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Nathan Basanese, Philosophy software engineerHire Now
Freelance Philosophy developer in San Jose, United States

Systems Analyst

I write from the heart. That includes code. I am conscientious, meticulous, sensitive to Dunbar's number, and a cognitive spendthrift. I'd probably like working together, but, as I say, "I'm from Michigan, and I you have got to show me." Passion and obsession destroy lives, I think, but, well, I do care about the things I care about. Build Engineer, Erlang/Python Developer, or Research Strategist at a firm in one of the following industries: * Spacecraft * * Cryptocurrency * Molecular Biology Security * Ethical Private Equity I have set up habits of quick, critical thinking, absurd humor, and intuitive leaps. In my spare time, I dream, write fiction, teach rowdy pre-schoolers critical thinking, play with biology ideas, harangue, and play sports. I can do backe...
Adam Avilla, Philosophy freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance Philosophy developer in Sparks, United States

Well rounded software engineer

I have been blessed with opportunities to be highly stretched and challenged in my short career. These areas include: * E-commerce * IT Support * System Administration * Database Administration and Architecting * Phone / PBX Solutions * Network Engineering * Cloud Computing * ETL * Website Management * Webapp Development * HTTP API Design and Development * Continuous Integration and Deployment * Workflow Optimization and Analysis * Performance and Load Testing * Big Data Analysis * Search Engines * GIS * NoSQL * Data Warehousing * Third Party API Integration Including e-bay, amazon, expedia, intelius, opis, bing, zvents, etc. * In House API Integration * Team Leadership * Project Leadership * Culture Changer * Small Business / Startup Development * Large Business Development This has affo...

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