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Highly rated full-stack expert, API/Javascript/jQuery/PHP/MySQL coach, experience in scalability. Among top users on Stackoverflow (92k reputation)

Bucharest (+02:00)
Full-stack engineer for over a decade(13+yrs). 2 yrs experience in online mentoring and consulting, I possess coaching skills that enable much more effective dialogue, lots of sessions completed, and great reviews as you can see on my profile. As a technical engineer, and head of scalable cloud applications, I've completed various projects, large scalable sites/SaaS solutions. I have over 13 years experience in APIs, PHP, SQL, MySQL, Javascript/jQuery, Scalability, Redis, Memcache, Riak, Beanstalkd, and strong DevOps skills. Yii Framework/Laravel advocate a love working with RESTful services. I am experienced in query optimizations where I had achieved great results on MySQL. Among my other abilities there is also the rapid abilities to debug or troubleshoot a particular problem. Choose me for API, Javascript, jQuery, Server, MySQL, PHP and tasks related to my other dozen expertise.
Jquery expert help jQuery - 10 years experience
I use jQuery every day, it's been part of my full-stack experience since the beginning.
Php expert help PHP - 14 years experience
I’ve been a full-stack engineer for more than a decade in PHP. I have a really strong profile on Stackoverflow, and have a set of published open source projects on Github written in PHP (Riak Admin, Beanstalkd Console, and Yii extensions). I love to do backend programming, and enjoy mentoring others. I am looking forward for challenges in my twice a dozen specialties mixed with PHP.
Sql expert help SQL - 14 years experience
Experienced in query optimizations where I had achieved great results on MySQL. I've been working with large scalable databases for companies like Schwebel's, Vodafone and lots of others. I am able to tune MySQL server parameters, analyse and resolve inefficient schema, optimize queries based on slow query logs, explain syntax, suggest scalable enhancements for your project.
No icon Google bigquery - 3 years experience
event-processing, window-functions, query-optimization and speaker at conferences
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 10 years experience
Builder of several bookmarklets and I use jQuery frequently.
Server expert help Server - 8 years experience
Server administration tasks, system optimization, MySQL optimization, scalability solutions: Memcache, Redis, Riak, Beanstalkd, Varnish, HAProxy. Best in MySQL optimization.
No icon Arhitecture - 7 years experience
Involved in setting up architecture for large websites, load-balancer, master/slave databases, middleware, API, workers etc...
Mysql expert help MySQL - 14 years experience
Experienced in query optimizations where I had achieved great results on MySQL. I've been working with large scalable databases for companies like Schwebel's, Vodafone and lots of others. I am able to tune MySQL server parameters, analyse and resolve inefficient schema, optimize queries based on slow query logs, explain syntax, suggest scalable enhancements for your project.
No icon Redis - 3 years experience
No icon Elasticsearch - 2 years experience
Experience on clusters, more than 5 nodes.
No icon Coaching - 2 years experience
Willingness to share skills, knowledge, and expertise. Provides guidance and constructive feedback. Sets and meets ongoing personal and professional goals. Superior technical skills to coach.
Devops expert help DevOps - 10 years experience
Managing clusters, optimizing for performance, tuning. As a chief project technical leader I use DevOps skills every day, dealing with virtualized technology and installing new servers, setting up servicies and improving performance and bottlenecks.
No icon Api - 13 years experience
Experienced in 50+ RESTful API integrations.
Amazon expert help AWS - 6 years experience
I've used AWS to manage cloud applications, more than 20+ instances.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 14 years experience
It's been part of my full-stack experience since the beginning.
Git expert help Git - 6 years experience
I use git source control as part of my daily life.

I'm the co-author of Beanstalkd - Message Queue console panel & BigQuery expert. AMA!

My name is Márton. I am developing the Beanstalkd Admin Console and have been working a lot with the message queue, I am speaker at conferences, mostly about BigQuery, and top StackOverflow...

yii-remember-filters-gridview 10   10
This Yii extension helps you to remember filter values of GridViews during navigation, filters will stick.
riak-admin 3   3
Admin panel for RIAK
PHP Shell
yii-clear-filters-gridview 2   7
This Yii extension helps you to clear remembered filter values on GridViews, by using the additional top right image.
beanstalk_console 1   0
Admin console for Beanstalk queue server
CSS PHP Shell ApacheConf JavaScript
pentium10.github.com 1   0
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Awesome mentor!
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Marton is a good communicator, always a good session
William Nieman Nov 18, 2016

He opened my mind a lot, and have me the roadmap I was looking for, very helpfull!!
Andres Misiak Nov 11, 2016

Marton is a true PHP expert.
Angelo Sep 16, 2016

Marton is very good. The problem was perplexing at first, and he was stumped, but we worked through it and he found the problem. Thanks Marton!
Michael Brinson Aug 23, 2016

I needed help with the architecture of my WebApp and Marton was able to answer all my questions and provide some useful insights too. I'm really happy about the call and for sure will contact him in the future.
Franco Falaschi Aug 15, 2016

Marton was incredibly detailed and outlined clear plans for us moving forward with our database and application. We will follow up with him as we take what he has given us and move forward.
Christopher Castellano Aug 15, 2016

Marton really helped me in lending a fresh pair of eyes. Really appreciate his professionality and definitely going to reach out to him again upon any special request.
Mike Gutzschhahn May 24, 2016

Marton, is awesome!
Hendree Milward Apr 22, 2016

Was a great help. Thank you.
Gregory Rothstein Apr 18, 2016

Very good and efficient, manage to solve my problem quickly
Avian Mar 04, 2016

Very knowledgeable and able to troubleshoot complex code.
Ryan Mar 04, 2016

Marton is the best in terms of efficient use of time- very helpful navigating full stack issues in LAMP environment.
Phil Warton Mar 02, 2016

Always a pleasure working with Marton!
David Ryan Feb 26, 2016

Marton was completely awesome and very helpful in terms of what was the best path for my Startup. I suggest him 100%
David Ryan Feb 25, 2016

Figured out the issue right away, and showed me how to fix and id it in the future. Great job!!
Adam Feb 19, 2016

I had to hang up because my computer was slow. We will finish our call in a moment. So far so good though!
Annalee Feb 15, 2016

Solved my jquery problem really quickly. Great guy!
Chris Ekin Feb 07, 2016

Marton can spot errors in log output like a hawk sees mice a mile away. Thanks again for your quick help. And getting a link for follow-up reading is above and beyond, very much appreciated.
Wilson Mar Feb 03, 2016

Marton's knowledge is vast, Session's with him are always very productive
William Nieman Jan 30, 2016

Marton understood my issue immediately and went directly to solving my problem. He also gave me general examples so I could understand the solution and expand on it myself. He was very thorough with his explanations and patient with his answers. I highly recommend him,
Tom Jan 28, 2016

He was fantastic - very knowledable and extremely helpful with my issues!
amanda webb Jan 28, 2016

Marton is a super mentor at hand! Thanks for your very knowledgable help. I would really recommend you to anyone looking for help with PHP and AJAX. Marton understood very quickly what my issues were and offered some extremely good suggestions. Thanks again!
Atlante Avila Jan 26, 2016

Marton was able to resolve my problem quickly - showing me what the issue was and how to correct it.
Frank Carlone III Jan 25, 2016

Marton as always is easy to work with and knows his stuff.
Phil Warton Jan 22, 2016

Very helpful, got some great recommendations on how to proceed. Enjoyed the session!
Peter Jan 22, 2016

Fast and perfect!
Jonathan Rubinstien Jan 18, 2016

Marton was quick to assess the help I needed, very easy to converse with, and his quality of code was fantastic!
Brad S Jan 15, 2016

Marton quickly gave me some great ideas for how to debug my problem. I definitely recommend him!
Eric Bouck Jan 14, 2016

Super fast! super nice guy to work with ! :)
daniel Jan 06, 2016

Very knowledgeable! Great mentor. Answered all my DevOps-related questions.
Daniel Cazares Dec 23, 2015

He was really helpful and explained things clearly until I grasp all the concepts I needed. Has a lot of knowledge. I want to work with him in the future.
Claudia Dec 11, 2015

Was stuck with an issue i could not figure out he helped me understand and optimize my code abit and we ended up getting everything working so perfect!
Søren Benzon Eskildsen Dec 05, 2015

Marton explained things very well. I needed an overview of http and he provided a very thorough overview and answered all of my questions. It was very helpful session. Really appreciated him!
John Dec 04, 2015

Marton did a fantastic job for me. I am new to coding and he was helpful and never condescending. I was stuck on a project, and he helped me break through that. I also learned a lot.
Hendree Milward Dec 04, 2015

Marton knew exactly what he was doing. He was quick and generous with his time.
Hendree Milward Dec 03, 2015

Very helpful. He was explaining what is the problem and how to solve it. I'd like to hire him again when needed.
Niwar Dec 03, 2015

Marton is an expert PHP programmer. He quickly understood and resolved my PHP issue. He is an excellent communicator and mentor. Thumbs up!
Bruce Nov 23, 2015

Very easy to talk to and understood my problem very well, would recommend this mentor to anyone who is looking for help
Kieran Rosevear Nov 23, 2015

He tried, but I was short of time. Seemed like a nice dude that could be helpful if sat with for a while
Sino Nov 19, 2015

Great insights into my questions. Gave me what I needed (and lots more to think about!)
Ben Thole Nov 17, 2015

Highly recommend Marton as a mentor. He has great in-depth proven knowledge in building big scalable architectures and having hand on experience makes it even better. After speaking with Marton, my queries are now solved and now I know the direction I need to go with. Having someone who can stamp your architectural thinking really helps in building a strong product.
Rohit Nov 17, 2015

Marton was vey helpful and understanding of my issue. Explained concepts very clearly.
Oren Nov 16, 2015

Great help. Made some very useful points, which I hadn't considered before.
Philip Harper Nov 15, 2015

Working with Marton on a complex project that will require multiple sessions. So far so good!
Simon Nov 13, 2015

Marton was a help on pointing me closer to the solution to my very specific problem. He also shared some thoughts on the general problem I am trying to solve. While googling together and sharing links, we got very quickly to a possible solution and I can move on from here. Thanks a lot, Marton.
Can Edremitoglu Oct 15, 2015

Great help and explained every step. Will definitely use Marton again.
Simon Williams Oct 05, 2015

Thick accent but was most helpful and had good advice regarding best practices for projects and what not. Was quick to get this issue resolved which was a major stopping point and I can now confidently move forward. Would definitely solicit his advice again.
Thomas Dorsher Sep 25, 2015

Marton is the BEST!!! We've been working together for a few months and he is a PHP genius. Love working with him!
Lakeitha Sep 18, 2015

Marton was very, very good. He instantly understood my problem and quickly recommended a solution. My problem is resolved and I am happily back to coding.
Ray A. Aug 02, 2015

Thanks again Marton
Jeffrey James Jul 31, 2015

Marton is awesome! Once again he took the time to understand the problem from the ground up, without making assumptions. A true troubleshooter. Thanks!
Andres Mendez Jul 31, 2015

Truly awesome!
Lakeitha Jul 31, 2015

Marton was extremely helpful. He walked me through all the issues in my code and helped me research the open source component that was the source of my bug.
Adam Smith Jul 30, 2015

Still can't stump Marton
Jeffrey James Jul 20, 2015

This mentor knows what he is talking at an amazing level. I'll have detailed to provide in followup sessions.
Dan Allen Jul 20, 2015

Once again Marton has helped us solve an issue with big numbers in Redis. He was quickly able to find multiple solutions to the problem and proposed a prioritized overview of the approaches. Highly recommended!
Peter Poulsen Jul 20, 2015

Can't stump the guy.
Jeffrey James Jul 14, 2015

Marton is a bigquery expert - like breathing air.
Jeffrey James Jul 13, 2015

Marton was able to quickly look at the problem we experienced and come up with a solid plan of action. He was also very helpful in explaining concepts and thoughts he had during the process.
Peter Poulsen Jul 06, 2015

Marton was AWESOME!! He read through my issue description, and before I even started the call, he checked with me a quick couple of things to make sure I didn't have another issue altogether. In less than 10 minutes he was able to sort out my problem, spotting the 1 line I was missing in my code, and taught me something the library's own docs didn't have!
Andres Mendez Jun 30, 2015

Extremely knowledge and explained things very clearly and also brought plenty of options to the table - some options which I had already thought about which was reassuring, and some new options also.
James Ludlow Jun 25, 2015

Marton is the man - figured out a medium to complex bigquery issue in about 30 mins. Blown away.
Jeffrey James Jun 22, 2015

Awesome - Smart ;)
Ruben May 29, 2015

I just had my first session with Marton. He's a nice guy who seems to genuinely care.
Max Lettenberger May 27, 2015

Marton was a great help and he really knows what he's doing. He solved a problem that other coders didn't event want to attempt.
Nick May 22, 2015

Great helper, life saver, has done more than expected. Certainly will deal with him again & again !
Patel May 20, 2015

He is a great mentor and helped me with all my code and even did more then asked!! GREAT GUY!! Thanks Again!!!!
Joe Miodonski May 18, 2015

Marton is a good communicator, very clear on his points. Marton has mentored me a couple of times, he always quickly gets me on track.
William Nieman Apr 28, 2015

Marton's BigQuery expertise was invaluable once again! In this session, Marton digested a series of queries and views that I had created but needed help taking the final step by editing the final output query. Marton helped me create a solution then in addition, helped me double-check to ensure the result was accurate.
Justin Marciszewski Apr 27, 2015

Quick and to the point and very helpful with related tips. Highly recommend
Adrian Rich Apr 18, 2015

Marton was a pleasure to work with on a BigQuery & Google Analytics related project. I had trouble understanding a query and Marton not only helped me understand it but also helped me write new, more complex BigQuery query that gave me a better result.
Justin Marciszewski Apr 17, 2015

It was a pleasure working with Marton. He is extremely knowledgeable and by far, the best BigQuery expert I've worked with. He was able to help me understand and edit a complex BigQuery query and generate valuable insights from the Google Analytics data within my BigQuery dataset.
Justin Marciszewski Apr 16, 2015

Marton is great to work with.
Phil Warton Apr 15, 2015

Marton was able to provide good advice on patterns and guidelines for scalable websites. And providing dynamic content generation functionalities. ...was able to interact well and get specific tips.
shiv kris Feb 16, 2015

Absolutely best mentor on codementor.io. I have learned so much through his guidance and he saved my project from catastrophe! Love, love, love Marton!
Lakeitha Feb 09, 2015

Marton was very helpful, I would defiantly use him again.
Chandler Feb 04, 2015

Marton helped me figure out issues I was having in .php and .js files. He was very patient and methodical in helping me to troubleshoot.
Kathy Foltin Jan 19, 2015

As always, Marton delivered.
Phil Warton Jan 16, 2015

Marton is a PHP-Rock star!
Dilia Suriel Jan 16, 2015

Marton was great, quick to reply and was able to educate me and help fix the issue at hand. Thanks again.
Scott Carlton Jan 09, 2015

He located the problem when nobody could. He even stopped the time completely when he was thinking. (and for the rest of session since he understood my financial limit.) He took one really complex query taking up to 20 seconds and reduced it to 0.8 seconds. Thank you again!
Francis Dec 27, 2014

Patient, practical and very helpful. Resolved the issue with ease. Also, as a first time user, took me through CodeMentor's workflow in a way that will likely lead me back to its service(s).
Luis M. Dec 26, 2014

Marton was excellent! He resolved the problem I came to him with and he discovered and solved a much bigger problem that I wasn't even aware of until he looked at my code. He also was great at helping me understand exactly what he was doing to resolve the problems, so I could learn for the future. Thank you so much!!
Kevin Donegan Dec 26, 2014

Marton is very methodical and explains what he is doing step by step so you understand and learn
Jacob Sherman Dec 19, 2014

Marton really know his stuff and explained my issues clearly when I got in over my head.
Jacob Sherman Dec 18, 2014

Very patient and knowledgeable, he quickly found my problem and also gave me good advise about my code. Highly recommended
Jacob Sherman Dec 09, 2014

Marton did a great job with what became a pretty difficult project.
Jamey Grant Dec 08, 2014

good start to building a PHP wrapper for an API
Steve Dec 05, 2014

Marton is great, really thorough and a tenacious problem solver. He came up with a great solution that interfaced with a fairly buggy API, resulting in very robust code that works consistently.
Matt B Oct 30, 2014

Marton is fantastic, he is very responsive and works fast, but more importantly he was able to help us solve a non-trivial technical challenge involving multiple scripts, multimedia feeds, and an API which leaves a bit to be desired. In additional, Marton was great at walking me through the code, explaining his entire approach to mitigating a number of challenges. I would highly recommend this Mentor.
Matt B Oct 24, 2014

Was great in helping me understand my problem and finding a solution. Will work with him in the future!
James Oct 24, 2014

This was a super helpful mentoring !!! He did everything he could to get the code working and he explained it to me step by step. I must admit that I was esceptic with Codementor but right now it has became a basic tool for me! Amazing ! I recommend it to you without doubts. I got the work done, and I learned.
Gabi de Maeztu Oct 22, 2014

Incredibly helpful and helped me get a better direction of the project.
Spencer Hamm Oct 19, 2014

Marton jumped right in and knew exactly what needed to happen next! Good Session.
LORACE Oct 17, 2014

Marton is very helpful and patient, and knows his stuff.
Phil Warton Oct 14, 2014

As usual, Marton was a great help. Today's session we accomplished quite a bit. Exactly what I needed.
Phil Warton Oct 02, 2014

Marton helped me to figure out alternatives for my problem. He suggested me two search engines setups in order to improve my search performance and quality and gave me hints on scalability. He is really prepared, confident and has always an answer for the questions I asked him. He doesn't waste time or try to keep you online more, it was a very good experience.
Leonardo Rossi Sep 30, 2014

Marton is very knowledgeable and patient. The code that he was asked to look at was the result of 2 years of various devs work, some of it very convoluted, so to make any progress at all in the first hour was a big plus. I look forward to working with Marton again.
Phil Warton Sep 23, 2014

He was really helpful
Devin Flynn Sep 21, 2014

Marton was great!! He got right to the heart of the matter quickly. I liked how he listened to me and while he was assertive, he was also willing to allow me to run the session in a way that worked best for me. Very knowledgeable. He helped me with a Sphinx Search filtering issue.
Craig Lillard Sep 20, 2014

Good combination of mentoring and helping me resolve my issues. Top notch service!
Ben Thole Sep 05, 2014

Mentor was absolutely great. Saw my code, suggested a better way to do it, and very quickly helped teach why and how to solve my problem. Will use again if I have another roadblock. Awesome!
Nick DeMaster Aug 08, 2014

My Mentor was awesome and extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend him to other users who need help with their Web applications. Thanks Marton appreciate all the help and I will reach out again with any issues. Werner
Werner Minshall Aug 07, 2014

got to the bottom of my issue and helped me fix a few other things along the way too!
Ben Thole Aug 07, 2014

Marton was excellent, completely understood my issues and had some ideas to help me straight away. He was able to give me details of how he had addressed similar issues in the past. Excellent mentor!
Matt Lody Aug 06, 2014

Mentor was thorough and explained very well. He was knowledgeable.
Montroe Headd Jul 30, 2014

Yet again Marton was brilliant at solving the two problems I had. Very quick, approachable and friendly mentor. Solved two problems in around 15 minutes and then gave advice on how-to optimise my URL / folder structure for my data-driven website in the future. Will be scheduling further code mentor sessions with Marton in the future and highly recommend him for PHP and MySQL help.
Andrew Cooper Jul 30, 2014

Marton is very, very knowledgeable, patient, and knows how to get straight to the root of the issue. He helped me decrease the load time of pulling external data into my mobile app, and even pointed out other optimization techniques to increase the performance. I'm very pleased with his help and look forward to working with him again.
Candace Mitchell Jul 29, 2014

Marton was the perfect mentor to handle my jQuery issue. Thanks!!! Will definitely be contacting him again for future needs.
Zachary Jones Jul 29, 2014

used again and he's very good!
Andy Jul 22, 2014

Great mentor, goes through everything step by step!
Danish Akhtar Jul 21, 2014

Marton was brilliant at not only solving the issue I had for some time, but also helpful in fixing some errors in my coding and helping to optimize the existing routing of the URL's. Everything is now solved with the issue I had, although I do have others that I need help with and I will be arranging more mentoring sessions with Marton in the coming weeks. Highly recommended. Marton clearly knows what he is doing and is highly experienced in PHP.
Andrew Cooper Jul 17, 2014

Martin helped me rethink my whole strategy and helped me accomplish my goal in a very efficient manner.
Scott Hause Jul 15, 2014

Marton saved the day. My developer disappeared from the face of the Earth. It took Marton no time to run through my PHP script and solve my issues. He is now my go to guy. Will be working with him on future projects. Thank you Marton!
Robert Hayes Jul 15, 2014

Great technical guy who resolved a long-standing issue with my Laravel app. Amazingly competent and had an immediate understanding of my app.
Andy Jul 02, 2014

Great session! Marton was able to understand my code and an API he had never worked with very quickly in order to resolve my issue
Lucas Jun 14, 2014

Was very good, would definitely use again.
Andrew Webb Jun 09, 2014

Marton knows what he is advising and is able to suggest workarounds and alternatives. Very fruitful session.
Daniel Tan May 31, 2014

Good mentor, he had some pertinent comments and the problem was solved quickly.
Lorenzo Pirondini Apr 11, 2014

Great mentor. Solved my issue quickly.
Jonathon Apr 05, 2014

Thanks for your help. I know we had some technical connection issues, but you resolved them quickly and we were able to connect via Skype.
Hanna Kutcher Mar 30, 2014

Marton was extremely helpful. I'm a newbie with some fairly ugly code, but even so, he was quickly able to determine the issue as improper syntax with my version of jQuery, which may have taken me weeks to solve. He then provided me with help to build additional JQuery commands for my specific project. Great work! I would highly recommend Marton to anyone who needs javascript help. Kyle
Kyle Mar 16, 2014

Everything went well, the issue was solved. Marton looked at the HTML/JS and found the problem, edited the files on my screen, and explained a few of the reasons why it wasn't working.
Skyler Dache Mar 15, 2014