Ghadeer Rahhal, senior PhoneGap developerHire Now
Ghadeer Rahhal5.0
Freelance PhoneGap developer in Chevy Chase, United States
Full Stack developer with over 10 years of experience in both Java & Javascript. Mobile projects using Cordova (especially the ionic framework) make me tick. I love working on small projects to enterprise applications
John Ryan, freelance PhoneGap programmerHire Now
John Ryan5.0
Freelance PhoneGap developer in Grand Forks, United States

Full-Stack Web Developer & Hybrid Mobile Developer (Ionic 1 / 2 / 3 + Angular 1 / 2 / 4) | Previously: Senior Software Engineer @ SmartThings / Samsung

Lead Bootcamp Instructor @ RocketU Developer Bootcamp (Javascript, Angular, Python, Django, Bootstrap, Heroku, AWS, Ansible, Firebase, Ionic, CSS, Django TastyPie, Jquery, Ajax, Django + Ajax, Django + Social Auth, Twitter API, Instagram API, Etsy API, Facebook Graph API, Material Design) Built many applications using Phonegap, Cordova, & ionic for hybrid mobile development (iOS + Android)
Armando Alvarado, PhoneGap dev and freelancerHire Now
Armando Alvarado5.0
Freelance PhoneGap developer in Barra Patuca, Honduras
Developed a couple of apps with Phonegap, one for our local mobile phone carrier which they baked into their new line of phones. It included push notifications which told the app when to download new content from a Django powered CMS, which we also developed alongside the app. Experience in plugin development for phonegap.
Cameron Gallarno, PhoneGap dev and freelancerHire Now
Cameron Gallarno5.0
Freelance PhoneGap developer in Arlington, United States

Senior Software Engineer at Dorsata, inc.

In our mobile first world I was naturally drawn to PhoneGap and it's speed of development. Creating several mobile applications through the use of PhoneGap and JavaScript, I've used many of the available plugins and nearly every feature available from a mobile device.
Will R. Guevara, PhoneGap software engineerHire Now
Will R. Guevara4.8
Freelance PhoneGap developer in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Web / Mobile developer @ CODE STORE

I like phonegap for fast production. i have been working continuously with this technology for almost 1 year.
Erlend Ellingsen, PhoneGap dev and freelancerHire Now
Erlend Ellingsen5.0
Freelance PhoneGap developer in Raholt, Norway

Developer and co-owner at Ellar Development AS, Developer at Fearnley Securities AS

(Same as Cordova). I have created many applications using the Cordova hybrid platform. In my period I have touched almost all available Cordova-plugins. Doing everything from background-GPS-apps, to creating apps for hairdresser-saloons. I know how to use the platform in a nice way, creating feature rich beautiful non-laggy apps that feel native!
Simmi Rai, freelance PhoneGap programmerHire Now
Simmi Rai
Freelance PhoneGap developer in Bengaluru, India

Hybrid Mobile Application Developer

I have a hands-on technical and functional experience of developing multi-device, multi-platform mobile application(s) using mobile development platforms such as IBM Worklight and PhoneGap and SIEBEL CRM (ORACLE). My technical expertise in this area includes extensive knowledge of JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, SQLite, JQuery Mobile, Angular, Sencha, Backbone, Ionic Framework, Bootstrap, SASS, eScript, Siebel Configuration and HTML5, to name a few. I have also worked on Smart TV Applications.
Giorgio Natili, senior PhoneGap developerHire Now
Giorgio Natili5.0
Freelance PhoneGap developer in Boston, United States

JavaScript, iOS, Android developer with more than 13 years of experience

On paper, Giorgio Natili is an engineering lead at Akamai Technologies where he spearheads the implementation of the new web apps for the security product line of Akamai, and the solution architect of several high tech startups where he leads the implementation of innovative solutions on mobile. On the job, Giorgio is a strong proponent of agile development practices whose passion for usable, maintainable and testable code is only surpassed by his determination to make things work. In addition to web-standards-based application development Android and iOS, Giorgio’s areas of expertise include real-time communication and surfing off the coast of his native Italy. His previous speaking engagements include Adobe Max, 360|Flex, FITC, Codemotion, Mobile Web Dev Conference, Mobile Tea, and many...
Jon Oyanguren López, PhoneGap consultant and programmerHire Now
Jon Oyanguren López5.0
Freelance PhoneGap developer in Barcelona, Spain

Full stack developer

Passion for programming and passion for teaching. Work as a full stack developer in angularjs, javascript, and .Net. CTO of idriveyourcar and and teacher in CMU University
Ray Hayek, freelance PhoneGap programmerHire Now
Ray Hayek4.0
Freelance PhoneGap developer in Beirut, Lebanon

CTO at ticklemybrain (TMB)

I've used Phonegap for a multiple cross platform mobile apps.
Mahmoud Abed, PhoneGap freelance coderHire Now
Mahmoud Abed5.0
Freelance PhoneGap developer in Amman, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Web Developer

Develop a open page applications for Android & iOS and connect the native features of for the phone using PgoneGap plugins
Adlai Griffith, senior PhoneGap developerHire Now
Adlai Griffith4.9
Freelance PhoneGap developer in Plymouth, United States

Native and Hybrid iOS Developer

I have built several phone gap apps using Cordova. I have also created custom native plugins to use with them.
Matt Goldspink, senior PhoneGap developerHire Now
Matt Goldspink5.0
Freelance PhoneGap developer in Warsaw, Poland

Lead engineer with 10+ years development experience & background in delivering training courses

I have been delivering technical training courses for over 7 years on a variety of subjects - I can help by giving full courses, pair programming to help you learn or if you have a specific problem you're trying to solve I'll work with you through it to help you resolve it and understand the solution. Outside of CodeMentor I am a Lead Engineer based in London & SF - I have experience working in large corporations & startups across Java, iOS, JavaScript & Web Technologies. ** If you belong to a group that is underrepresented in tech, and money is an issue, please ask me about reduced rates. **
Atir Javid, PhoneGap freelance developerHire Now
Atir Javid
Freelance PhoneGap developer in Longmont, United States

Full Stack LAMP, JAM, and Mobile developer, Sysadmin, InfoSec

Mobile development can be difficult, especially when considering multiple platforms and targets. PhoneGap is a strong standard platform on which to create highly scalable mobile applications. I'd love to help you next idea mobile and get you setup for success.
Chris Alatorre, senior PhoneGap developerHire Now
Chris Alatorre
Freelance PhoneGap developer in Portland, United States
I've used it to develop multiple applications mostly with android more recently with iphone / ipad as well. I've used angular, jquery mobile, and to develop apps using this technology. I've run into a few edge cases and have tweaked multiple plugins and even written my own for android. I haven't worked much with objective C so my skills on the more in-depth questions related to ios is my weak spot.

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