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Pavel Sipaylo

Pavel Sipaylo

.NET and CocoaTouch/MonoTouch expert

Minsk (+03:00)
Russian, English
Full-stack developer. I am good at developing web-applications and -services with .NET framework. Also I develop applications for iOS both with Objective-C and Xamarin.iOS. I have strong skills in maths and algorithms. I have a lot of fun and pleasure from my work!
Ios expert help iOS - 5 years experience
I've wrote a lot of application for iOS. It is my favourite mobile operating system. I like CocoaTouch and I gain a lot of pleasure while building great UI and UX for mobile applications! I've used Xamairn.iOS for the couple projects. I really like to write C# code for iOS. C# has much better syntax than Objective-C. And I believe that Xamarin.iOS is not worse than native CocoaTouch. Small performance issues are present, but they are insignificant.
No icon .NET - 5 years experience
I've been working on some very large projects with a large range of technologies. I like .NET framework very much, also have experience in Mono framework.
Csharp expert help C# - 5 years experience
It is my favourite programming language, and I use it for almost all projects.
Git expert help Git - 4 years experience
I use git everyday in gitflow manner.
Server expert help Server - 4 years experience
I've used IIS for all .NET projects where I've ever worked. I have experience in setting up linux servers for Node.js applications.