discovered the joy of writing beautiful code through reading, attending training, conferences and user group meeting, contributing to open source projects, and learning a great deal from the very wise people I've had the pleasure to work alongside. I love helping others, and have even run a school code club in the past, so the idea of mentoring on this site sounds like an awesome opportunity.
Evgeny Soynov, top Phpspec developerView Profile
Evgeny Soynov
Freelance Phpspec developer in Berlin, Germany

Leading MVP Engineer

I value a clear concept and good architecture behind the code, but understand the urge of modern business to get product fast. I like helping founders to instantly build their MVP. On the other hand, I also enjoy challenges of improving legacy codebases to add some happiness for future engineers.

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