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Paulo Abreu

Paulo Abreu

Web developer with over 16 years' experience

Lisbon (+00:00)
Portuguese, English
I'm an experienced web developer, passionate about teaching. My expertise areas are: * Ruby and Ruby on Rails developing. Mentoring. * Software Analysis, Software Methodologies. * Bug Magnet, really! If you're interested in long-term mentoring contact me. I do lower rates for contracts and I'm sensible to regional locations.
22 Ruby on Rails
15 Ruby
4 Heroku
3 Postgresql
Ruby expert help Ruby - 12 years experience
I found Ruby around 2004 when I've started a local hosting business. I'd used it on and off till 2010. Since then I've been using it as my main programming tool.
Ruby on rails expert help Ruby on Rails - 11 years experience
I did my first rails project in 2005 and quickly became my main tool in my spare time. Even though it was not my main tool before 2010, I was exposed to it as sys admin and while tracking for production issues. I Have been using Rails as my main programming framework since 2010.
rails-i18n 1   1
Repository for collecting Locale data for Ruby on Rails I18n as well as other interesting, Rails related I18n stuff
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Search by tags example with Rails
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CSS HTML Ruby JavaScript CoffeeScript
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Simple News Extension for Radiant CMS
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Chess tournament calendar
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Average Rating
(414 ratings)
Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

helped me fix my stripe payment webhook and view
Nathan R Jan 09, 2017

helped me write a method to check subscription status. also helped me investigate a hairy stripe mocking question and get my javascript testing set up
Nathan R Jan 03, 2017

helped me troubleshoot some post actions in my webhooks test, was very patient and worked through a pretty challenging issue alongside me.
Nathan R Dec 30, 2016

Paulo was awesome as always. Helped me write better rails code, understand model validations better, and debug some jquery problems I had.
Robert Paul Dec 20, 2016

Paulo possess all the attributes of a good mentor: extremely knowledgable, positive, patient and super helpful.
mariangela Dec 12, 2016

Helped figure out stripe retry issues and investigate testing options
Nathan R Dec 05, 2016

we got webhooks from stripe to fire off some emails and update some info... good stuff
Nathan R Nov 29, 2016

Paulo helped me for a couple of hours to figure out my Stripe Subscription mess. He methodically helped me step by step to better understand the problem and how to solve it.
Nathan R Nov 26, 2016

He was very nice and awesome teacher! I will strongly recommend him!!! He is a best teacher!!! Thank you so much!
Sherzod Nov 18, 2016

honestly he is the best.... don't waste your time with anyone else...
Gustavo Pares Nov 15, 2016

A+ Paulo helped me with adding admins and members to user-groups and cleaning up my code. Helpful as always!
Robert Paul Nov 15, 2016

Fixed some javascript form issues with Stripe payments
Nathan R Nov 14, 2016

Paulo helped me with some project planning and necessary steps to get there, as well as building some new unique models I was having trouble visualizing.
Robert Paul Nov 11, 2016

Worked through some hairy stripe subscription and javascript issues
Nathan R Nov 04, 2016

Fixed some JavaScript Stripe form issues ..
Nathan R Oct 23, 2016

Detailed walkthrough of why I was unable to update an attribute who's class inherits from ActiveRecord. Paulo explained in multiple ways until I understood all surrounding my initial issue with the code. Demonstrated how to better debug my own issues in the future when my initial thouguhts on what went wrong prove false.
Ramon Oct 19, 2016

Will Definitely use Paulo again! Very quick and eager to help!
Shawn Wilson Oct 18, 2016

fixed some nasty errors
Nathan R Oct 17, 2016

Paulo helped me implement a multi-level form to match a complicated domain model, with patience, stamina and superb attitude. Thank you very much!
Hans K Oct 15, 2016

Helpful! Knowledgeable and had an answer within minutes.
Keifer Furzland Oct 15, 2016

Extremely patient and knowledgeable! Really great to work with!
Jamil Brown Oct 15, 2016

Paulo was awesome as always. Helped me write some unique ruby/rails code that I couldn't find the solution for on my own.
Robert Paul Oct 11, 2016

We added some subscription plan limits
Nathan R Oct 10, 2016

Paulo helped me resolve some stripe subscription issues i was having
Nathan R Oct 02, 2016

Had a tough Stripe problem. paulo helped me debug some stuff
Nathan R Sep 20, 2016

always a pleasure
Nathan R Sep 19, 2016

Helped me fix my issue
Angelis Pseftis Sep 14, 2016

Very good at adjusting to a new app. Just what I needed. Provides a fresh perspective.
William Gillett Sep 13, 2016

Helped me fix my mailboxer gem filtering and resolve some routes issues with my stripe subscriptions
Nathan R Sep 12, 2016

great, serious and experienced Developer, it always a pleasure to get help from him. I suggest him.
corradt Sep 10, 2016

Great mentor!
Arthur Veal Sep 10, 2016

Marathon session, Paulo helped me save my Stripe implementation and I learned a ton
Nathan R Sep 07, 2016

Fantastic session - solved some mailboxer gem issues - helped with some meta-programing magic
Nathan R Sep 04, 2016

Very friendly and helpful minded person.
Kiritharishon Kamalanathan Aug 30, 2016

We fixed my messed up mailboxer gem implementation and we made it support a multi-tenant environment with some magic.
Nathan R Aug 28, 2016

Paulo is great help. He is fast with responding and tries to help me understand why I am doing something just as much as how to do it. Will use again!
Arthur Veal Aug 17, 2016

A+ again. Paulo is the best. You should get help from him if you need anything solved with Rails.
Robert Paul Aug 16, 2016

Solved some action mailer issues, some heroku credentials issues, and made some progress on some S3 issues
Nathan R Aug 15, 2016

Great Mentor really take his time making sure i understood every detail. I highly recommend him. Thank you
steve chek Aug 12, 2016

Paulo, is the best of both worlds. He is knowledgable and he is patient and fair trying to help you "understand" the concept. Excellent coder and mentor!
Arthur Veal Aug 11, 2016

Great Mentor super nice I highly reccomend
steve chek Aug 10, 2016

Great Mentor very passionate about teaching and make me think to solve the problems
steve chek Aug 08, 2016

Another epic session with Paulo who helped me fix my Pundit policies. Very helpful. I learned a ton.
Nathan R Aug 08, 2016

I was having trouble with a 3 levels deep nested model form. Paulo walked me through step-by-step, the explanations along the way helped a lot! Especially showing me how the params hash should look in a 3 object deep hash.
Ramon Jul 11, 2016

Helped me fix some tests for mailers and account activation. Paulo provided great explanations and feature advice as usual.
Nathan R Jul 10, 2016

Helped me debug my RSpec tests and get things running. Paulo showed me some cool tricks in the process.
Nathan R Jul 02, 2016

Paulo solved the problem that had taken me weeks in 3 minutes with a crystal clear explanation. I would not hesitate to book him again.
Rebecca Sealfon Jun 30, 2016

Paulo helped me clean up my postgresql, my homebrew, my seeds, my rspec, and my model tests -- all in one session! Awesome stuff.
Nathan R Jun 26, 2016

Paulo was super nice, helpful, and clear.
Gonzalo Jun 23, 2016

Paulo was super helpful. Will definitely ask for his advice next time I have a bug!
Michael Cho Jun 08, 2016

Awesome. So helpful, great explanations and work through and very fast!
Nick Whitmore Jun 03, 2016

Very nice, patient and friendly mentor, explains very carefully and detailed. He also write down the notes for me to review.
ZHANG JIAN Jun 01, 2016

Great session. Helped me organize and think through object model and fix my change permissions feature
Nathan R May 12, 2016

Another great session
Nathan R May 10, 2016

Helped me fix my routes and helper methods for filtering
Nathan R May 03, 2016

Nice to work with!
Hosseyn Apr 29, 2016

another great session
Nathan R Apr 28, 2016

Helped me straighten out my route mess -- best explanation on routes, forms, and metaprogramming (aka: reflection) that I've heard
Nathan R Apr 26, 2016

Helped me fix my busted join table issues, implement activerecord enum, fix my seed file, and set up some tests -- all good stuff. great session.
Nathan R Apr 21, 2016

Another issue solved.
Adria Crum Apr 19, 2016

Another great session. Paulo helped me clean up my mailers and account activation situation and introduced me to activerecord enum, very cool stuff
Nathan R Apr 19, 2016

Paulo helped guide me through config of auth features. Learned a lot with his examples.
Nathan R Apr 14, 2016

I consulted Paulo before I started my project and got some great advice. He gave me lots to consider and was patient with my questions. Will definitely use him again.
Nathan R Apr 12, 2016

Although we weren’t able to solve the issue during our discussion I appreciated that Paulo was able to make time for me quickly even though it was a Sunday night. I was able to learn a bit even though we didn’t immediately solve the issue, and it helped to have a second mind look at the problem as well. He also provided some other advice, and I was able to ultimately find a solution to the problem after our discussion. I would work with Paulo again.
Bryan McAnulty Apr 11, 2016

Had a very nice session! We were able to debug my app and have more time to discuss other matters.
Hosseyn Apr 07, 2016

fast help...bug/issues fixed!
ben barton Mar 26, 2016

Excelent teacher. I now love Ruby!
Adria Crum Mar 26, 2016

Paulo was fantastic. A+ I definitely recommend him! Knowledgable, resourceful, and a super friendly guy. Not only did he know the correct code to use, he was really great about letting me know what I should worry about now and what to set aside to work on in the future.
Robert Paul Mar 15, 2016

Paulo is a extremely knowledgeable and fun person to work with. He is very professional and completes the given job. He always goes a step beyond than what is asked for. I highly recommend Paulo for Ruby on Rails. I have worked with Paulo multiple times and will continue to work with him going forward. He is one of the best mentor and a freelancer on the site.
SureshKumar Ramaiah Mar 10, 2016

Very friendly. Helpful explanations. Does a lot to help you understand the nature of the problem and how rails is working in the background.
Paul Gasbarra Mar 06, 2016

Paulo is an exceptional ruby on rails mentor. Once he takes a job, he executes it exactly the way you want. Really happy to work with him and looking forward to work again. I highly recommend Paulo.
SureshKumar Ramaiah Mar 05, 2016

Needed fresh eyes!
R.J. Robinson Mar 01, 2016

My session was helpful in explaining many different concepts that I needed to complete my project. My Mentor was great at breaking things down to where I could fix my Ruby issues. Wonderful.
Adria Crum Feb 27, 2016

Paulo was very dedicated to helping me solve my problem and articulate.
Ryan Johnson Feb 26, 2016

Very helpful! Excellent communicator.
Yoseph Feb 24, 2016

Paulo is a Ruby on Rails expert who understands the problem and tries to help out in every way possible. He is very professional and does more than what you ask of him. I am so happy to work with him. He is helping me convert my rails prototype to a professional grade website. I highly recommend Paulo for Ruby on Rails mentor and I will continue to work with him.
SureshKumar Ramaiah Feb 23, 2016

Again I had the best session and I feel ready to learn more Ruby!. Paulo is the best at figuring out a solution no matter how small.
Adria Crum Feb 13, 2016

I had a tough problem. We studied it a bit and hopefully will continue in another session.
Nathan R Feb 11, 2016

My mentor, Paulo is extremely knowledgeable in Ruby, Ruby-on-Rails and algorithms. He really has a way to find out problems in your code, solve them and put the solutions into a perspective that you can gain incite, so you can solve them if you come up against them again. He is very encouraging and I would recommend him to any one who needs help with their code, comprehension or algorithm writing and more.
Adria Crum Feb 07, 2016

Excellent mentor solve all my doubts.
Francisco Ochoa Jan 08, 2016

Paulo is great! He identified the issue very quickly and helped me understand it. Very knowledgeable and amazing teacher, highly recommend!!
Daniel Jan 05, 2016

very helpful. thx
Ken Snyder Dec 16, 2015

Excellent help. Thanks a lot.
Ken Snyder Dec 16, 2015

Very helpful and understanding. Sorted out my problem!
Neil Patel Nov 24, 2015

Paulo was able to assist me with fixing the code I had that wasn't working. He was a good mentor.
William Nov 19, 2015

Knowledgable and patient as always. One of the best mentors around.
Jerome Nov 16, 2015

Very helpful, and does a good job teaching concepts
Ryan Nov 10, 2015

I've worked with four Rails Developers on this site, but Paulo is the best. He is knowledgeable and he is fair, which is hard to find among the talent pool.
Jerome Nov 06, 2015

Pablo dug into a badly outdated Rails app, figured out what was going on and found a clean and workable solution. Saved me weeks of work.
Lindsay Morris Nov 03, 2015

Paulo is above all else, a really nice person. I've learned a lot from watching him debug my app. Very helpful.
Vera Zabeida Oct 15, 2015

Quick, great help and good explanations. Thanks!
Antonio Santoni Oct 15, 2015

Very knowledgeable and helpful and responsive.
Ken Snyder Oct 06, 2015

Paulo was helpful and kind right up front. Exactly what a beginner needs.
Vincent Engelmann Sep 30, 2015

Awesome job! Very helpful
Ryan Sep 23, 2015

good guy know his stuff
miguel Sep 11, 2015

Paulo does a wonderful job explaining concepts. He truly cares about his students
Ryan Sep 03, 2015

Great as always. Paulo even recorded the session for me for reference! :)
Lawrence Sep 03, 2015

Great work from Paulo as always! always going above and beyond.
Lawrence Sep 01, 2015

Paulo is great at fixing bugs and also at making difficult concepts (for me) seem easy. He is a pleasure to work with.
Premila Anand Aug 30, 2015

Spot-on advice and quick fixes.
Lindsay Morris Aug 29, 2015

He helped me work through some logic that I wasn't sure how to write. He was very helpful.
Jessica Aug 27, 2015

You're always helpful and an amazing teacher!
Jerome Aug 20, 2015

Paulo was very helpful and explained what I did not understand very clearly. He is definitely an excellent mentor on codementor.io.
Chris Aug 18, 2015

Paulo solved my issue. Very happy with the help! Banged my head against the wall for days up until that point, and we solved it in less than half an hour. Of course it was a weird version compatibility problem between two software packages.
Ben Unsworth Aug 07, 2015

Excellent job in reviewing my code. And provided advise on different solutions. Gave me useful links on how to improve my Ruby on Rails learning.
Neil Patel Aug 04, 2015

He solved my issue very quickly and saved a lot of my time. Thanks!
Kaku Aug 04, 2015

Paulo is awesome. He taught me how to fix everything in my little project, and gave me some tips on what to try next!
Sam Rund Jul 30, 2015

Thanks so much, he was great
Sam Rund Jul 27, 2015

Rails expert!
David Jul 20, 2015

Paulo was very helpful and introduced new concepts
Neil Patel Jul 20, 2015

Helpful First session
Danny Dawson Jul 18, 2015

Paulo is vey friendly and knows the stuffs. And gives extra tips regarding hosting and tools to manage project smoothly and successfully.
Kiritharishon Kamalanathan Jul 18, 2015

Great mentor!
Jason Jul 08, 2015

Great mentor. Unlike other mentors who just solve problems for you, Paulo takes the time to help you actually learn what you need to learn. Can't recommend him enough.
Jason Jul 02, 2015

He did a great work!
Wesley Jul 01, 2015

Best ruby mentor out there...
prozac88 Jun 27, 2015

always helpful and both solved my problem and learned me to understand it
Cyrus Zei Jun 27, 2015

Paulo was great. Very knowledgeable, helpful and patient. I found my session incredibly useful.
Premila Anand Jun 21, 2015

Really helped in getting this Rails beginner unstuck. Thanks.
Dylan Jun 21, 2015

Still working on it.
C. J. Newton Jun 20, 2015

Got disconnected.
C. J. Newton Jun 20, 2015

We headed down a rabbit hole on my Mac and are continuing to work on resolving it together.
C. J. Newton Jun 20, 2015

He's the expert in ruby... Any problems big or small he could handle it..
prozac88 Jun 15, 2015

This guy knows his stuff!
Jon Jun 09, 2015

Great help even though we chatted for just 30 minutes...
Garrett Flanagan Jun 08, 2015

Paulo was very patient and attentive to my questions and requests. He's a great teacher and mentor
Sandelle Jun 06, 2015

good job
corradt May 26, 2015

good work
prozac88 May 05, 2015

Thanks my master.. Giving u good review again :)
prozac88 Apr 23, 2015

Always informative
arnold sanders Apr 22, 2015

very patient and helpful. goes out of his way to help even when the session has already ended.
Stephan Apr 09, 2015

Always delivers
arnold sanders Apr 04, 2015

Great mentor..
prozac88 Apr 02, 2015

Excellent help and advice from Paulo , went the extra mile !
Neil Patel Apr 01, 2015

great developer
corradt Mar 31, 2015

He helped me with the thinking behind how I should implement two very important features for my rails app. And Was very professional. I appreciated his time.
arnold sanders Mar 27, 2015

Paulo was very helpful and solved my issue very quick. Will be using him in the future for sure!
Jonathon Hammond Mar 27, 2015

Patient, friendly and knowledgeable mentor.. He is my friend for life...
prozac88 Mar 26, 2015

Very helpful..
Kiritharishon Kamalanathan Mar 26, 2015

excellento ! If you are looking for ruby on rails help, Paulo is the man... He's been very patient with me despite I'm still a newbie in rails... Extremely knowledgable in ruby on rails
prozac88 Mar 25, 2015

He's very skilled. Knows what he's talking about. Listen and learn.
Joseph Mar 24, 2015

One of the hardest things I've found about teaching myself to code is having some kind of structure - there's so much stuff to learn but Paulo has helped me 100%!
Neil Patel Mar 22, 2015

Great mentor, always friendly and putting extra efforts and helping me in rails... Would recommend him to anyone
prozac88 Mar 18, 2015

Paulo is awesome!
Trevor Owens Mar 10, 2015

He's the man
Devin Flynn Mar 05, 2015

Helped me solve a bug, thank you so much
Cyrus Zei Mar 05, 2015

As always, fix the problem and talked me through it
Cyrus Zei Mar 03, 2015

Very helpful
Kiritharishon Kamalanathan Mar 03, 2015

Paulo is very understanding and helpful
Kiritharishon Kamalanathan Mar 01, 2015

helped me with my problem and solved it
Cyrus Zei Mar 01, 2015

Helped me with my problem and solved it. Just perfect
Cyrus Zei Feb 28, 2015

Once again paulo saved my life.... Took me few days to solve some problems but paulo swings through it.... My app is almost bug free now with all the features I'd like to implement... Thanks paulo !!
prozac88 Feb 23, 2015

Very knowledgable guy and very helpful
Kiritharishon Kamalanathan Feb 23, 2015

Very friendly and point out the problems quickly and give solutions
Kiritharishon Kamalanathan Feb 23, 2015

Paulo is great! Super helpful and very accommodating. Looking forward to the next session!
Rich Liao Feb 17, 2015

Great mentor!
Lawrence Feb 12, 2015

Very good and friend mentor... Really helped me out
prozac88 Feb 11, 2015

Paulo helped me set up my environment and was super helpful. Very patient, articulate, and really knows his stuff. Highly recommend.
Nir V. Shemesh Feb 07, 2015

Paulo was a great help. Will definitely work with him again!
Rich Liao Feb 06, 2015

Martinot Jan 29, 2015

Thanks Paulo! You're a generous man!
Lawrence Jan 29, 2015

Paulo is great! Patient and full of knowledge! Definitely coming back!
Lawrence Jan 28, 2015

Very professional programmer.
Seaborn Lee Jan 22, 2015

Very good mentor, thank you
Martinot Jan 11, 2015

Great guidance, knew exactly what I wanted to do, and helped me implement and understand the process. Thanks!
Matt Collier Jan 09, 2015

Paulo is very knowledgable Ruby Programmer and he fixed my issues very quickly.. He is currently my favourite mentor now and I'll use him more for any problems I have in Ruby. Thank you
prozac88 Jan 06, 2015

He was very helpful!
Devin Flynn Jan 03, 2015

Great, showed me how to fix some problems in my code, and use the ruby api examples to build a section of my program. Excellent.
Kevin Weinberg Dec 31, 2014

Good discussion which helped me to gain another perspective on multitenancy and testing.
Geert Theys Dec 28, 2014

Great help. Helped me recognize that I was stupidly using old classes/videos/tutorials which caused me to use a lot of depreciated ruby on rails code. Recommended a great book which is much more at my level. I look forward to more mentoring down the road. I would just recommend that one be cognizant of the amount of time you are spending being mentored because it is not tracked automatically and can easily go over 15/30/45 minutes, etc.
Kevin Weinberg Dec 20, 2014

Thanks for your help Paulo!
Kudzai Nyandoro Dec 05, 2014

Very Helpful, Professional and Patient.
Neil Torres Dec 04, 2014

Fast and reliable help!
Oliver Dec 02, 2014

Paulo is a great mentor. Glad I found the right person to work with.
Kudzai Nyandoro Nov 30, 2014

Thanks for providing solution for a complicated feature. The solution works like a charm. Looking forward to work with you again.
SureshKumar Ramaiah Nov 22, 2014

Best expert in Rails4. I recommend Paulo if anyone is seeking for expert advise on Rails application.
Mahesh Kumar Nov 17, 2014

Provides clean and detailed explanations. Will return again for his expert advise on Rails.
SureshKumar Ramaiah Nov 16, 2014

Thanks for resolving the issues and explaining the fundamentals.
SureshKumar Ramaiah Nov 15, 2014

Understood the problem. Listened patiently and explained with great expertise. Gave additional tips. See you in the next session. Thanks again.
SureshKumar Ramaiah Nov 14, 2014

I'm learning and resolving issues very quickly... I always find myself looking forward to our sessions; Paulo is very patient and his developer skills are truly at mentor level.
Pablo Nov 14, 2014

Friendly, patient, and knowledgeable: zooms right to the issue while making sure you follow-on. Definitely recommendable.
Pablo Nov 13, 2014

Very helping nature. Undestands the problems and helps patiently.
SureshKumar Ramaiah Nov 13, 2014

Very thorough and clear in his explanations
Rich Nov 11, 2014

Thank you so much for patiently listening to my problem and for helping me.
SureshKumar Ramaiah Nov 09, 2014

Paulo was very thorough. He helped me to better understand the problem and did a great job of laying out the next steps that needed to be taken to complete the task.
Tom Brennan Nov 09, 2014

Paulo was great help, he even provided with additional for me to looks into for future references. My blog looks much better now!
Kudzai Nyandoro Nov 08, 2014

Helped with my issue promptly and explained everything really well
Teenum Applegate Nov 07, 2014

Super helpful and knowledgeable. Thanks again Paulo.
Kudzai Nyandoro Nov 06, 2014

Excellent knowledge and responsiveness. Went above and beyond to research a core issue.
André Nov 04, 2014

Paulo walked me through trouble shooting step by step and helped me resolve my issue. Great work Paulo. Thanks!
Kudzai Nyandoro Nov 02, 2014

Great mentor.
Jason Oct 24, 2014

Very helpful and fast.
Josh Oct 18, 2014

Very helpful thank you very much!!!
Ruslan Oct 11, 2014

Good mentor, very calm, and able to walk me through improving my code
Sil Sep 27, 2014