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Open source enthusiast, Polyglot developer, FP lover, Developer of Unity Tweak Tool. I usually prefer mentoring, pair programming, code review and debugging sessions. I love mentoring. Most of the time, programming language and choice of framework does not matter. I have working knowledge of most common programming languages, a habit of digging deep into docs & sources, and a fine-tuned intuition to guide me when I get lost. Earnings from here will be used to match donations to a non profit in March. All my sessions carry an implicit promise of full refund if you are not satisfied, no questions asked. Students get a special discount for mentoring sessions.
Git expert help Git - 6 years experience
I have been using git for years and know it inside out. I conduct workshops on Git best practices. If my sessions don't have a significant and measurable impact, I won't accept your money. I have a reputation for being able to recover any data that can be recovered, after any accidental data loss due to bad usage. You can also find me on #git on freenode IRC most of the time.
No icon Elixir - 1 year experience
Elixir is a beautiful language that marries the power of Erlang VM to ruby's syntax. I've designed, developed and deployed multiple elixir applications in production, handling tens of thousands of concurrent users reliably. I take pride in building reliable, fault tolerant and performant elixir applications, writing beautiful macros, and knowing when not to use them.
No icon Vim - 5 years experience
I have been a vim user ever since I begun programming. Besides emacs, to which I give a special little exception, no other editor comes close to the flexibility and raw power when it comes to text and code editing. I can not overstate the productivity improvements that come with understanding the ins and outs of your editor, and vim is a perfect programmers' editor thanks to its customisability and huge plugin collectioon. I can teach you the "language" of vim, and you will never have to struggle to remember a command ever again.
Erlang expert help Erlang - 1 year experience
Erlang is the ideal platform for developing applications that demand extreme concurrency. I'm an active contributor to emqttd, an MQTT broker, best suited for internet-of-things messaging systems.
Python expert help Python - 5 years experience
Python is the ideal language for a beginner owing to low ceremony and very readable syntax. Python is the go-to language for data processing and analysis for most teams across the world. I have developed desktop applications, web applications, and data analysis pipelines in python, including one huge runaway success - Unity Tweak Tool, listed in top ten things to do after installing Ubuntu consistently since 2013 by most mainstream blogs.
Node js expert help Node.js - 3 years experience
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 5 years experience
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 5 years experience
Haskell expert help Haskell - 1 year experience
Jquery expert help jQuery - 5 years experience
Coffeescript expert help CoffeeScript - 3 years experience
No icon Moodle - 2 years experience
Setup moodle for my alma mater - Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, and maintained it for 2 years. Introduced online examinations on Moodle to IITD. Remotely assisting with maintenance since May 2015.
unity-revamp 26   5
Work on this has been discontinued. The reset script here is now bundled with unity-tweak-tool. Use as `unity-tweak-tool --reset-unity`
iitd-pyproxylogin 6   7
A python script to login to IITD proxy servers. Born out of frustration when I couldn't login without a browser. To be used only from within IIT Delhi.
dactyl 2   1
Pentadactyl and other related Gecko extensions
C Awk C++ CSS IDL HTML VimL XSLT Shell Python Makefile JavaScript
unity-tweak-tool 1   1
Unity Tweak Tool - Unity configuration tool
dotfiles 1   0
dotfiles for phanimahesh
Awk Perl VimL Groff Shell Python Makefile Emacs Lisp
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Excellent mentor has helped me so much in learning a area I really struggled in.
Thomas Parsonage Aug 29, 2016

Very very helpful and with a lot of knowledge!
Karin Andersen Apr 30, 2016

Very good
Geoffrey Apr 21, 2016

Very nice and helpful man, I highly recommend him
Jone Apr 16, 2016

he was really helpful, the best so far . he knows the subject and he can teach very well to a begineer.
tejas l Feb 09, 2016

Very patient, helpful, and knowledgeable about programming in general.
Roland Ferrao Feb 07, 2016

hitakeane Jan 29, 2016

Fantastic Mentor, willing to help and listen, would recommend to anyone. Great understanding of data structures/algorithms.
Alex Kim Jan 13, 2016

he really helped me on the issue that I am facing and don't understand, gave me many helps, even on coding style & suggestion.
hitakeane Dec 30, 2015