Freelance Phaser developer in Bath, United Kingdom

Expert web developer with strong focus on Ruby, Rails, Elixir and Phoenix

I consider myself an expert web programmer. By that I mean I have used a vast array of web technologies since 1998 when I first started building things on the internet. Some things, like Ruby, I know inside out. Others, like Javascript, I've had a long term arms length relationship. I have been writing Object Oriented architecture for over 10 years and I'm now learning Functional programming. It is a lifetime passion learning to writing better software, and I particularly enjoy sharing and helping other people. I understand how daunting it can be to meet up with a mentor, as I've uniquely ...
Freelance Phaser developer in El Jadida, Morocco

Consultant at OCTO Technology

Develop with passion from the day i discovered what you can do with a keyboard and a programming language, love to create games on my spare time, and help fellow software developers when i can.
Freelance Phaser developer in Kortrijk, Belgium

Lecturer at HOWEST

>15 years of coding experience. Faculty member of HOWEST university. Also owner of a company called "Happy Banana," where I work on web projects, mobile apps & interactive installations.
Freelance Phaser developer in Pleasant Hill, United States

Creative coder. JS and game dev | Love Chillwave and Longboarding

Web developer with advanced experience working on large-scale Javascript apps and PHP backends. Specialized in rendering and DOM performance. Personal site -
Freelance Phaser developer in Yerevan, Armenia

Full Stack Web/Game Developer

Software developer with more than 10 years of professional experience. Specialties: Game development. Web application development. Mobile application development. Game technologies: Unity(2D, 3D, VR, CG), libGDX, Starling, cocos2D, PhaserJs, PixiJs. Mobile technologies: Native ios developer(Obj-C, Swift) Native android developer Web technologies: AngularJS, jQuery, Bootstrap, ReactiveX, RequireJS etc. SASS, CSS etc. Server technologies: Spring, Play, Tomcat, Jetty etc. Database Modeling: MySql, SQLite, PostgreSQL MongoDB, Memcached etc.
Freelance Phaser developer in Zurich, Switzerland

Full stack JavaScript Developer with front-end leanings

As a freelance developer and at the BBC, I have amassed over ten years of experience making games and apps for the web and mobile web. As a freelancer, I have worked for: Animal Vegetable Mineral Ltd Applied Innovation, Thomson Reuters CBBC and CBeebies, BBC Scary Beasties / Comic Relief Stink Digital / Ray-Ban Catch Digital / London Zoo (ZSL) Preloaded / Science Museum High5 Games Recursively Made / JeemTV Tech stack - I'm a front-end leaning full-stack developer with day-to-day experience of: Front end: JavaScript, ES6, TypeScript, HTML5, CSS, Angular, React, Redux, Unity. Build tools: Gulp,...
Freelance Phaser developer in Varanasi, India

Keen learning Programmer, a hacker and a Mathematician.

Machine learning enthusiast. Can write an efficient program in more than 10 languages. Web application and Mobile application developer.
Freelance Phaser developer in Fayetteville, United States

Creative Technologist with Pink Hair. Ex-Conformist.

I write code. A lot of it. And I've been doing so since I taught myself BASIC on an Atari 400 in the late '80's. I designed and wrote the games that were unveiled a long side of the world's largest arcade cabinet at E3 2016. Watching people play them was one of the best moments of my life. And I want to help you have that moment too.
Freelance Phaser developer in Lagos, Nigeria

I am a software developer

A full stack developer who likes solving problems and building awesome stuffs in the process.
Freelance Phaser developer in London, United Kingdom

Senior Frontend Developer at PhotoBox

I'm a HTML5 geek currently working as a Front end engineer at Photobox in London. In my freetime I am always up to learning new technologies and getting engined in developing HTML5 games. At my current capactity I am responsible for creating cutting edge Front End solutions that work on any device while developing new features and components on our new development platform that follows modern microservices architecture. I work closely with Product Owners to define and clarify clear specifications and requirements across the full technology stack.
Freelance Phaser developer in Baltimore, United States

veteran developer

Full stack developer primarily PHP and JS.

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