Milan Vucic, Pascal freelance programmerView Profile
Milan Vucic5.0
Freelance Pascal developer in Belgrade, Serbia

300+ sessions, 100% positive rating, Android/Java developer & tutor

The first programming language I ever learned. Coded for 2 years in it, did some minor stuff in Lazarus some years ago. Still got it, and I always feel nostalgia when I see Pascal.
Pavel Sutyrin, top Pascal developerView Profile
Pavel Sutyrin5.0
Freelance Pascal developer in Moscow, Russia

Programming tutor: from basics to real-life freelancing

I am 34, I program for 20 years and tutor programming for 10 years, both for students of Moscow State University and privately. For 7 years I've worked in couple of startups, and last 5 years I do freelance work in web-development and cloud services In tutoring I like helping people find their uniqiue way through learning material, clarifying concepts and providing real-life examples.
Aleksandar Ogrizovic, Pascal programmer and consultantView Profile
Aleksandar Ogrizovic5.0
Freelance Pascal developer in Belgrade, Serbia

Software Engineer at Symphony

Learned programming in this language and is very intuitive and have a very good sense of teaching beginners how to think in this plain, but good language.
Martin Llofriu, senior Pascal developerView Profile
Martin Llofriu
Freelance Pascal developer in Lakeland, United States
Used it through my undergraduate student studies.
David Allan Ribeiro, Pascal consultant and programmerView Profile
David Allan Ribeiro
Freelance Pascal developer in São Paulo, Brazil

Software Engineer

Nick Ooms, freelance Pascal programmerView Profile
Nick Ooms
Freelance Pascal developer in Antwerpen, Belgium

JavaScript on my mind

I'm a belgian Full-Stack Javascript developer who started developing with BASIC, Borland Turbo Pascal and later some assembly on an original IBM PC some 22 years ago. I did my first XMLHttpRequest back in 1999 on IE5 and I was hooked on the freedom of theJjavascript language. In the following years I developed a Single-Page Application framework based on a XML syntax for defining fully functional copies of Windows (XP at first with all 3 color themes, and later adopted the Aero look). I simply love Javascript and have been using it on front-end and backend (Aptana Jaxer and later Node.js) for well over 15 years now and have no doubt that I will keep on using it now that ECMAScript 6 is finally here and javascript is finally getting the attention it deserves
Matthew Davis, top Pascal developerView Profile
Matthew Davis
Freelance Pascal developer in Dallas, United States

Senior Software Architect, Cloud Engineer & Open Source Contributor at appsoa

Senior Software Architect, Cloud Engineer & DevOps Advocate When problems surface, I methodically turn them into opportunities. My stewardship keeps me intensely rooted from ideation to code with the intensity for focusing on methodologies that maximize outputs and minimizes inputs. By setting into motion, a "mentoring is implied" culture in a self-governing environment influenced by the strict practice of agile principles, a center of gravity begins to form around the requirements. The anatomy of my approach, the composition of strategic units that delivers consistent results with discipline & maturity is the foundation for attracting exceptionally smart people, that you can remarkably trust. What this will achieve will blow you away! Today's proliferation of technology necessitates a ...
Ricardo Obregón, Pascal software engineerView Profile
Ricardo Obregón
Freelance Pascal developer in Popayan, Colombia

Proeficient developer, DB designer/administrator and UX designer

Kenneth Haagner, Pascal software engineerView Profile
Kenneth Haagner
Freelance Pascal developer in Cape Town, South Africa

Over 20 years of Oracle - kept up to date with modern IT

ABSTRACT 1. Implementation, Customization, Giving Direction, Managing Compliance, Ensuring Time of Delivery, Consultation and Advice to Board level. 2. Provide functional and technical leadership in the development and support of systems. 3. Gather business requirements and processes to accomplish development and support activities. 4. Ensure successful alignment between functional requirements and technical solution. 5. Manage resources (people, hardware and software) for support and development – including mentoring (not spoon-feeding) - white-space situations. 6. Vast management experience has led to the identification and enhancement team synergies. 7. Most often used in re-alignment of problematic projects – since author was one of the first ten Siebel Trainers in South Africa, so cho...
Kash Pourdeilami, Pascal dev and freelancerView Profile
Kash Pourdeilami
Freelance Pascal developer in New York, United States
Zane Williamson, Pascal software engineerView Profile
Zane Williamson
Freelance Pascal developer in San Francisco, United States

System automation and tooling expert with focus on Continuous Deployment

A problem solver who loves a little Ruby, DevOps and large data sets. I build software release systems.
Daniel Dombrowsky, Pascal freelancer and developerView Profile
Daniel Dombrowsky
Freelance Pascal developer in Washington, United States

Full stack engineer focusing on backend javascript

Hi I'm Dan. I have been coding javascript for 13 years on the both the server and client side. Would be happy to help you with your projects.
Johannes Stein, senior Pascal developerView Profile
Johannes Stein
Freelance Pascal developer in Ashburn, United States
Jona H., Pascal developer for hireView Profile
Jona H.
Freelance Pascal developer in Wermelskirchen, Germany
Davinci Jeremie, Pascal software engineerView Profile
Davinci Jeremie

Bitcoin Software Engineer & Design Architect

Self educated software developer, enterprise level system designer, and extensive bitcoin architecture knowledge. Davinci Jereme is an experienced manager, software engineer who specializes in developing application frameworks (APIs), multi-ter clustered systems that enable the enterprise to scale up exponentially. Davinci has developed many advanced systems that include Server side web service, multi-threaded clustered enterprise software, Active X controls, and advanced archival compression algorithm. He can code in many software languages with key efficiencies in Delphi, C++, SQL and C#. Davinci Jeremie is also an advanced network administrator, domain controler, advanced security systems and virtualization software such as VMware, ESXi, and Microsoft Hyper-V Server. Linux and Ma...

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