Vijay Mohan, Percona freelance programmerView Profile
Vijay Mohan5.0
Freelance Percona developer in Studio City, United States

Director, Engineering at Ranker

Setting up percona mysql server, administration, backup recovery, performance tuning
Steven Kryskalla, Percona dev and freelancerView Profile
Steven Kryskalla5.0
Freelance Percona developer in Millbrae, United States

Software Engineer

Full stack software engineer + operations.
Demián Andrés Rodriguez, Percona engineer and consultantView Profile
Demián Andrés Rodriguez
Freelance Percona developer in Villa Urquiza, Argentina

Full Stack Node.js & React Engineer

Full Stack Web developer, Javascript Engineer & Node.js enthusiast. I've been a developer for the past 13 years. During this time, I developed many complex single-page Web applications combining Javascript with the latest technologies and Web APIs. I've been venturing into Node.js since version 0.1 and made my way into asynchronous logic. I'm sure it has great potential and I'm looking forward to work on projects using this platform from now on. I like having the possibility to research and stay up to date with the latest tech trends so I can innovate and develop stunning products with great functionality, usability and visualizations. I consider myself having critical and analytical thinking, being meticulous, organized and self-motivated. I'm also advocate of TDD and writing clean, ...
Jesse Boyer aka "JREAM", Percona engineer and consultantView Profile
Jesse Boyer aka "JREAM"5.0
Freelance Percona developer in Deltona, United States

Full Stack Developer/DevOps & Course Instructor/+10 Yrs

I love programming. I've been doing it since I was a little boy at 12, I suppose it's just how I think! - Quick List: DevOps, Docker, Provisioning, AWS/GCloud/VPS, Node, REST, Python, PHP and any Framework, Vue, Angular, Ubuntu, Bash, etc. - Full Scale Apps @ - Free Lessons @ - Full Training Courses @ - I really enjoy teaching!
Roberto C. Morano, Percona freelancer and developerView Profile
Roberto C. Morano5.0
Freelance Percona developer in Zaragoza, Spain

Systems Engineer and DevOps advocate

I'm a passionate about IT. I really love to understand how each piece engage with each other in this big puzzle Internet and computering is. I don't like to work without having all the understanding needed to analyze and solve any problem in each matter I work with. Those are the reasons why FLOSS (Free/Libre OpenSource Software) is other of my passions, because working with FLOSS allows you to look into any problem until you find the exact line of code that is causing trouble. Those are not the only reasons I love FLOSS, of course. I love working in community, demonstrating the power of the crowd intelligence and making this world a better place. My goal in my professional life is to create some start-ups under my own agile/devop culture influenced convincements, merging b...
Adrian Nuta, Percona freelance programmerView Profile
Adrian Nuta5.0
Freelance Percona developer in Bucharest, Romania

LAMP and Sphinxsearch expert

ex- Lead Support Engineer at Sphinx search.
Oleg Batishchev, Percona software engineerView Profile
Oleg Batishchev5.0
Freelance Percona developer in Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia

Magento Jedi / Consultant / Web Developer

High experienced developer in ecommerce area in case of Magento. Cofounder in Instant Mage (SaaS project that provides Magento stores in 1 click) Be ready to my non fluent English (problems with audition)
Zach Moazeni, Percona freelance coderView Profile
Zach Moazeni5.0
Freelance Percona developer in Rapid City, United States

Full Stack Developer

I am a senior full stack developer who can work on all pieces of an application from browser to server and from concept to optimization. I am not a designer, but I have an eye for user experience and I can help mold user friendly software. I am a strong believer in using the right tool for the job and not forcing technology just because it is fun or shiny. Finally, I have a lot of experience working independently as well as with teams in remote environments. My current strengths are in Ruby/Rails, Javscript, SQL, and HTML/CSS.
Premesh Purayil, Percona software engineerView Profile
Premesh Purayil5.0
Freelance Percona developer in Los Angeles, United States

Veteran Full Stack Developer | Architect | Ad Ops | Growth Hacker

Built and scaled a publisher platform from 100k visits a month to over 25M. Been through the trenches of the world of scaling out servers and planning forward to anticipate bottlenecks before they arrive. Successfully lead development across local and remote international teams , Architected a big data import framework to ingest data from Freebase / Factual / Amazon into an internal graph DB and exposed it for consumer consumption. Have done development in server side languages such as Java, PHP , JavaScript (NodeJS) as well a fair amount of front end with HTML 5 / CSS 3 and JavaScript . Have used many frame works including Spring , JQuery , Laravel and Meteor
Gonzalo López Grassi, Percona programmer and consultantView Profile
Gonzalo López Grassi
Freelance Percona developer in Las Vegas, United States

DevOps System Administrator at PedidosYa

In charge of all AWS Cloud-Based infrastructure in PedidosYa, the leading online and mobile food-ordering platform in Latam, which connects users with restaurants through its website and mobile apps. With presence in 10 countries (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Peru, Paraguay, Ecuador, Panama and Venezuela) it includes more than 10,000 restaurants.
Full Stack Guy 9000, Percona consultant and programmerView Profile
Full Stack Guy 90005.0
Freelance Percona developer in Ashburn, United States

Software Engineer (Python/DevOps)

If you require immediate short term assistance, then you may use this site to book a session with me. If you don't have the budget, then you might want to also try posting on Stack Overflow, where myself and many others donate our time for free to help the community.
Denis Rakov, Percona freelance programmerView Profile
Denis Rakov
Freelance Percona developer in Haarlem, Netherlands


Who needs short descriptions when you can get in touch ;)
Simão Mata, Percona freelance developerView Profile
Simão Mata
Freelance Percona developer in Dusseldorf, Germany

Senior Backend Software Developer

I am a software developer based in Berlin. I finished my MsC in Computer Science and Engineering 8 years ago and I have been working as a Backend developer ever since. I have experiencing mentoring developers and working through an architecture to come up with elegant solutions. I love to pick up a difficult problem and come up with the simplest possible solution, I believe that in most cases, simplicity leads to a more maintainable, easier to read and future proof systems. Scala is currently my primary programming language and I also have extensive experience with Ruby and Python. I like to work in the intersection between software development and infrastructure, I think this are offers plenty of interesting and challenging problems.
Martin Málek, Percona freelance coderView Profile
Martin Málek
Freelance Percona developer in Vancouver, Canada
Donatas Aleksandravičius, Percona engineer and developerView Profile
Donatas Aleksandravičius
Freelance Percona developer in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Growth accelerator with 12+ years of experience

Hi! My name is Donatas and I'm an expert in high profile e-commerce websites using custom frameworks. In my 12+ years of experience I have worked with only growing projects and growing companies. I've done migrations of huge databases, created a unique authorization system before OAuth was trendy, worked on ad-serving software for millions of views per day. I am specializing in upgrading existing code base to a high quality, reusable, tested code. One, which many developers love to work with. Also running and maintaining high-profile e-commerce platforms.

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