Top Senior Parse server Developers of July 2017

Shipped Many  iOS Apps as a Lead Engineer. Founder at ikiApps.

I’m a Founder and Software Engineer with a Masters Degree in Computer Science who has been programming for 10+ years. I love to help people learn and solve their problems. I want to help you become better at making apps.

Get it done

Mobile developer, I love creating web and iOS apps. I'm here for you. Let's talk!

Hands on CTO, architect, lead engineer | 15+ years of experience in web, backend & mobile

I learned my first programming language at six on an Apple ][ and sold my first commercial application at sixteen. I though myself C including pointers when I was a teenager by reading the K&R book. These days I code mostly in Javascript, Swift, Java and some Python but in the past I have written programs in Assembler, all C flavors including Objective-C, Scheme, Perl, bash and PL/SQL among others. In short, I have been around the block and I can help you understand and share insights that only many years of experience bring.

Full Stack Node/Angular, Unity Certified Developer, Indie Game Dev, CTO

Multipotentialite, programmer, inventor, techno-explorer, tour guide and indie game developer! CTO for CompliSpace. I love bringing my skills and expertise to creatively help people use technology in their everyday personal or business lives and have recently discovered the joys of mentoring and pair programming. - NodeJS / AngularJS / Ionic / Parse Server (self hosted) - Unity 3D / C# (Unity Certified Developer: 20167UCD746) - Amazon Web Services (AWS) Full Stack Developer - Relational DB / MySQL / PostgreSQL - No SQL / GraphQL / MongoDB / Redis / DynamoDB - Mac / PC / Linux - Gamification - VR / AR - PHP / LAMP - Thai (Speak / Read) My passion for new technologies is tempered by the reality that it needs to work, work well and continue to work!

Android App Developer

3 years in product management and 2 years in android development

iOS and Android developer built 20+ apps

Specialties: • iPhone/iPad/iOS Development • Android Development • NodeJS backend Development • Product Management & Development • Lean Startup • Entrepreneurship 3+ Years of professional experience on iOS and Android , 20+ apps on PlayStore and Appstore used by thousands of users all over the world. I am passionate about developing Android, iOS apps and NodeJS backend with best coding standard. Self motivated, polyglot programmer knows Swift,Java,NodeJS,C#,Auto-Layout, Responsive Design, GIT, RESTful API's, various open/non-open libraries and SDKs, Firebase, Parse-Server, Rest API, Maps. When it comes to Mobile development, I am your guy! I am the type of person that if I do not know the answer to a question, I know how to find it. I am constantly expanding my knowledge base in every possible direction, and in the process becoming more of a valuable resource. I am also a very hard worker, and ready to handle whatever is thrown at me. I'm here for you. Let's talk! Check my portfolio :

Currently experimenting with AI and Machine Learning methodologies to create an Engine to detect abuse and detect context of discussion

With over 10 years of experience in Technical roles as Individual Contributor, Team lead and Customer facing profiles, I have a wide range of experience in working at various organizations. With working for companies like Microsoft to starting my own startup and even helping other startups with their product strategies. This experience has helped me gain perspective from both Business as well as User's point of view. To gain this kind of experience I had to delve into roles which had no connection with my previous ones. My focus is primarily the product, from a customer perspective. I am insanely obsessed about customers and their feedback. I have vast experience in building entire infrastructures from scratch quickly and putting it in Customer's hands. I intend to build on this experience of mine in designing and building products that serve a large faction of users and seamlessly scale to serve billions of users. Specialities: Full Stack Development Quick Idea -> Design -> MVP Obsessed about Customer feedbacks and quick re-iteration of Products High performant platforms at low TCO Have seen a lot: Worked at Microsoft, Started own Startup, Helped other startups SuperFast Learner

I'm an Apple platforms developer looking to share my knowledge with others.

I have a few years' experience developing for iOS, and I've gained experience in several key areas of the system, such as UIKit, Foundation, and more. I'm looking to share my knowledge with others, and I excel in teaching because I not only explain what do to, but why you should do it. Not only will I help you solve the problem you're facing, I will arm you with the knowledge to understand why you encountered that problem and why the solution I proposed works.

Full stack application developer, mobile app developer expert

I am very experienced in architecting, developing, deploying and launching web and native mobile apps into market. I have over 10 years experience and have deployed more than 30 major commercial products into market.

Lead mobile app developer

Hello. I am a pragmatic developer with experience in working on countless projects of different kinds, from huge projects for Governments to tight ad campaigns for major brands. In my role as lead developer, I am responsible to design, develop and maintain software with high quality standards, as well as meeting deadlines, smoothly. As an agile enthusiast, I truly believe in flexible development, with quick iterations. Since my Scrum Master certification, I am working partially as Scrum Master on the projects. I have always worked in international environments and distributed teams, which makes me very comfortable working remotely and proves my communication skills. I keep myself updated attending to workshops, talks and working on tons of personal projects, which gives me the opportunity to play with new technologies. Creating happy users, since 2005! ^^

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