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Peter Figliozzi, Ph. D.

Peter Figliozzi, Ph. D.

Professional Data Scientist and Developer

Central Time (US & Canada) (-06:00)
I create predictive engines and other analytical products. I use many different kinds of machine learning algorithms. Much of my recent work is in the natural language processing (NLP) space. I teach two Codementor Live classes: Intro to Python, and Into to Machine Learning in Python. I work on projects in many areas including automated stock, futures and options trading, risk analysis, modeling and simulation, software and database architecture, and data conditioning. I enjoy teaching and focus on clear, effective, two-way communication. I am a native English speaker.
No icon Machine learning - 9 years experience
You can now find machine learning algorithms at work everywhere: private industry, government, and academia. I've been tackling tough machine learning problems in all three sectors as both a private consultant and staff data scientist. I can help you learn to apply this technology in an effective manner. I also teach the 8-hour live, online Machine Learning in Python course here at Codementor.
Python expert help Python - 5 years experience
Python is a fantastic general-purpose language. I maintain several large, professional (private) codebases. For prototyping data science projects, I like to use ipython-notebook with inline matplotlib. I also teach the 8 hour live, online Introduction to Python class here at Codementor.
No icon Scikit learn - 2 years experience
Scikit has very nice implementations of classifiers, linear models, clusterers, in a unified API. I use it for data exploration and prototyping models.
No icon R - 5 years experience
I use R as an analytical workhorse. I have a great deal of experience interfacing data both to and from R.
No icon Couchdb - 3 years experience
I have used CouchDB in my daily work, including CouchApps. It makes a fantastic dashboard architecture when combined with Javascript/HTML5 and a lightweight framework such as Backbone.js.
No icon XML - 5 years experience
I create and use XML in my daily work. I use XSLT extensively and interface with R, Python, Postgres, and CouchDB.
Java expert help Java - 5 years experience
I've completed many professional projects in java including a configurable automated trading system. I use Apache OpenNLP for heavy-duty text analysis.
Sql expert help SQL - 8 years experience
I'm a long-time professional SQL jockey.
Cplusplus expert help C++ - 21 years experience
I've created video games, particle simulations, and automated trading systems.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 3 years experience
I love the language of Javascript. I've built a few professional dashboards using backbone/html5/d3 together with a CouchDB.
Csharp expert help C# - 2 years experience
I've written a few hundred functions, indicators, and signals in Multicharts .NET. I'd be happy to help you with your project!
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
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Great hands-on help with running Pyhton scripts on Spark and explaining machine learning algorithms such as clustering etc.
Niko Nelissen Jul 15, 2016

ML Newbie Jul 09, 2016

Very insightful overview perspective of machine learning algorithms
Stephen Jul 02, 2016

I sent Peter some Python scripts to help me understand the language and we went through them together, he explained functions and how to print test data so that I can keep learning while viewing my progress. He was very clear and a great teacher!
Claudia May 03, 2016

Great knowledge of the topics I was asking for. Useful to go ahead with my research
fabrizio fossi fiaschetti Jan 23, 2016

Very helpful, explained a very complicated topic in a simple manner!
mahad Jan 19, 2016

He is very helpful, he can help in breaking down my problems and propose solutions for it. He has a lot of knowledge in many areas and very patient with great personality.
ah Jul 22, 2015

He is very good in understanding the problems i have and can help find solutions for them. I am happy that I am working with him.
ah Jul 20, 2015

He is very patient and helpful, he explained the basics and clarified everything in short time. and he make sure that I understand everything. highly recommend him and definitely happy to work with him again.
ah Jul 19, 2015

He did a good job of helping me with my statistics issue and finding a new solution.
Jeremy Biron Jul 13, 2015

Excellent! Super fast like Ph.D.
Marcela Jun 12, 2015

Excellent! Solved problem in 13 mins and I learned as much in this little time. Thanks and talk to you again soon!
Marcela Jun 12, 2015

Extremely knowledgable in statistics, predictions, machine learning, Python and more, excellent communication skills with lots of patience, examples, good demonstrations and explanation of code. Exceeded expectations by far.
Samuel Morhaim Apr 07, 2015

Super way of explaining things!
Tiffany Sumuel Mar 28, 2015

I learn something every time. These sessions are super valuable.
Tiffany Sumuel Mar 21, 2015

Very insighful. I'm excited to learn more from Peter.
Tiffany Sumuel Mar 14, 2015