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Matt Brunt, Php 5.5 freelance developerHire Now
Freelance Php 5.5 developer in Leicester, United Kingdom

Senior PHP Developer, BDD and TDD fan working with Symfony.

I'm a senior Software Engineer with passions in mentoring, fostering a culture of sharing, learning, openness and quality. I work in an agile fashion, rapidly adapting to change and meeting new challenges with an open mind. I believe that conversations build the best software. I'm a fan of BDD and TDD, practicing, evangelising, promoting and teaching it wherever possible.
Mahmoud Zalt, Php 5.5 freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Php 5.5 developer in Beirut, Lebanon

Senior PHP Web Developer, Laravel Expert, Docker Enthusiast and Open Source Advocate.

Resourceful web developer with excellent back-end, front-end and operations skills. Has over 8 years of practical experience in developing solutions for the web, desktop, mobile and IoT platforms. His current programming stack includes PHP, Laravel, Symfony, PHPUnit, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL, Neo4j, MongoDB, Redis, Linux, Docker, NGiNX & AWS. During his career he wrote code in JAVA SE, C#.NET, C++, Python, Shell & Batch scripting. He is an early adopter of the Laravel framework. Was listed among the top 10 Laravel developers to follow online by the 'Laravel daily' blog. Aside from designing modular software's and reusable components, building and integrating with third-party APIs, provisioning virtualized auto-scalable infrastructures, creating efficient continuous delivery pipelines...
Carl Wilson, Php 5.5 freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance Php 5.5 developer in Malton, United Kingdom

Senior PHP Developer at

Dedicated, expert knowledge, exciting point of view.
Leonardo Quijano, Php 5.5 dev and freelancerHire Now
Freelance Php 5.5 developer in San José, Costa Rica

Information Technology and Services Professional

I've known coding for a long time. I was a "coder kid", since I started learning how to program since very young (in primary school). So I'm comfortable with it, and I can help others, which may have started later, improve their abilities. I didn't just stay with what I learned growing up. I've been working in software for many years (since I was 19 years old in 2001). I'm a Costa Rican independent software developer, and work in software development and web programming. My current main area of work is the PHP platform, especially e-commerce with Magento 1 & 2 and Laravel 5+. I've also worked with the Java/Oracle and .NET/SQL Server platforms, and have a long history of loving and using Linux. I've been involved in several projects as a consultant and contract software programmer. I ha...
Tom Morton, Php 5.5 freelance developerHire Now
Freelance Php 5.5 developer in Miami, United States
I'm a full time freelance developer based out of Miami, Florida, US. I own and operate my own web development company, Six Foot 3, where we provide a range of development services from web development to WordPress customization to hosting and API development. I have worked in Web Development for over 7 years creating WordPress plugins, themes, Magento eCommerce websites and web applications for clients all across the globe. I have worked on server architecture for many years and I am comfortable with the UNIX shell, Amazon AWS and Rackspace cloud.
Ryan Street, Php 5.5 freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance Php 5.5 developer in Middletown, United States

Official Magento Trainer - Magento Certified Plus

I am one of the four Worldwide Magento Trainers. I am a member of the Magento ECG (Expert Consulting Group). I am also a Magento Certified Developer, Certified Developer Plus, and Magento Frontend Certified Developer. I have been developing in Magento Community and Magento Enterprise full time for over 4 years. I have been doing full LAMP stack development for over 8 years.
Jatin, senior Php 5.5 developer for hireHire Now
Freelance Php 5.5 developer in Ahmedabad, India

Project Manager

've been a Web Developer of 6 years, working on websites. I primarily work with PHP/Laravel5, Javascript, SCSS, MySQL, Ionic and HTML, as well as using gulp within my workflow. I started teaching myself programming in 2007 at the age of 16, starting with PHP, but have since learnt and worked with PHP, Ionic, Phonegap and Magento. I primarily make my projects in PHP . I love creating things especially from scratch which is probably why I love coding, (it is perhaps my biggest hobby) but I also really enjoy helping and teaching people. I've been helping people learn programming whilst at Sixth Form and University and I'd like to think I've gotten pretty good at it, so I look forward to hopefully helping more people in the future.
Kirill Aganisianets, Php 5.5 consultant and programmerHire Now
Freelance Php 5.5 developer in Québec, Canada

Senior Web Developer at JoMedia Inc.

Work with high traffic sites since 2009, optimize them to handle big volume of data. Make sites flexible and be able to scale forward. Always benchmark and find bottlenecks in the system. Use cutting-edge technologies to improve site performance.
Erin McLaughlin, Php 5.5 software engineerHire Now
Freelance Php 5.5 developer in New York City, United States

Highly Experienced Web Application Developer (Drupal, RoR)

I'm a frontend and backend Drupal developer with extensive PHP and jQuery experience. I'm up to date on HTML5 and CSS3 features and familiar with complex MySQL queries. I've also started building RoR applications, and can offer basic help to other people just starting out.
Sam Anthony, Php 5.5 freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance Php 5.5 developer in Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania

PHP Developer

Full stack developer with solid understanding of PHP
Michael Lungo, top Php 5.5 developerHire Now
Freelance Php 5.5 developer in Ashburn, United States

Full Stack Web & Mobile Software Programmer, Consultant

I've been programming, developing, & exploring multiple facets of the web since '97. From HTML/CSS/JS to Visual Basic, PHP, and Objective-C, I've been around and back again. I'm currently focused on full stack web & mobile development, ideally building projects from the ground up and seeing them through to market. I'm seeking business opportunities for small start-ups or large companies on a passionate team with room for growth, creating a future one amazing service at a time. Specialties: Ruby (1.8.x - 2.x), Rails (2.3.x - 4.x), iOS, RubyMotion, PhoneGap, Drupal, Wordpress, PHP, Apache, HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, JSON, AJAX, EmberJS, AngularJS, NodeJS, BackboneJS, CoffeeScript, Bootstrap, SASS, XHTML, XML, HAML, ERB, SCSS, RSS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQLite, Amazon ...
Giorgi Gelashvili, Php 5.5 freelancer and developerHire Now
Freelance Php 5.5 developer in Carteret, United States

Senior Web Developer at IRIS CRM

I have been into programming since 2006. What started off as a Visual Basic applications and simple HTML/CSS pages, later it turned into a C++, Java & PHP. I used to program in C++ & Java earlier and still use Java when needed, but mostly now I use web development languages such as PHP. I am constantly following up on updates and learning latest technologies, there is always so much to learn.
Josh Pause, Php 5.5 freelance developerHire Now

Web dev seeking interesting projects

I have been working on web-based startups for over 15 years. SaaS is my speciality. I can handle the entire stack, from deploying AWS services, to coding a PHP/Python/MySQL backed application, to developing cool, mobile-friendly user interfaces using AJAX and responsive CSS. Beyond my technical skills, I bring marketing skills to the table, including experience with SEO, PPC and social media promotion. I also have experience creating, launching and managing SaaS startups, from conception to implementation to selling out. My last startup has ended, leaving me bored and seeking a new challenge. So here I am. What are you working on? The more interesting I find the work, the lower my rate.
Randy Glenn Aguirre, Php 5.5 consultant and programmerHire Now
Freelance Php 5.5 developer in Imus, Philippines

Android Developer / iOS Developer / Tizen Developer / PHP Developer / Sr. SW Engineer

Specialties: Custom MVC Framework, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, CSS3, jQuery, Dojo, Extjs, HTML5, Yii Framework, PHPDoc, Web Design, UI Design, Wireframe, Web Consultation, Database Design, MySQL, PostGre SQL, MSSQL, MongoDB, Laravel 3, Laravel 4, Laravel 5, Fuel PHP, MLS/IDX RETS, Semantic Web Initiation, Node JS, SailsJS, Semantic UI, Bootstrap, phpspec, behat
Richard Seese, top Php 5.5 developerHire Now
Freelance Php 5.5 developer in Hot Springs, United States

Web and Software Developer with several long term projects under my belt

Hello! With over 15 years of experience programming in over 14 languages, I'd be happy to mentor, help, and be available for freelance work. I design websites and software solutions for my many clients and I enjoy helping others learn the joys of programming. Not all my expertise are listed, only the ones I feel comfortable helping anyone with. My rates are low because I want you to get more bang for your buck and consider calling on me whenever you need help.

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