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I am a senior web developer, specializing in backend/API development. I try to strike an appropriate balance between production and perfection, the pragmatic and the ideal. I am known by my peers for translating theory into application for solving every business problems. I am a go to person for things like REST/Hypermedia, HTTP, caching, testing strategies, program correctness/software verification, and software architecture, among other things. I love a good design discussion, wrestling with the trade offs and coming to a decision so we can move forward. I love learning about how operating systems and programming languages work from the inside out. You'll find me tinkering with lesser known and rising languages such as Rust, Haskell, Coq, Idris, OCaml, and Elm. In sessions I bring an in-depth intuition and knowledge of how things work. I am excited about computer science in general and in particular the "holy trinity" of proof theory, type theory, and category theory. Even though I have much to learn I continue pursuing and finding ways to apply these theories in daily software development.
No icon Restful architecture - 8 years experience
I have been designing and building REST APIs for around seven years now. Over the last four years I have spent a great deal of time researching and learning how to build RESTful APIs that are driven using the Hypermedia constraint (what some call HATEOAS: Hypermedia As The Engine Of Application State). The last two years I have had the opportunity to architect several successful Hypermedia-enabled REST APIs. These web services are the engines behind single page applications as well as native app clients. These services have scaled to serving hundreds of thousands of users, with peak loads of many thousands of concurrent requests per minute.
No icon Hypermedia - 5 years experience
See my experiences in RESTful Architecture
No icon 12 factor - 3 years experience
The Twelve-Factor App manifesto changed the way I build web services and applications, and I consider most if not all of it best practice.
No icon Object oriented programming - 15 years experience
No icon Spring boot - 2 years experience
Ruby expert help Ruby - 9 years experience
My first experience with Ruby was over 10 years ago when I started reading the Pick Axe book. In January of 2005 I was introduced to Ruby on Rails by a friend. Back then Rails was still a 0.x release. Later on I began to learn Rails and with it my Ruby programming skills began to take hold. Since then I have worked on a number of production Ruby on Rails web applications and written a few Ruby gems in the process as well.
Php expert help PHP - 15 years experience
I started web developing by teaching myself PHP (starting on version 3) and MySQL. From there I began building my first web applications. I developed my own private libraries and frameworks for handling everything from routing to form validation to database connections and querying.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 16 years experience
No icon Oauth - 1 year experience
I developed a client library for OAuth 1.0a (RFC 5849). One of the most difficult aspects of that implementation is its request signing, which leaves little to no room for mistakes.
No icon Oauth2 - 4 years experience
From 2011 through 2012 I followed the OAuth 2.0 working group with high anticipation as it developed the specification. During that time I developed an REST API that was secured with OAuth 2.0 following the spec's 18th draft, the latest available at the time. OAuth 2.0 is much easier to implement than its predecessor OAuth 1.0, although the first one is arguably a more secure authentication mechanism thanks to its request signing features.
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Phil's sharp thinking saved me hours of digging into an issue! I'm impressed.
Lucas Oct 11, 2015

Got me started with maven&git. Great introduction to them both, using a real problem i was having - thanks Phil!
JB May 23, 2015

Very efficient and helpful
Nick May 11, 2015

Phil was great! I originally put out a request for help creating my first single page app, but I ended up asking him several novice questions instead. Phil didn't mind at all and enthusiastically clarified several general programming concepts that have been confusing me for awhile.
John Balladares May 10, 2015

He was a really big help. Solved my problem in under 5 minutes.
Adam Smith May 07, 2015

Phil is very easy to talk to, developer-to-developer, and helped me see what I was missing with the SSL issue. We also discussed Git and real world strategies and why to use them. Very helpful.
Bob Walsh May 03, 2015

Awesome help! Clearly enjoys helping people!
Tom Connole Apr 30, 2015

Great job! Solved my semi-obscure PHP/CakePHP problem.
Chris Aalid Apr 28, 2015