Top Senior Pascal Developers of August 2017

Android | Web developer | Algorithms | OOP | Math | Databases

★100% positive ratings in 250+ sessions. Never had an unsatisfied client.★ Able to help you learn, debug, find errors, refactor, teach you best practices, explain concepts, teach you shortcuts and improve your overall programming knowledge. Simply love programming, very proficient in multiple languages including Java, C, C++, C#, PHP, Pascal, Javascript, Python etc. Enjoy programming for Android as well as back-end of websites in Laravel / Django. Have more than 2 years of experience working in a professional IT environment. Currently working as a Software Engineer in a company called Symphony. More than 4 years of experience as a tutor of mathematics for elementary and high-school students, with over 50 different students over the years. Strong math knowledge with several prizes from national level competitions. I love tutoring programming even more, that's why if you're interested in learning programming with me as a long-term student, write to me and I'll offer you a discount on the current price. I also have a strong algorithmic background, and I can solve more complicated tasks with top performance times. Great at debugging and finding bugs in the code. Always learning some new languages, frameworks or exploring some 3rd party libraries. I spent some time learning a bit of Angular, Ionic, Erlang/Elixir, Python and Django recently, as well as ReactJS and nodeJS.

Software Engineer at Symphony

Hello, my name is Aleksandar and I am programming now for more than 7 years. I have a strong algorithmic and mathematical background, competed through all high school and won several awards, including 1st award at Nationals in informatics, several international super-competitions, in which i came out as a finalist, etc I have expertise in various area of programming including: C, C++, Pascal, JAVA (Done for algorithms and making smaller applications),Javascript, React.Js + Redux (Frontend), Html/Css, Familiar with PHP and Laravel. I am currently a student at College of Computer Science in Belgrade, but am also working in as a full-time software engeneer in one of the strongest companies in country, mostly doing start-ups for San Francisco. Currently working on frontend, but am a full stack.

Javascript on my mind

I'm a belgian Full-Stack Javascript developer who started developing with BASIC, Borland Turbo Pascal and later some assembly on an original IBM PC some 22 years ago. I did my first XMLHttpRequest back in 1999 on IE5 and I was hooked on the freedom of theJjavascript language. In the following years I developed a Single-Page Application framework based on a XML syntax for defining fully functional copies of Windows (XP at first with all 3 color themes, and later adopted the Aero look). I simply love Javascript and have been using it on front-end and backend (Aptana Jaxer and later Node.js) for well over 15 years now and have no doubt that I will keep on using it now that ECMAScript 6 is finally here and javascript is finally getting the attention it deserves

Experienced Software Developer, Research & development Engineer

I've a 27 years of experience as software developer, then Research and Development Engineer, the R&D Team manager, then currently a director and owner of YouSAB Information Systems, a small software development company in Cairo, Egypt, with an experience of working in nearly 15 countries (UAE, USA, UK, Russia, India, Kazakhstan, Taiwan, .. ). With a team of more than 7 talented developers, with average experience of 9 years each. I would like to offer my and my company team services as a remote freelance team. YouSAB Information Systems Co. is specialized in Information Technologies Research and Development. All YouSAB's products and services are in-house developed. Currently YouSAB Information Systems serves & supports the following products & Services: - Internet Content/ Services Management and Billing System (ICSMBS) - Internet Content/ Services Billing Aggregation System (ICSBAS) - Internet Content/ Services Security System (ICSSS) - Internet Prepaid Card System (IPCS) module - Data and Information Security System (DISS) - Load Balancing and Fail-Over System (LBFOS) - Personal, Document and Asset tracking System based on RFID - VPN Messenger Personal & Business Service - e-World University Service Project - IC-Messenger service is a secured peer to peer messenger service based on webRTC technology (text chat, file transfer, VoIP, video chat and white-board) that support both regular messenger mode and classroom mode. - is an on-line education system and service that is built upon few of the above mentioned systems and can be customized according to the education partner requirements We develop using Borland/Embarcadero RAD Studio, (Delphi, C Builder, HTML5 Builder), XCode, Visual Studio, Xamarin, Free Pascal, Lazarus, Php, javascript, Morfik, ... , Database Systems: MySQL, InterBase SQL, MS-SQL, FireBirdSQL.... We can develop many types of Applications including ( Windows/MacOS/Linux Server and Desktop Applications ), Native mobile Applications for both Android and iOS , Web Application Server as IIS or Apache module or as an Apache Like Server, XML/JSON Web Service Server. and more

System automation and tooling expert with focus on Continuous Deployment

A problem solver who loves a little Ruby, DevOps and large data sets. I build software release systems.

Freelance Tutor/Beta Tester, Infrastructure intern Fedora Project,Mozilla, Founder, Ameridea LLC

Freelance Tutor, Hacktivist, Blue Team Code review, Founder of @ameridea and SBO, and founder of First Class Mobile Shine. 32 yo, USMC '02-'06

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