Vincent, Parallel processing developer for hireView Profile
Freelance Parallel processing developer in Waterloo, Canada

Helping you achieve your programming goals

Worked on open source molecular dynamical simulation package written in CUDA / C++.
Steven Cutting, senior Parallel processing developerView Profile
Steven Cutting5.0
Freelance Parallel processing developer in Los Angeles, United States

Let me help solve your toughest problems.

I pride myself on my ability to write solid, well documented and fully tested software. With the projects that I have worked on, my software has not only needed to hold up to use by its users, it has also needed to be able to withstand scrutiny in court. As a result, I take writing quality code very seriously. Over the last few years I have worked on creating a platform to revolutionize the way that investigators (of all kinds) explore unstructured data, primarily text documents. I did this by taking advantage of the latest technologies and techniques in information retrieval and natural language processing. I also created a simple yet powerful language that allows investigators to ask deeper questions of the data. The end result of all of that effort is a system that allowed a forensic ...
Govind Sahai, Parallel processing freelance coderView Profile
Govind Sahai5.0
Freelance Parallel processing developer in Jodhpur, India


I am an expert C++, Python developer with over eight years of experience. I am highly talented and skilled in problem-solving and understanding complex and large code base.
Himank Airon, Parallel processing freelance coderView Profile
Himank Airon5.0
Freelance Parallel processing developer in Kanpur, India

Python C++ R Matlab Programmer with expertise in Machine Learning and Data Science with experience of 2+ years

Open-Source Developer and Data Science Expert. I have experience in programming languages Python, C, C ++, R, Matlab Programming with special interests in software development, Machine Learning, and Data Science. I would love help anyone in the projects that overlap my experitse and interests. Former Digital Analyst at Accenture. Research Programming(Matlab) intern at IIT Kanpur.
Asif Iqbal, Parallel processing freelance developerView Profile
Asif Iqbal5.0
Freelance Parallel processing developer in Toronto, Canada

Data Science Engineer at Rubikloud Technologies Inc.

Greetings!! This is Asif Iqbal. I am a software engineer based in Toronto, Canada. I am more than happy to help people with solving their coding problems, design issues, databases, interview preparation and providing with any other sort of programming tutorials. My strongest language is Java and SQL. However, recently I have also worked a bit with Python and in the past worked with other languages and tehnologies as well. In general, I am kind of technology agnostic and willing to pick up anything on demand. I have been absorbed in software development and design for the past few years, with an emphasis to back-end, data pipelines, server side development, databases, performance optimization and system analysis. Over the years, I have gained expertise in object oriented programming, desi...
William Leslie, senior Parallel processing developerView Profile
William Leslie4.9
Freelance Parallel processing developer in Lake Oswego, United States

Professional Computer Scientist with a passion for creating applications

I hold a Masters of Science in Computer Science and have a background in tutoring and teaching. I am passionate about coding and love to solve puzzles of all sorts. I have expertise in 3D graphics (particularly scientific data visualizations), high performance computing (with a focus in parallel computing) and artificial intelligance (mostly game-playing). In addition to programming, I like to help others in anyway I can. If I can help people program, that is the best of both worlds.
Jaroslav Strouhal, Parallel processing freelancer and developerView Profile
Jaroslav Strouhal5.0
Freelance Parallel processing developer in Svitavy, Czechia

Senior Software Developer at SolarWinds

I am full-stack developer focused on software architecture. I am pleased to research new technologies. I have experience with agile development.
mbesancon, freelance Parallel processing programmerView Profile
Freelance Parallel processing developer in Montreal, Canada

Data Scientist, Research Engineer, Back-end Developer at Equisense

Hi there, I'm working on back-end systems, machine learning, data analysis at Equisense, a startup bringing IoT and advanced analytics to horse-riding.
Joey Burzynski, senior Parallel processing developerView Profile
Joey Burzynski5.0
Freelance Parallel processing developer in Miami Beach, United States

Search Marketing Strategist / SEO Expert / Full Stack Developer / CTO @ MarketKarma

I drive revenue. All other metrics pale in comparison. Be it billion dollar brands or startups, I've had the pleasure of crafting online strategies such that my clients achieve the type of revenue gains that garner press. I have over 20 years experience with Internet and web-based technology. My core competencies include web and application development, Amazon Marketplace optimization, affiliate marketing and organic search marketing strategy. I have worked directly on architecting online marketing strategies, both domestic and international, for a number of Fortune 100 brands. As founder and CIO of MarketKarma, I oversee organic search strategy for all enterprise accounts and work to create innovative solutions to assist retailers in tackling their online marketing challenges. Sele...
Eugene Gekhter, senior Parallel processing developerView Profile
Eugene Gekhter5.0
Freelance Parallel processing developer in San Francisco, United States

Think like a business man, solve problems like a coder

I enjoy solving problems quickly so that we can move on to solving even better problems.
Ed Peckham, Parallel processing freelance developerView Profile
Ed Peckham5.0
Freelance Parallel processing developer in Hounslow, United Kingdom

14 years commercial web developer: .NET, SQL & 29 years a programmer

I'm 36 years old from the UK; been coding since I was 7. Commercially programming since 2000 and have Microsoft certifications .NET and SQL. Would love to chat about any .NET, Web (HTML/JS/JQuery) or SQL problems or code you'd like me to review!
Leonid Beschasny, Parallel processing dev and freelancerView Profile
Leonid Beschasny5.0
Freelance Parallel processing developer in Moscow, Russia

Node.js/Clojure backend developer at

I'm an experienced Node.js/Clojure backend developer with academic background in machine learning and data analysis. I'm familiar with all aspects of web applications development, starting from data modeling and API design. As a backend developer I have little experience in UI development, but I know how to make server-side and client-side solutions work together as a single piece.
Tristan Webb, Parallel processing freelance coderView Profile
Tristan Webb5.0
Freelance Parallel processing developer in San Diego, United States
I'm a postdoc at University of California San Diego as well as a machine learning consultant. I've done tutoring with people face-to-face, and would like to try it over the internet. I come from a strong computational background, but I'm interested in all aspects of programming. I have a Masters in Computer Science, so if you require work on theoretical concepts, I can help with that as well as any practical problems you have.
Jon Koehmstedt, senior Parallel processing developerView Profile
Jon Koehmstedt
Freelance Parallel processing developer in Ashburn, United States

Data Scientist & Entrepreneur

My passion for entrepreneurship led me to start an e-commerce business at 18. The experience of owning a business at a young age was extremely influential. It taught me about hard work, focus, and working smarter. Later, while studying Computer Science in college, I started the Society for Business and Entrepreneurship to help teach these principals. In 1½ years, while interning (Ruby on Rails shop and others), I received 3 Associate Degrees (4.0 GPA) and was 1 of 8 of 70,000+ students to complete the honors curriculum. I was elected Who's Who in American Universities, and honored with the NOVA SEAL Award. Then, looking toward California for it’s strong entrepreneurial culture, I enrolled in USC’s Viterbi School of Engineering. USC and the family of the Trojan Network has afforded me nu...
Samuel Hertz, Parallel processing freelance coderView Profile
Samuel Hertz
Freelance Parallel processing developer in Ashburn, United States

Expert programmer. Crafty scripter.

I am a software engineer with a master's degree in computer engineering. I've developed an iPhone game and have been working at Apple for the last three years honing my C, Objective-C, Python, Perl and Bash skills.

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