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Perry Govier

Perry Govier

Central Time (US & Canada) (-06:00)

An Intro to the Ionic Framework with Q&A

  Tue, Mar 31, 11:00 AM (PST)
ionic-codepen-deploy 3   0
Takes a bunch of ionic Codepens and creates projects pointing to a development version of Ionic, also loading the projects on a plugged in device
ionic-starter-noterious 1   1
A starter that demonstrates firebase integration with @simpulton's notorious app
CSS HTML JavaScript
SiteUp 1   1
Program to check a list of sites, see if they're up, and if a given string is in the markup
Java Shell
concrete5 1   0
Official public repository for concrete5
concrete5-package-boilerplate 1   0
Concrete5 Package Boilerplate